Bio-photon, Nutrition and Cyclical Eating
Dr. John Switzer M.D.

Posted 2008; Updated October 30, 2021. Disclaimer 

[Abstract: Medical doctor Switzer explains in simple fashion how plants, that are full of photons or light energy, can heal by restoring order of the body, thereby preventing diseases and bring back better health. He illustrates how a few ancient people, Essenes, ate wild plant foods that made them more spiritually aware, cultivating a meditating religous way of life. Readers should not turn away from such obervations, as author Switzer is making a point about why most persons need to change how and what they eat. Be patient and read the entire article.]

Combining bio-photons and cyclical eating are wonderful ways to purify the body and stimulate the production of neuro-transmitters in your brain. This will improve your overall health and help you to experience more inner happiness and joy. The production of hormones by the endocrine system will be enhanced, making your body feel younger and more energetic.

You too can improve your health by increasing your intake of these bio-photon energy particles. It will help jump start your metabolism, enliven your immune system and even stimulate the chemistry of your brain. By introducing a few minor changes in your diet, your health is going to improve. This is a simple law of physics: increase the light energy input into your body and you increase the level of order. Since disease is fueled by disorder, you will naturally pull the plug on ill health. Then it is simply a matter of time before you begin to see the results.

The beauty of including bio-photons in your diet is its easy application. The recipes are tasty and easy to prepare. Many of these high-energy bio-photon foods are probably growing in your back yard. All you have to do is go out and pick a few wild plants. It will help save you a bundle on your grocery bill and most likely give you a feeling of satiety that you never had before. Practically everyone can find dandelions growing in their backyard.

This simple nutritional concept could potentially turn your health around, even if you keep eating a few of your "comfort" foods. A more advanced dietary approach would be to include cyclical eating, a calorie-restricted nutritional approach using several nutrient-dense foods, which I will also outline. This calorie-reduced, optimal nutrition (CRON) longevity diet holds the potential for creating even deeper healing within your physical body.

This dietary concept is worth giving a try. The concept is simple and yet may sound a bit strange at first. Your conventionally-minded family and friends might not approve. But it works! It has helped scores of my clients to experience profound healing.

Mark Twain once remarked that if you are in agreement with the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. By upgrading your diet with bio-photons and enzymes, you can begin to disengage yourself from the destructive cultural eating habits of our culture. By upgrading your diet, you will be able to insulate yourself from chronic diseases so widespread in our society today.

There is nothing you can lose except a few old, engrained eating habits that may be leading you down the road to disease. Test the bio-photon diet for six weeks and you might start to experience the kind of mind-body transformation that I underwent, several years ago. It is still an ongoing process which is far from complete.

Fast food, cooked and processed food will never give your body the bio-photon energy it needs to create a state of inner order. You need fresh, unprocessed food to make that happen - the fresher, the better. The freshest, most concentrated sources of bio-photons are the leaves and flowers of wild plants. Fresh greens such as swiss chard, kale, bok choi, parsley and spinach come in second. The biophoton energy particles from these freshly harvested plants will help your body create the source of inner order it needs to attain a heightened state of health and well-being.

Bio-Photons - Light Energy Particles for Optimal Health

Kirilian photography has been around for years and can capture on film the light aura emitted by the living cells of a plant.

Professor Popp was the first researcher who could actually quantify the intensity of this light emission. As a result, he could show that major differences exist in the amount of biophotons radiated by vegetables and fruit. Probably his most interesting finding was the fact that bio-photons could lower the overall state of entropy, or disorder, of a living system. Bio-photons could transfer order into a disordered, chaotic state. Disorder is tantamount to disease; a state of order is synonymous with vibrant health.

Bio-photon energy is light energy of a particular wavelength that can be compared to a laser beam. Our cells are able to absorb this highly ordered frequency of light, allowing them to oscillate [vibrate] at a higher frequency. A higher frequency leads to a higher state of order and an enhanced style of cellular functioning.

My fascination with this new nutritional paradigm motivated me to conduct seminars where participants could sample various tasty, wild, bio-photon foods such as freshly-picked, green leafy veggies and wild plants. Everyone was amazed at how great the foods tasted. The feedback was always overwhelmingly positive. Many have been able to lose weight, increase their energy, detox their body, and get rid of aches, pains and other annoying ailments.

