Body Mysteries 
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University

Posted June 17, 2018; updated October 17, 2021.  Disclaimer

The world is full of special things, most of which we are not aware of. Just view the power of the wind, the dazzle of sunlight, the beauty of flowers, the mystery of how hummingbirds fly, the earth spinning on its axis and generating electricity and gravity. The earth and everything on it is alive.  But we seldom if ever appreciate how elegant and powerful every human body is. Yes, you and your body have secrets that are unique, hidden, powerful and mystifying.

Here are just a few things about your body that make you special, powerful and great:

Body secrets: 

      1. Your body is a bio-chemical-electrical hi-tech precise and complex machine.
      2. Your body heals itself if it has proper food.
      3. Your body has its own detoxification system. It gets rid of toxic poisons and metals like excess lead, mercury and radiation.
      4. Your body has its own system thermostats to balance the body as much as it can. For example, the hypothalmus in the brain maintains homeostasis to control certain hormones and body temperature.
      5. Your body has a defense system against foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. Scientists refer to this defense as the immune system.
      6. Your skin, the largest organ of the body, mirrors what is going on inside the body. As a mirror, bad happenings inside the body are often reflected in the condition of the skin.
      7. Your body monitors how it is doing. It sends signals that include pain, swelling, skin redness, skin itchiness, itchy nose, reflux or gurd, allergies, indigestion, vomiting, sneezing, watery eyes and tears, fever, diarrhea, headache, earache, depression, constipation, hunger, thirst and fatigue; as well as feeling good, full of energy and feeling happy.
      8. Your body is in a constant survival mode; adapting to the environment and internal functions.
      9. Although your body strives for stability, it seldom has it.
      10. Inflammation is your body's natural response to internal problems. Inflammation is accompanied by pain, swelling and immobility that are part of the healing process.
      11. Your body is a chemical factory: It recognizes bad foods, synthetic nutrients and environmental poisons as toxins and rejects these as poisons. It also makes its own enzyme and hormones from whole plant foods.
      12. Your body is an electronic transmitter; it's cells communicate with each other, your brain, your heart, digestive system and even with plant cells.
      13. Alkali foods are best for helping the body to function optimally in an alkali state.
      14. Good foods feed good bacteria in the colon, while bad foods feed bad bacteria. Your tummy feels good when the balance between bad and good bacteria is about 20% bad and 80% good bacteria and a soft stool.
      15. Medical doctors treat symptoms with medications but seldom look to treat the cause.
      16. Food is your best medicine.
      17. When you incubate a disease for a long time, then the body also takes a long time to get rid of the disease. Healing can take a long time.
      18. The body's ability to function changes over the years. For example, the digestive system creates less digestive enzymes as we get older, the skin gets thinner with age and is less efficient, your vision and hearing slowly wear out as you get older.
      19. The human body can build resistance or immunity to many contagious infections.
      20. Your body has at least three brains ... the mind brain, the heart brain and the digestive -immune brain. Each brain can function on its own.
      21. The mind brain needs to learn something new all the time. It never stops wanting to learn but when you fail to give it exciting new adventures and experiences, it falls into hibernation .... and is always ready to be awakened by you. You must do the awakening.
      22. The central brain does all it can to keep itself and your body alive as long as it can.
      23. The brain has a moral compass and acts as if it had been programmed to do the right things to keep you alive. It is not influenced by money, power or greed. This is its moral survival instinct.
      24. On the first day that you were born, you had no memory and no morality or values. This is perhaps the only real day that you were free.
      25. The heart beat and electrical impulses of the brain are in tune with the electrical beat of earth.
      26. Plant foods that are fresh have exosomes or RDA information for disease and healthy. Your body cells can recognize these silent messages.

The body functions above are viewed as secrets and may are still mysteries of how your body works. Most of these secrets of the body above are different from the medical version of the 11 body systems and how these function.