Where to Buy Silver Products
By Walter Sorochan
This information has not been approved by FDA:  Read  Disclaimer

So you want to buy a silver product! But you don't know where to do so! A  partial list of internet sources is displayed for your convenience. Although these sources may be reputable vendors and purchase sources, I refrain from recommending or approving these sources. Shop at your own risk! 

Before buying a silver product, you should ask for the following minimum information:
1. specify purity
2. microbiology testing
3. silver particle size
4. concentration (ppm)
5. use of chemical stabilizers
6. pH
7. color
Alert:  All entities, including ABL, professing to market and/or sell silver products either online or in outlet stores, appear to be undergoing a re-organizational - restructuring phase at this time. Such re-organizing is probably why you may have had a problem booting up some of the web-sites; some of which may have stopped selling silver products.  Likewise, you may have been unable to find a health food store or supermarket that sells silver products.  This makes it very difficult for this web-site to be accurate in our current referrals as to where to buy silver sol and other related silver colloidal products.  This web-site will update such information as soon as there is reliable information.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. [ Information on this file was dated February 03, 2010 ] 

The supplement and cosmetic products, made by ABL's innovative SilverSol Technology®, are sold nationally at health food stores and by medical professionals under the Silver Biotics and ASAP Solution brands, and through a variety of private labels.    Silver Sol [ ABL ] products are the most recent and only  products be approved by FDA as of November 17, 2009.

The products in the  Colloidal Silver List below are sold as "colloidal silver" or "Silver Protein," or some other name product. You need to do your own homework on these products and entities.   One way of doing this is to read the information on Comparing Colloidal Silver Products: Source compare products

CAUTION:  Since there is no accepted standard for reporting the contents of silver products, producers and marketers report the properties of their products in various ways.  More often than not, irrelevant information is provided instead of essential product features; thereby side-tracking the consumer from the essential product information.  Sellers may not disclose all the information about the products they are marketing. 

Comparing Silver Products:   For more info

Since many producers of silver products neither indicate nor differentiate the properties of particle size, particle surface area or particle concentration on the labels of their products, the only way to know these properties is by laboratory analysis. The problem  with lab analyses is that special lab equipment is needed in order to accurately assess the particle size, concentration and other features of silver products.  Since such equipment is expensive and requires qualified technicians, less expensive lab equipment may be used.  In summary, lab analyses of silver products are often not disclosed and the buyer has no way of really knowing the quality of the purchase.  It is best to buy safest products approved by FDA, as made by ABL Silver Sol technology.