The Argument for Health Care and not Medical Care System 
By Walter Sorochan Doctor of Health & Safety

Posted May 23, 2019; updated October 12, 2021.

Obama Care and implementing Universal Health Care are essential needs of people. But universal health care will not solve the dysfunctions of the current medical care system. It is medicine treatment oriented and not health people consumer oriented.

From an election point of view, it is true that the universal health care system will be easier to implement than revamping the medical care system itself. For to revamp the current medical system, the medical system would have to break ties with the insurance and drug cartels. And to do this would mean that we also need to change how politicians can finance their elections. This is really fixing the entire political-economic-medical matrix and doing all of these all at once would make it very difficult to get a majority democratic senate and president elected in 2020. But fixing Washington is what is needed and the sooner the better! 

We have a medical care system that is not a health system! The medical system was made to make doctor tasks easier and to provide a high standard of care for patients. Since the advent of the 1910 Flexner report, the medical system has lost its way and evolved into an urgent care system that focuses on treating diseases with surgery and medications and seldom looks for the cause of body problems. The good intentions of the medical system have been hijacked by the drug and insurance cartels. Doctors have become a higher priority than patients in the current medical care system. 

On the other hand, the patient health care system is about the biological body and using the natural biologically endowed functions to heal and foster optimal wellbeing. There are numerous examples of this:

  • The human body evolved with many helpful bacteria that symbiotically cover the skin and live in the large intestine.
  • Large intestine acts as a septic tank.
  • Body has its own purification [water filtering] system that recycles fluid from the large intestine into recyclable water.
  • Body has its own detoxification system
  • The body has a programmed pharmacy that synthesizes its own hormones and enzymes.
  • It has a digestive system that breaks down food so that nutrients may be absorbed into the blood stream and distributed to all cells of the body.
  • The body has a balancing system to regulate the pH of the body, providing a human eats the proper foods to create an alkali body.
  • It also creates hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar.
  • The body has the ability to store nutrients and balance these out as needed.
  • Recognizes bad food from good food.
  • It has a temperature thermostat to regulate a constant body temperature.
  • It has an immune system that makes its own antibiotics to fight infections, providing it is maintained with good nutrition.
  • There are three known brains in the body: the brain is attached to a communicating nervous system ,acts like a computer and uses plasticity to continue staying young; another in the heart that allows the heart rate to adjust to the environment and activity and pump enough blood to carry oxygen as needed; and a third on the large colon that coordinates the immune system with bacteria.
  • Body has sensory cells that monitor the environment for danger and send alert messages to you.
  • The body health system has the machinery to heal, fix and maintain itself in a wellness state; providing that it gets a good diet.
  • Pineal gland regulates essential survival need for sleep.

The above is a short and incomplete list.

That the human body has been genetically programmed for optimal wellbeing through evolution and survival sounds simple enough but how does the human body maintain health?  To answer that question, we have to go back in time to the early beginnings of life on earth and how humans evolved without doctors and modern medicine. Humans came on the scene after mother nature created conditions for life on earth. Yes, earth itself evolved as a living organism, for besides land and mountains, earth evolved with water and air. Oceans move and circulate as currents around land masses. The air also circulates to cause air currents as wind, hurricanes, tornados, clouds and rain. The center of the earth is hot molten lava which also circulates and in doing so, generates electricity and a gravity. As the earth revolves around the sun it also spins on an axis and it is this spin action that creates electricity in the surrounding air. The earth's crust shifts as earthquakes and volcanoes spew lava and poisonous gases into the air. All of these conditions make earth alive. These are conditions that make earth provide opportunities for new living organisms to evolve. The many attributes of earth itself have been genetically programmed into human beings, such as electric and chemical circuits in the body.

Although earth conditions were ripe for new organisms to evolve, it was the sunshine that provided conditions for life to begin millions of years ago. The earliest life began in the water. With the help of warm sunshine, water and gases, mother nature created a single bacteria, known as spirulina [sea weed]. Spirulina needed food to survive and mother nature helped create a form of photosynthesis that helped spirulina create its own food. Eventually other ocean plants evolved, and then ocean plants with DNA transcripts, adapted to surviving on land and also synthesizing their own food [starch].

Now, the reader is probably wondering why all this discourse about earth as a living organism, spirulina and plants.  Well, bacteria in the ocean eventually evolved into ocean animals like fish, some of which wondered on land and became land animals. Eventually humans evolved.

The point being made here is that humans have a biological past that transcended over millions of years without the medical system of today. Human life was programmed genetically to function so that it was self sustaining, and being supported by eating plants and smaller animals. It was and has been the sun that provided the continuous essential energy to sustain life life on earth.

Early humans were exposed to sunlight that in turn, helped synthesize hormone D, that in turn, helped regulate over 350 known functions of the body. Other nutrients were obtained from a plant diet; the major ones being vitamin C that holds body and muscles together, magnesium and calcium that regulate heart contraction and relaxation and other body functions, iodine that synthesizes hormone thyroxin for growth, B-complex vitamins and amino acids. It is the sun that provides the trigger essential for life. Without sunshine there would be no plants and no life.

All this long discourse sets the basis for explaining that the human body is a programmed  hi-technology, chemical, bioelectric, complex and precise machine. It works silently, monitors the body and sends messages about what is good and bad every minute of the day. Each human has this machine ability to make the body work in a optimal manner. This is what distinguishes the health system from the medical system. The medical system, not part of the human body, is really an intruder.

Medical treatment is not the same as natural body healing. This has been obvious for many decades now with the medical system unable to heal and bring about optimal health. Most recently, the world has been in a health crisis since 1980 as chronic diseases have become an epidemic. The current health care systems in the world, including those that have universal health care, are unable to control this chronic disease crisis, because they have a medical care paradigm that is geared for treatment and not prevention or wellbeing. The medical care paradigm [created for medical doctors] is the wrong system for prevention and wellness! It is not a health care system [evolved for people].