Information about a new book by Walter Sorochan

The cover and title of the book say it all: The Dawn of Viruses & Food.

The book reflects what happened in the world in 2020. The sun opened early one morning and began a new time or dawn in world history. We have been invaded by an invisible new virus that has spread all over the world, disrupting our entire way of living. It is hard to let go of the old ways and accept that things will NEVER be the same again. The paperback is about how to find a new life style and how to live

Coronavirus pandemic linked coronavirus and food. Coronavirus because it has disrupted how the world worked and food because people need it to survive and eat well to supercharge the immune system to fight viruses. This is a new era that requires a new mind-set linking sunshine, viruses, food, colon bacteria and Homo sapiens with survival. Related to coronavirus is food. In the past we ate what tasted good without regard to nutrients in the food. The food was full of calories but low in quality nutrients, making many persons susceptible to chronic diseases and coronavirus infection. New research finds that beside food feeding us, food also feeds colon bacteria that can cause diseases or enhance immunity and wellbeing.  

When you fix the diet, you fix viruses, colon bacteria, diseases and bring pandemics under control. This is the new link between viruses and food.

Although we eat food that tastes good without much thought, it is important to know how your body digests, absorbs food, how food affects your body and how the body reacts and works. That's if you want to be healthy!

Oh! So you think you are eating a good diet and do not need to learn more about your body, food and viruses! Well think again! Are you aware that the food you have been eating may be silently incubating diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer over many years while enjoying a carefree lifestyle with your friends, able to work and so on .... until one day you are rushed to the emergency room with a life-threatening health crisis. This may be happening to your body while you and your doctors are completely unaware of it. Such a crisis could have been prevented with the information in this book. If you are overweight or obese, then the information in this book may help you to deal with your hidden problem(s).


 So why do you need to read this book? Because the paperback provides essential information .... some of which you may already know and much more that you may not know. For example, did you know that:

  • the pandemic has forced us to live with viruses, like it or not
  • what caused viruses to wake up from sleep; mankind destroyed natural habitats that awakened coronavirus
  • key 4 essential human needs are more important than food for survival
  • the human body is programmed to heal itself, prevent diseases, infections and enhance wellbeing
  • scientists have discovered a new link between colon bacteria, food, diseases and wellbeing
  • exercise is body medicine and not just physical fitness and muscle building
  • the world needs to cooperate to prevent future pandemics and not one country doing it alone
  • you can personally prevent viral infections

You also need a food update:

  • food is very complex -- for example nutrients need help from each other, minerals need to be in precise ratios to work;
  • mineral ratio balancing is essential for minerals to work;
  • exosomes carry plant messages about diseases and wellbeing;
  • need to eat new nutrients like phytochemicals [astaxanthin] in plant food;
  • spirulina is an ocean algae that is a perfect food;
  • essential information about vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, nuts;
  • how co-factors help absorb and digest food;
  • link between colon bacteria, food, diseases and wellbeing;
  • colon bacteria feed on food that makes one sick or healthy;
  • samples of nutrient rich versus nutrient poor diets;
  • how a wrong diet lowers the immune system; how to make wiser dietary choices;
  • how to fix our reckless life style and be able to live with viruses in the future;

Although we eat food that tastes good without much thought, it is important for you to know how your body works in general, absorbs, digests and uses the nutrients in many different ways.

Is the information in the book truthful and correct? Before buying a car or food you want to learn as much as you can about about it. Is it safe? Do you really need it? This is also true about buying a book and making wise dietary choices.  If you are like most persons, you did not learn much in high school about nutrition and then picked up food gossip from your friends and relatives. You learned to eat food that tasted good but may have lacked real nutrients! You survived on information that may not have been very reliable!

The merit of the book is in the content, the truth about us and how the body works biologically as an integrated complex, precise and mysterious machine. All the information is documented and referenced, so it is backed up by scientific experts. This makes the $10.00 cost of the book the best once in a lifetime investment in yourself and your family. It is the knowledge gained from the book that gives you power to act and be a better person.

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Thank you for your time and patience. Reading is good and learning something new is needed exercise for your brain.

Author: Dr. Walter Sorochan   HSD [Doctor of Health & Safety], MPH, MSc, BPE; Emeritus Professor San Diego State University