The research of Professor Popp suggests that food needs to be approached from a completely different paradigm. Popp considers the bio-photon [ phtons of the body] content to be of far greater importance than just the nutrient or caloric content of a food. Of course vitamins, and especially organic minerals and trace elements play an important role. But Popp's research has indicated that bio-photons are probably more important other nutrients. In fact, he believes that human beings are first and foremost "bio-photon eaters" instead of just "calorie burners." If we ignore the importance of these bio-photons, we will eventually suffer the consequences.

By taking in bio-photons from freshly-picked food such as wild plants or green leafy veggies, we are infusing order into our cells. You can compare it to the highly-ordered light of a laser beam. This laser light is the way that cells communicate with each other. They don't talk to each other via hormones, chemicals, or nerve impulses; they do it with beams of light! The more light energy the cells soak up from food, the more light they will have to exchange information with each other. The body's cells and organs will start to operate in a more effective manner. Less bio-photon light intake will invariably lead to more chaos, increased entropy and more disease.

When we go grocery shopping, we would almost need Popp's bio-photon light meter in order to measure the intensity of the bio-photons being emitted by the food. We would probably be surprised to find that canned, processed and frozen food emit almost no bio-photons whatsoever. Even in the produce section it would be hard to find veggies and fruits emitting significant quantities of biophotons. If we really wanted to find massive amounts of bio-photons, we would have to harvest edible wild plants or garden-fresh fruits and veggies. This is where farmer's markets might come in handy.

The lowly weed will eventually triumph over all the cultivated, hybridized, genetically-designed, flavor-enhanced, nitrate-laden, veggies on the supermarket shelves! It is only a question of time until appreciation for wild plants will grow. When people discover the incredible amount of nutrients and bio-photon energy in wild plants, a culinary revolution may begin. The green cocktail recipes are the tasty way to make it happen.

Wild plants contain at least 5 - 10 times more nutrients - vitamins, enzymes, phytochemicals and biophotons - than normal cultivated veggies. 15 grams of nettles contain far more nutrients than 100 grams of healthy romaine lettuce, and are free for the picking. This is one of the reasons why I try to include wild plants in my diet.

Patients and attendees of my seminars have had wonderful experiences using the wild plants recipes. Some people get so healthy that they don't need me as a doctor anymore. For them, raw food in the form of wild green recipes has become their medicine of choice. Combining the green cocktails with the microminerals adds about 70+ angstrom-size, ionized trace elements for additional nutritional punch.

The micromineral primal essence will help mineralize the body by providing over 70 organic minerals and trace elements. It has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and immune system. It will help overcome cravings for carbs, sugar, chocolate, and other foods which can make the transition into a new way of eating difficult. It also stimulates the immune system, reducing the incidence of colds and influenza.

Due to the effect of worn-out soils and acid rain, minerals have been leached out of the topsoil. This also affects the mineral content of wild plants. As a result, most people will profit from using an organic mineral supplement, such as the Micromineral Primal Essence. This will help balance the metabolism and eliminate food cravings.

Even butterflies are known to alight on a puddle of muddy water in order to suck up some of the mineral-rich mud. If we are missing some of the over 70 plus organic minerals and trace elements, as most of us are, then cravings are bound to arise. This can make up-grading our diet a difficult task. By filling up your mineral depots with high quality, organic minerals, cravings will often disappear! I have made this experience with countless patients over the past 10 years. It is a great way for overcoming addictions to carbs, sugar, chips, meat, and a host of other things, including alcohol and tobacco.

For example, if we are lacking zinc and chromium, we might crave a steak. When vanadium is missing, our blood sugar can begin to gyrate and we start fantasizing about carbs and sugar. A lack of calcium might increase the desire for dairy products; a scarcity of iodine might get us thinking about fish. A magnesium deficiency could increase the desire for chocolate, a lack of sulfur for eggs, and when cobalt is missing, we could develop an urge for a steak. When organic salt is missing, we could easily wolf down a bag of salted nuts or chips.

