The Dawn of Viruses & Food  By Walter Sorochan

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The cover and title of the book says it all:  The Dawn of Viruses & Food.

Bk front coverThe book cover reflects what is happening in the world today. The sun shines in the early morning and opens the beginning of a new time in world history. We have been invaded by an invisible new virus that has spread all over the world. This is a new era that links sunshine, viruses, food, colon bacteria and Homo sapiens with survival.

Public health and medical doctors were unprepared to deal with the coronavirus in 2020. We have had previous bacterial epidemics and flu viruses in the past but not as critically serious as COVID-19. COVID-19 pandemic opened a new era in the history of mankind.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the world we live in. Coronavirus disrupted our entire way of living: including the economy; jobs; how we socialize; how we eat; how we grow food; our dysfunctional health care system; and the general public continuing destructive behaviors like ignoring medical advice, lacking discipline and continuing to eat foods that make them susceptible to chronic and viral diseases.

Related to coronavirus is food. In the past we ate what tasted good without regard to nutrients in the food. The food was full of calories but low in quality nutrients, making many persons susceptible to chronic diseases and coronavirus infection. New research finds that beside food feeding us, food also feeds colon bacteria that can cause diseases or enhance immunity and wellbeing.

This paperback provides new information like astaxanthin and phytochemicals in plant foods, co-factors, exosomes, mineral balancing, nutrition, colon bacteria, how a wrong diet lowers the immune system; how to make wiser dietary choices, what caused viruses to wake up from sleep, how to fix our life style and be able to live with viruses in the future.

The world is waiting hopefully for a vaccine to slow the spread of this virus and bring it under control. But like its cousin viruses in the past, coronavirus mutates and finds ways to survive. So a vaccine may not be a total solution.

The real solution is making wiser dietary choices to minimize susceptibility to viruses. Food and viruses are linked. When you fix the diet, you fix viruses, diseases and bring pandemics under control. This is the new link between viruses and food.

Changing the diet changes people and brings the virus under control. The book suggests how to do it.

Yes, you can reverse what you did early in life and readjust the chemistry of the body back to a better working wellness level. You can become a new person who has a better chance to survive viral pandemics now and in the future. But it is knowledge that the book brings you that helps you do this and more.

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Author: Dr. Walter Sorochan   HSD [Doctor of Health & Safety], MPH, MSc, BPE; Emeritus Professor San Diego State University