Ivan & Palahna Sorochan Family Tree Template 
By Walter Sorochan

Posted February 3, 2023.

There are numerous family tree software programs. This author, Walter Sorochan, used one in 2007 that developed a good family tree that could be played on computers but had limitations. One limitation was that it could not be copied by most persons. Another was that some more current 2020 computers could not boot up the 2007 family tree version. All current tree program software have limitations.

This version of a family tree was evolved using Microsoft Expression software. Most of information and photos are from the year 2006. 

The family tree below is not a complete one and it will hopefully be gradually expanded.

Vogstad Glen Sandra
Sorochan Ivan    Ivan Sorochan Generation G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6
Sorochan Dmytro   Dmytro Sorochan
Sorochan Walter   Walter Sorochan
Knowlton Spencer Michelle
    Frank Alice info  Frank Alice Shelest   Alice Shelest        
  Vogstad Glen Sandra Vogstad Glen Sandra
      Shelest Rob Sherree Shelest Rob Sherree      
        Shelest Jennifer Shelest Jennifer    
Shelest Nicole Shelest Jennifer
Millsip John Marie
Millsip Dan Pam Millsip Dan Pam  
        Millsip John Jr Millsip John Jr    
Millsip Madelline Millsip Madelline
        Rachel Rachell Millsip Rachell    
       Palmer Jim Debbie Palmer Jim Debbie      
         Palmer Sammantha Josh    
 Palmer Nevaeh Palmer Nevaeh
 Palmer Kaia Palmer Kaia
           Palmer Talia Palmer Talia  
           Palmer Ahriya Palmer Ahriya  
         Palmer Jeniffer Palmer Jeniffer    
Shelby Millsip Pam Shelby Millsip Pam
         Shelby Jessica Shelby jessica    
   Shelby Sara Shelby Sara
    Sorochan Robert Eleanor  Sorochan Robert Eleanor        
Hendry Mike Niki Hendry Mike Niki
 Hendry 1
       Hendry 2        
      Sorochan Ryan Sorochan Ryan