There is no way that hybridized grains, veggies, and fruits can fill all of our mineral needs. As a result, most of us are experiencing cravings. Taking this organic mineral concentrate containing +70 trace minerals will put these cravings to rest and help provide our body with important building blocks. The ground-breaking research carried out by Professor Popp, a German physicist, has demonstrated beyond a doubt that bio-photon energy depends on the health of a plant. Every living cell emits units of light called bio-photons. Strong, healthy cells emit more light than weaker cells. Vegetables picked off the shelf at a grocery store usually emit a low level of light energy because bio-photons are lost during transportation and storage. Chemical or heat treatment employed to ripen or preserve the veggies makes things even worse. Radiation treatment carried out with gamma rays in order to increase shelf life insures total destruction of bio-photons.

As a result, we might be buying attractive fruits and veggies, but their bio-photon energy content may actually be close to zero. For example, avocados may be heat treated in order to speed up ripening. Heat treatment above 40 C or 110 F not only kills enzymes, but also eliminates bio-photons. The heat kills the life force of the cells. Even "raw" almonds may actually have been pasteurized [ temperature of 140 degree F ].

What it all boils down to is that supermarkets or even organic food labels cannot be trusted to provide you with bio-photon energy. To be absolutely sure that you are getting 100% live, organic food that will power up your body with bio-photons, you have to grow a garden or forage for wild plants. After 10 years of gardening and 6 years of eating a predominantly raw/wild food diet, one develops a feeling for the life force content of plant foods. Commercial vegetables, especially the hybrids, don't have much of a chance against wild plants. They immediately get crowded out. Slugs and insects are attracted to genetically weak vegetables, but leave the weeds untouched.

Wild plants are simply too vibrant and strong to succumb to bugs. Their life force is awesome. They contain the full invincible power of Mother Nature. There is nothing artificial about them. They have not been genetically tampered with like most commercial vegetable plants. It is their amazing life force that is able to increase our own vitality.

Any time man tinkers with the genetic make-up of plants, their life force [photons] diminishes. This seems to be a law of nature. Genetically selecting plants according to their traits weakens the plant and makes them more susceptible to disease. Genetically-designed plants have a weak life force which cannot bestow health on us.

A dandelion able to sprout through a crack in a concrete sidewalk is an incredibly powerful plant. There is absolutely no commercial salad green that can match a similar feat. If I have the choice, then I will go for the power of the dandelion instead of the iceberg lettuce. It is great to have some primal energy at work inside our body to increase the vital force.

Millions of people think they are doing their body a favor by frequenting salad bars. Sure, it might beat out cooked fare, but can commercially raised lettuce, tomatoes and carrots bestow vitality? Hardly! There is simply no life force left in these salad bar veggies. Anybody who has eaten salads made from freshly-picked wild foods can appreciate the difference. There is no comparison.

Wild plants contain anywhere from 5 - 20 times more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, and enzymes than cultivated veggies. Their bio-photon content is also much higher. Wild plants simply give you more bang for the buck, and don't come with an inflated price tag! They are free for the taking!

Wake up your Energy Channels

Regular infusions of bio-photons will start to open up dormant energy channels (nadis) within the body and nervous system. According to ayurveda, the ancient science of life, there are approximately 72,000 nadis in the body. In most people these energy channels lie dormant. However, when the biophotons begin to flow, these channels will start to circulate these high energy particles [or photons]. Circulating bio-photons will make our body and mind start to come alive. We will begin to experience phenomenal energy both on the physical and mental level. We will also need less caloric energy obtained from carbs and fats. This is because the bio-photons will help jump start the energy producing mitochondria of our cells. I am convinced that the bio-photon-enzyme component of wild plants as well as freshly-picked raw garden veggies contain valuable biological information that our bodies need to operate at full potential. After all, when you eat plants, you are not just taking in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You are absorbing light energy in the form of bio-photons which not only carry light, but also the biological information of the plant. It is sort of like getting a software download from plants instead of the internet. It will help to correct any physiological process which may have gone astray.

If you are the ambitious type, you can adopt a more advanced version of the bio-photon diet. This modified raw food diet involves eating at least 80 - 90 % of your food in its raw, uncooked state. This would still provide room for a few cooked foods like stews, soups, bean dishes, potatoes, casseroles, or nettle pancakes.

The whole process is an evolution in eating and can't be approached in a dogmatic fashion. The reason why I eat at least 90% raw food is because of its energizing and mood enhancing effect. It is also a great way to support my meditation and yoga practice. I feel more upbeat and happy when I am raw and limit my intake of cooked foods.

