The Dawn of Viruses & Food  By Walter Sorochan

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The cover and title of the book says it all:  The Dawn of Viruses and Food. This is the era linking viruses, food and humans.

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Most persons believe that they are eating a good diet when this is not true.  Many are eating foods spiced with sugar, fat and salt that makes them crave to eat more and more foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients. The diet predisposed them to many chronic disease, including obesity and diabetes. Such a diet lowers the immune system and also makes them susceptible to coronavirus infections, especially coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that abruptly identified the flaws in the way we live. Millions have been infected and continue to spread this virus. The world is hopefully waiting for a vaccine to slow the spread of this virus and bring it under control. But like its cousin viruses, it mutates and finds ways to survive. So a vaccine may not be a total solution.

We have been told for decades that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines will protect us and keep us safe. And many do, but at the expense of food. Food may not be a magic silver bullet, but it has a great potential to supercharge the immune system and help prevent infectious diseases like viruses. But for this to happen we need to eat the proper foods.

Perhaps the key chapter is how the body works to prevent chronic diseases and infections. Most persons do not realize that their food choices are due to an addiction to the foods they eat. They lack an understanding of how their body works in dietary choices; food digestion; food choices affecting colon bacteria; how the body changes with age; immunity level dropping with age; and that their body has ability to heal itself. Understanding how the body works is essential motivation to be able to do a better job of preventing infections, disorders, diseases and living with coronavirus.

People may understand and want to change, but fail to take action because they are hooked on junk foods. They lack missing information that could motivate them to become proactive. This book provides the missing information to motivate the general public about making better dietary choices. The book shows how the human body works that may be the motivator to change from a sick diet to a healthy diet.

We have been ignoring the body’s natural capacity to fight infections. Although we eat food, it has largely been ignored as a preventive measure against diseases. Coronavirus gives all of us the opportunity to make wiser choices and how to survive with viruses.

 Yes, you can reverse what you did early in life and readjust the chemistry of the body back to a better working wellness level. You can become a new person who has a better chance to survive viral pandemics now and in the future.

This book shows you how to to do all of this.

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Author: Dr. Walter Sorochan   HSD [Doctor of Health & Safety], MPH, MSc, BPE; Emeritus Professor San Diego State University