Spirulina Superfood Update 
By Dr. Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University

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Update on Spirulina

Spirulina is mother nature's original living organism that was created millions of years ago. The first organism on earth evolved as a single cell in the ocean.  The ocean provided a wealth of minerals and the sun provided a spark for photosynthesis conditions. The emerging cell evolved a metabolic system to make the cell's own food that included a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, nutrients, balanced ratios of minerals and enzymes.  This single cell diversified into multi-cells organisms and eventually into plants, insects, animals, humans and different species of multi-celled spiral spirulina.

Today, spirulina is a perfect food that is eaten by small water organisms and even fish. Spirulina is perceived as the best inexpensive protein-food to help feed starving millions.

Spirulina has become so popular that everyone wants a piece of the action; that is, make money marketing it. Those selling spirulina tell you what you want to hear and not the facts. Overlooked is that spirulina is a better protein-food source than red meat and pork. It has a better balance of nutrients than commercial nutrition supplements.  Marketers are now selling "How to grow kits" so you can grow spirulina in a fish tank with tap water just to make money.  There is a lot of hype and misinformation. Many dishonest marketers repack the cheapest algae obtained directly from lakes and resell it as a supplement; that in reality has little to no value. Who do you believe? The spirulina business is unregulated at this time.

Spirulina algae is grown in many spirulina farms around the world. Some of the largest farms can be found in Hawaii, California, and Mexico. Other countries known to grow a lot of spirulina include Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Chad, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, France, India, Madagascar, Peru, Israel, Spain, Thailand, Togo, and Vietnam. In many of the countries where spirulina is grown in man-made lagoons [basins] where the microscopic cells accumulate into blooms, it is then collected, filtered [excess water is flushed out and harvested by hand. Next, the harvested spirulina paste is dried using heat and cold techniques [in countires without sophisticated drying technology, strands are set out on racks to dry]. Once the spirulina has dried out, it is ground into a fine powder. The spirulina powder may then be used in many other products such as tablets and capsules that help make spirulina more practical to commercialize and easier to ingest.

No one, but no one is asking the common sense questions: Where can one get the best spirulina product?  Where is the best and safest place to grow spirulina? Spirulina can grow in any water ---- ocean or lake water that may be contaminated with radiation and animal wastes, a river, or even in a small fish aquarium.  But just as two carrots or two apples grown on different soils can have different nutrient content, so spirulina harvested from different waters may also have different nutrient content.  The next important question to ask is how do you know that ingesting spirulina actually does help you? What body or lab markers can help you answer these questions? 

This author asked several marketers to send me their nutrient analysis, including where the spirulina came from and the lab that did the analysis and year the analysis was made. This request stumped them and they did not provide this information [because they do not have it for their products].

Several marketers, disguised as purporting to grow spirulina in their own local area, finally admitted that they were importing their spirulina from Asia and then repackaging it.  A company in Oregon markets a product that has the same species of spirulina from three different sources.

You need to find the best spirulina that is best for you at a reasonable price.  Spirulina is now being sold in tablet, capsule, as live and frozen spirulina. Marketers do not tell you what is in their spirulina [fillers] or how much of the spirulina you ingest will be absorbed into your blood stream [bioavailability for the body cells].

However, there is a company in Canada, founded by researcher Dr. Michael Kiriac, that professes to blend four different microalgae [Spirulina Pacifica and spirulina Platensis both extraordinarily nutrient dense [having most nutrients], Haematoccocus Pluvialis for it's most powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin, Dunaliella yellow-orange color for beta-carotene and other mixed carotenoids], into a product Bio Algae Concentrate [BAC] or BioSuperFood [BSF] that is 98-99% absorbable, has consistent 50% protein content and does a much better job of providing nutrients in a balanced format; as compared to the single blue green algae that may be less than 20 % absorbable. Genius within<

Dr. Kiriac states that he grows his own algae using special water that he imports from a volcanic thermal stream in Siberia that has the richest amount of minerals in the world. He grows his species of spirulina in this water on site in Siberia, then freeze dries the algae and imports to Canada for blending and packaging. Through experimentation, he has found the right mix of the four spirulina to make his three formulae of BioSuperfood.

Kiriac best

Dr. Kiriac claims that "the BAC product contains over 5,000 known nutrient constituents and is 100% natural. BAC are exponentially more nutritionally efficient than plain alga such as spirulina or chlorella; and because of that, have significantly more nourishing, rejuvenating, and healing effects on the body and brain". BAC has been tested on thousands of healthy and diseased animals in Russia and Canada, as well as saving many victims of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant reactor explosion.  Magic of BAC

Dr Kiriac points out that "BAC, due to its completeness, balance, synergies, and bioavailability, is an "extremely" efficient food and that its thousands of nutrients easily reach and nourish the cells of certain areas of the brain that are more difficult to reach than others. He coined the term "Genius" referring specifically to the region of the brain that houses the mission critical "governing" organs of our metabolic health; namely the glands thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal, and somewhat the cerebellum. Ultimately these organs and glands are responsible for regulating all physiological metabolisms, including energy."  Magic of BAC

"The main function of the Genius is homeostasis, endocrine and energetic coherence, and maintaining the body’s status quo. Factors such as energy, blood pressure, body temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance, fat metabolism, and body weight are held to a precise value called the set-points. The Genius and its allies – "the endocrine glands" – are so important that Kiriac calls them "the guardians of health".

Two videos validate Dr. Kiriac's background and research experiments with animals and humans, that helped him create a super spirulina product BioSuperFood [BSF].

Bio Algae Concentrate (BioSuperFood) part 1 of 2  March 31, 2010 length 8:53 mns.


Bio Algae Concentrate (BioSuperFood) part 2 of 2 March 31, 2010 Length = 7:32 mns.

Source Kiriac 

The best consumable suprulina blend in the world at this time is the Superfood created by Dr. Kiriac. There are several reasons for this choice. Foremost reason is the great amount of solid scientific research validating this superfood used by fowls, animals and humans over 25 years, both in Russia and Canada. Second, Canada's laws are more stringent than those of United States in requiring safety for human use and high production and marketing standards of drugs and food supplements. Thirdly, the water used for growing spirulina has the most abundant amounts of minerals and plant nutrients of all waters on earth, including the ocean. Fourthly the balancing of four different species for quality impact on wellbeing makes Dr. Kiriac's Superfood spirulina the best there is at this time. 

Be AWARE: Spirulina superfood may not be a panacea for everything that ails you. You need to correct your bad food choices and lifestyle in order for superfood to work properly. 

Additional information about spirulina may be found at: Chlorophyll in Chlorella & Spirulina


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