Not only has my health dramatically improved, but my mind has taken on a clarity which I never had experienced before. I feel better now at 50 than when I was 25. The chronic symptoms of brain fog began to lift and I started to experience a state of mental clarity I had never experienced before. My concentration became razor sharp. I developed a thirst for new knowledge and became more open for new ideas and concepts. My meditation practice became more profound and my body became more flexible during yoga practice.

For the first time in my life I have phases where I experience spontaneous feelings of joy welling up within me. I don't require outer stimuli to feel happy. Joy, bliss, and happiness are a state of a perfectly functioning brain physiology which we can help create by including high-energy foods to our diet. This is what ayurveda, the ancient science of life, had stated for over 4,000 years: a perfectly functioning metabolism and a clean body are the prerequisites for experiencing bliss. If your body is toxic you will always feel a need to hype your body with stimulants in order to lift your mood. This is why coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol are so popular, as well as medications like Prozac.

The energy I experience daily, both on the mental and physical levels, decrease almost immediately if I start eating standard type food.

Cyclical Eating: Take away the bio-photon energy and the body has to fall back on burning calories. The energy dropoff is dramatic. It is like clipping the wings off a butterfly. In Cyclical Eating we use this new found freedom to scale back on our caloric intake. As a result we give our metabolism and digestive organs a much needed rest. By subjecting our body to less caloric stress, we subject to less wear and tear. We can turn on our "youthing" genes, increase the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), reduce the insulin concentration, and extinguish inflammation in the body.

Experiencing Bliss by Calorie Restriction and Bio-Photons

Everyone is looking for bliss and happiness. The good news is that you don't have to work hard for it. You can take the shortcut to experiencing inner bliss and joy and save yourself a lot of trouble and heartache in the process. How? By practicing calorie restriction (cyclical eating) combined with massive infusions of bio-photon energy (wild green cocktails). Trust me, it works. If you are already on a spiritual path, practice yoga or meditation, it will be a godsend.

When we reduce our calorie intake, neuro-hormones, growth hormone, serotonin and endorphins show an increase in their production. These hormones are released either by restricting calories or engaging in strenuous exercise like long distance running. They will provide you with that sublime feeling of bliss and contentment. You will experience more joy. You won't want to lose that wonderful feeling by eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a bag of potato chips, or a hot dog. Scaling down your food intake will sharpen your mind and give you that wonderful feeling of bliss that sages and poets throughout the ages have acclaimed. It is a small price to pay for experiencing the ultimate in the form of sat chit ananda bliss.

The yogis spoke of experiencing inner bliss, Jesus talked about the Kingdom within. Ayurveda mentions a state of self-referral, where the awareness is riveted back on to itself and the experience of joy can bubble up from within. They were both referring to a physiological state of the body and mind which allows one to experience transcendental bliss consciousness. It had nothing to do with belief, dogma or wishful thinking.

Advanced yogis and sages have always claimed that the nature of life is never-ending bliss. To get to that sacred place, they did everything they could to increase the flow of Prana energy: fasting, yoga assanas, meditation, breathing exercises, and even sunbathing. Their diet was simple: raw foods, wild plants and fruits. Their practices and diet brought them into perfect accord with the laws of Nature. I always wondered what the yogis in the Himalayas lived on when they retreated into the forest and lived in complete isolation in caves and primitive dwellings. Who took care of their needs?

When I was learning about edible wild plants, roots, fruits and flowers growing here in Bavaria, it suddenly occurred to me that I theoretically could sustain myself entirely on these foods without ever needing to visit a supermarket. Perhaps the yogi's were living off of wild food? The confirmation came when I read a book from David Frowley, one of the foremost ayurvedic experts in the United States. He confirmed what I had suspected, that the yogi's in fact were living off of wild, predominantly raw foods in order to deepen their experiences during meditation. Their raw food diet was completely opposite to the typical ayurvedic cooked food diet! Eating wild plants allowed them to restrict their caloric intake, thus helping increase the output of neurohormones and serotonin. Many of these yogis were said to be ageless!

It would be pretty hard to live like a yogi in today's society, but we can, on alternating days, cycle back on our caloric intake, drink a green cocktail with organic microminerals, and support our body's efforts to clean and heal itself.

Our body will profit as well as our mind and emotional state.

