Conditions helping Cancer Cells to Grow 
By Walter

Posted 2010; Updated November 18, 2021. Disclaimer  The information presented here is for informative and educational purposes only and is not intended as curative or prescriptive advice.

There are a number of plausible physiological conditions that may help cancer cells grow:  Wiki: Cell biology

1. Oxygen Depleted Level. Healthy and normal body cells need oxygen for normal respiration to make energy to keep cells alive. But cancer cells are anaerobic, that is, they can live without oxygen.

Healthy cells have the ability to make oxygen available to cells by injecting oxygen creating hydrogen peroxide into the cell.

When the oxygen level drops below 60 %, the respiration process of making energy changes into fermentation in a cancer cell.  Article by McCabe: Medical ozone and cancer is no longer active.  Normal cells turn cancerous. Normal body cells need oxygen and are aerobic whereas cancer cells do not need oxygen and are anaerobic. Healthy cells metabolize [ burn ] oxygen and glucose [ blood sugar ] to produce adenosine triphosphate [ATP ] , which is the energy ‘ currency ‘ of cells.

Fermentation occurs in the cytoplasm of cancerous cells, thereby providing energy for cancer cells. This allows cancer cells to survive, but these cells can no longer perform normal cell functions. Cancer cells can only multiply and grow.

Researchers found that when the oxygen level to normal cells is reduced by 35 %, then these usually normal cells begin fermenting energy; thereby becoming cancerous in nature.  Article by Garber: Oxygen and cancer is no longer active.  Article by McCabe: Medical ozone and cancer is no longer active.  Xu: cancer inhibition  Article by Warburg: Cancer cause-prevention is no longeractive.

In the absence of oxygen the glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic acid. Brewer: High pH cancer therapy 1984 Cancer cells love an acidic environment.

2. Bad Diet: Experts think that about a quarter of all cancer deaths are caused by unhealthy diets and obesity. Junk foods, sweets and processed foods are the bad foods that feed bad bacteria in the colon. Our diet influences our risk of many cancers, including cancers of the bowel, stomach, mouth, foodpipe and breast. Cancer cells get a quick source of food from sugar and high carbohydrate diet.  Article by Harvard: Cancer & sugar is no longer active.

3. Temperature Cancer cells grow in temperatures below 106 degrees Farehheit. Heat like fever at 106 degrees or higher kill cancer cells. 

4. An acid body environment: Cancer cells produce lactic acid as they ferment energy. Cancer cells are acidic whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Cancer cells thrive in a body environment where the pH value is less than 6.0 or acid environment. Brewer: High pH cancer therapy 1984  Wycoff: High pH Cancer therapy   Sartori: pH of cancer cells, cesium therapy

5. Poor blood circulation: Poor circulation [not exercising regularly] results in less oxygen delivery to the cells. But cancer cells create their own blood vessels so as to insure an adequate food supply. Deep inhalation greatly increases the oxygen supply to cells. Most persons are shallow inhalers, making them predisposed not enough oxygen and to the possibility of cancer.

6. Electrical properties: All body cells possess the electrical ability to communicate between cells. Information since 2000 has confirmed that photons, the light waves from the sun, talk cell to cell in humans. Nano photons are the energy waves that vibrate and regulate all functions in the body. When there is lack of photons in the body, such as sunshine exposure, then many of the remaining body photons become scrambled and disorganized, creating a cancer-disease state in the body. Normal cells with lots of photons possess the ability to communicate information inside themselves and between other cells. Normal cells are well organized in their growth, form strong attachments with their neighbors and stop growing when they repair the area of injury due to contact inhibition with other cells. Sorochan: Biophotons human body disease and health 2019

However, cancerous cells possess features that are different from normal proliferating cells. Cancer cells feed on sugar. Cancer cells are more easily detached and do not exhibit contact inhibition of their growth. Cancer cells become independent of normal tissue signaling and growth control mechanisms. This interferes with our ability to repair cancer cells. In a sense cancer cells have become desynchronized from the rest of the body. Article by Harvard: Cancer & sugar is no longer active.

“In the acid medium the DNA loses its positive and negative radical sequence. In addition, the amino acids entering the cell are changed. As a consequence, the RNA is changed and the cell completely loses its control mechanism. Chromosomal aberrations may occur.“  Brewer: High pH cancer therapy 1984

7. Lack of Sunshine & Vitamin D: Lack of sunshine each day increases the risk of cancerous growth. Vitamin D is really hormone D and is essential in over 300 body functions. Light-colored skin persons, who do not get enough sunshine are at great disk of developing skin cancer.

Sunshine emits light waves referrred to as photons that are high energy essential for all body cells. Lack of sunshine each day starves the photons that the body cells need.

8. Genes implicated in cancer development are classified as oncogenes. An oncogene is a modified gene or a set of nucleotides that codes for a protein. It stimulates cell division causing a tumor. Suppressor genes inhibit cell division and cause apoptosis or an orderly process of cancerous death.  Faiqa: Cancer characteristics 20011

9. Microorganisms can cause cancer: Many organisms are known to cause cancer. Article by Chakrabarty: Microbes and cancer is no longer active.  Article by Halliday: Broccoli fights cancer is no longer active.

10. Vitamin C deficiency may also predispose persons to cancer.  Foods have nutrients like vitamin C that prevent cancer. But vitamin C deficiency, as well as other plant nutrients, can eventually trigger cancer. Adams: Plant based diet & cancer 2005  Chen: Acorbic acid kills cancer 2005  Duke Univ: flaxseed protects prostate 2001

There are many body conditions that can cause cancer. These are also conditions that can prevent cancer from slowly and silently incubating in the body.


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  • a single normal body cell undergoes a genetic transformation into a cancer cell.
  • Cell division is regulated by a network of proteins.
  • Cancer cells have a definable “molecular finger print” making it easier to diagnose cancer
  • cancer cells are genetically unstable
  • nucleus in cancer cells is much bigger than that of a normal cell
  • cancer cells do not secrete mucus
  • cancer cells produce enzymes that enable them to invade neighboring tissues.
  • cancer cells have very little or none of the protein keratin.
  • Lack contact of inhibition, or the ability of a cancer cell to stop reproducing
  • Do not depend on presence of growth factors in the environment
  • Cancer cells develop slowly over time
  • Predisposition to malignancy is acquired as the tumor mass increases in size
  • Cancer cell DNA is very resistant to radiation and chemotherapy
  • Cancer cells create an enzyme telomerase that causes cells to proliferate endlessly.
  • Release proteins within cytoplasm that stimulate signals to cause run-away cell division.
  • Have great adhesion to other cancer cells
  • Cancer cells develop a protein 13 times thicker than normal cells. This makes it difficult for the immune system to attack them.

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Warburg Effect: is the high rates of anaerobic glycolysis; is injury to normal cells, disrupting cell mitochonrial respiration. In humans, the Warburg Effect causes cancer cells to rely preferentially on glycolysis for adenosine triphosphate [ ATP ] production, unlike normal healthy cells.

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