To experience inner joy and transcend our normal everyday level of superficial thinking, we must consider calorie restriction. It is the only way to go. I have seen so many aspiring yogis fail in their practice because they couldn't stay away from pizza, pasta, bread and sweets. They prided themselves in being a vegetarian, but their carb addiction was overpowering. Many of them even died an early death from cancer. Four yoga teachers (all vegetarian) I knew, died an untimely death largely due to poor nutrition. They made sure to avoid meat but piled on the carbs to replace it.

The good news: taking two to four tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence, mixed together with the green cocktail, will, in about 95% of all cases, reduce the cravings for carbs and sugar. I always recommend mixing up the microminerals with the green cocktail.

It is no coincidence that the Bible lists gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins, even before lust. Undisciplined high on the hog eating will always lead us away from our inner self into the realm of chaotic thoughts, fears, emotional disturbance and disease. Think of it this way. Connecting with your partner and/or family in a warm, loving way will bring you much more happiness than eating a sandwich or bar of chocolate. Sunbathing and fresh air will give you more energy than ice cream. My feelings of love for my family have grown exponentially since I began Cyclical Eating. If by chance I should overeat, sublime feelings of love may disappear as the vibrations begin to change. I am less able to exprress appreciation for others or see opportunities at hand. It is more difficult to remain positive and up-beat. When the mind is stuck on such a gross level it is difficult for love to flow.

Food as medication: When you get the hang of Cyclical Eating, you will actually look forward to the restricted calorie days, when that fantastic light and happy-go-luckey feeling starts to overtake you by midday. I absolutely guarantee that you will not want to eat and spoil that sublime feeling! On my light eating days, I am able to get a tremendous amount of work done because my thinking processes begin to speed up. I stop procrastinating and am more able to live according to the maxim: "See the job, do the job, avoid the misery." Decisions are easier to make and feelings more intense. Intuition becomes sharpened. Many people push painful emotions into dark recesses of their body by medicating themselves with food. An uncomfortable distressing emotion begins to negatively impact on the endorphin and serotonin production. We begin to feel depressed. In order to get the hormones functioning again, we often turn to carbs and/or chocolate as well as other stimulants. We attempt to medicate ourselves with food in order to numb these uncomfortable emotions. Temporarily, we might feel better, but the excess caloric intake tends to overload the body's digestive system and contributes to the buildup of metabolic debris and toxins which hinder our system.

On the calorie-restricted day, we will feel emotionally stimulated in a positive way. Mood-enhancing hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and growth hormone all show a marked increase in production when calorie intake is reduced. By increasing the production of growth hormone (HGH) our body starts to become young again.

When we eat our wild green cocktail, our body receives a huge infusion of bio-photon energy that further stimulates our mind and emotions in a holistic manner. By adding endorphins, serotonin and HGH growth hormone together with the bio-photons from the green cocktail and the 70+ organic microminerals, you obtain the recipe for generating more inner bliss. Calorie reduction plus bio-photon and mineral energy have to come together to make it happen. Otherwise it will only be wishful thinking! The intake of the organic microminerals is especially important so that calorie reduction does not lead to yo-yo dieting.

Hybrid and GMO Plants are Genetically Inferior to Wildcrafted Plants. Many of our veggies, grains and fruits, including those grown in organic agriculture, come from hybrid seeds. Hybrids are specially selected so that the plants grow up fast and produce big fruits. Unfortunately, man's constant tampering with these food plants has weakened their genetic structure. When I started out gardening about ten years ago, I was amazed how weeds such as dandelions, nettles and lambs quarters would take over and crowd out most of my tenderly cultivated veggies. They didn't have a chance against the weeds. The wild plants always seemed to win.

Now I pick and eat "weeds" from my garden by blending them up in a Vitamix, together with some fruit, water and organic microminerals. I stopped beating the weeds back with my machete and decided to become their friend. After all, if you can't beat them you might as well eat them! Problematic is also the fact that most commercial and even organic veggies and grains are cultivated on mineral-depleted soil. Wild greens that are not grown on agricultural soil usually don't suffer from this problem. They contain nutrients which cannot be found in fast-growing hybrid fruits and veggies. It is a good idea to pick the wild greens from soil that has not been sprayed or used for cultivation, in order that your body gets as many trace minerals as possible. If you pick greens from your backyard, it might be a good idea to spread rock dust on the soil every year, in order that the soil is fully mineralized.

An elderly patient of mine told me how he survived a Soviet POW camp following World War II. While being marched off to their labor site in the morning, most of the prisoners would grab wild green plants along the way and chew on them. By doing so they were able to upgrade their nutritionally inadequate rations, and survive the poor hygienic conditions of the camp. It is no secret that many vegetarians and vegans embark periodically on protracted binges. Cravings for sweets, chocolate, ice cream, pasta, pizza, and sometimes even meat overwhelm them. They are simply responding to the body's need for nutrients, especially organic minerals. Even biologically grown veggies and fruits are so lacking in essential minerals and trace elements that they are unable to fill you up and make you happy. You finish the meal and are already thinking about a follow-up dessert. A lack of nutrients keeps you constantly obsessing about food. It is a never-ending story, and the reason why most people are not really satisfied unless they eat a piece of meat.

Good news: taking 2 - 4 tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence will usually end about 95% of these cravings for good. 100 years ago, before the advent of high-powered nitrate fertilizer, people largely ate a vegetarian diet during the week. Traditionally, meat was reserved for Sunday dinner. This was the way farmers in Germany lived. My Father, growing up during the Great Depression, ate very little meat, except on Sunday, although he grew up on a hog farm in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. My Father also told me how heirloom Golden Bantam sweet corn gave him such a full and satisfied feeling that he didn't even think of meat. Today's hybrid sweet corn leaves him hungry, and he claims that their flavor does not begin to compare. The same is true with most bread and other grain products. To get that filled up feeling, most people rely on meat and dairy products, since these animal foods provide a higher level of concentrated nutrition.

Vegans Will Profit from Small Amounts of Animal Protein

Our digestive tract is not designed to eat a meat-centered diet. Our molars are designed for grinding seeds. We don't have the sharp teeth of a carnivore. And we don't produce nearly the amount of hydrochloric acid that a carnivorous animal like a dog or a lion produces. Grind up a fast food meal of a cheeseburger and French fries and let it stand at room temperature for twenty-four hours, and it begins to ferment. This is basically what happens in our digestive tract when we can't break down animal protein.

However, when looking at animal protein, we have to be pragmatic. Most of our bodies have become so degenerated that living only on vegan/vegetarian fare will not suffice. As a result, we probably will need small amounts of animal protein. Even animals such as cows eat worms and insects when they are grazing in the pasture. Take the cows off the grass and feed them soy and corn and they get sick. Then you have to feed them hormones, antibiotics and medications to keep them alive. Monkeys eat small rodents and ants, even though they are predominantly vegan. There are very few animals indeed which can live solely on plant protein. Humans can benefit from a small amount of sashimi fish, some gelatine "jello" dessert, raw egg yolk, and kefir. This can make all the difference. I stress small amount here because obviously you can overdo animal protein and acidify your body's tissues as a result.

Concerning the issue of animal protein, it is important to fulfill your body's needs instead of becoming dogmatic. Veganism is a beautiful philosophy, but it needs to work. I know of several vegans who paid a high price for their extreme lifestyle by ruining their health due to nutritional deficiencies. B-12, Vitamin A, taurine, carnitine, B-2 and zinc are some of the nutrients coming up short in the vegan diet. Vitamin A should not be confused with beta-carotene, which is found in plants. Only about 2 - 3 % of the beta-carotene eaten can be converted into Vitamin A, the metabolically active form of the vitamin. If you have a liver disorder, it is possible that this conversion doesn't work.

Cyclical Eating is a Feast or Famine Style of Eating

You could call Cyclical Eating a style of eating that closely mimics the way our ancestors probably lived, and the way our body is programmed. Food had to be hunted and gathered. There were times where food was not readily available. Then the body's digestive organs could take a needed rest. In our age of affluence, where food is ubiquitous, we never seem to give our body a break. It is constantly being whipped into action with food and various kinds of stimulating drinks. We burn the candle on both ends and as a result, we shorten our life considerably. Continuous eating stresses our body by constantly revving up our metabolic and digestive engine. Even a snake will refrain from eating for several weeks after gulping and swallowing a mouse. Animals give their digestive system a break. Humans are usually not so smart.

When we do get sick, Mother Nature often forces us to take a break from the eating. When we come down with a fever, appetite loss usually ensures. The body's vital force then has the chance to clean house instead of squandering its energy on digestive work. It uses up its vital energy to soften up hardened mucous, which is then either coughed up or eliminated through the mucous membranes. I have developed an affinity for cyclical eating because it gives me the freedom to eat more food on alternative days. By doing so I stimulate the production of hormones as well as my metabolism during my eating phase, when I take in more calories. On these days I try to get in at least two hours of physical activity, like a lengthy bike ride, a vigorous work out at the gym, or a long jog. I am totally powered up with energy. By giving my body a thorough workout, I am not stressing my body with excess calories.

Without the extra activity to balance off increased calorie intake, there is a danger that extra glucose blood sugar would begin to stick to structural proteins in the body, a condition leading to the formation of advanced glycation end-products, also known as AGE's. AGE's can lead to all kinds of mischief, and is the main reason why most people over fifty require reading glasses to read the newspaper. Without AGE's there would be no need for cosmetic surgery and bypass operations. Eliminating AGE's makes good anti-aging sense. It is the reason why we need to achieve a tight control over our blood glucose and insulin.

Cyclic eating: By the age of fifty we have already gulped down over forty tons of food, including fifteen cows, twenty-four hogs, 900 chickens, twelve sheep and a ton of fish. That is a lot of digestive work. Give your body a break, and skip a few meals. That is what cyclical eating is all about. Just take a break from eating. Your body will love you for it. Drink pure water, ayurvedic vata tea, practice some yoga and deep breathing, use the time to meditate, pray and spiritually reconnect, drink your green cocktail in the morning and one main meal at night. Your digestive organs will thank you for it. This plan allows us to eat in a normal way every second day, and will give our body a well-deserved rest in between these eating days. As a result, we will reap the many benefits arising from the caloriereduced CRON lifestyle without feeling psychologically deprived of food. Taking the organic microminerals will help support the process.


According to Ayurveda, man is in essence a "light being" dwelling inside a solid, dense body. All of our cells radiate light in the form of photons, a form of energy termed "Prana" by the wise men of the East. Kirlian photography and bio-photon emission analysis performed by Professor Popp and other research institutions have confirmed that every living cell, irregardless of whether it comes from a plant, animal or man, gives off light energy in the form of bio-photons. If our true inner essence is light and our cells emit bio-photons, then it would seem logical that we need to take light energy into our body. After all, light comes from light [the sun]. Green plants are a storehouse of bio-photons they collect from the sun and pass on to man, when they are freshly picked and eaten, or consumed in a green cocktail.

We are able to soak up bio-photons from the sun through our skin and the retina of our eyes [pineal gland], as well as by ingesting bio-photons contained in raw fruits wild plants and veggies. The more light energy we take in, the more our inner light essence will be nourished.

The Essene Community Lived on Raw and Wild Foods

Through a stroke of good fortune, Dr, Edmund Bordeaux Szekely was able to examine and translate ancient biblical manuscripts which he clandestinely read in the library of the Vatican in Rome. These manuscripts were written by the Essenes, a Jewish religious sect, which is said to have cultivated a close relationship with both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Much of the texts spoke about the importance of health and inner healing as a prerequisite for spiritual growth. Great emphasis was placed on the importance of eating raw food. The Essenes believed that cooking food essentially killed the life force, leading to all types of disease and eventually closing down spiritual awareness. The Essenes were careful to prepare their food in such a way that kept the light force of the food intact. They "baked" their bread on rocks in the sun instead of over a fire in order to preserve the enzymes. The grain was first sprouted and then ground up into a dough. By "baking" it in the sun, the enzymes and bio-photon content of this sprouted flat bread were preserved. The Essenes ate the sprouted bread, allowing the bio-photon energy to flow into their bodies. They deemed this to be essential in order to expand their spiritual awareness and consciousness.

The Essenes taught that freshly-picked wild plants are valuable for man to eat. The Essenes were known to chew on wild plant leaves. So, they were taking regular infusions of light energy or biophotons into their body. The Essenes placed great emphasis on consuming a food immediately after picking it. They knew that the life force of the plant dissipated within hours after being harvested. Everyone has made the experience of watching leaves wilt if they are not placed in water. This loss of photon radiation has also been confirmed by studies carried out on bio-photon emission by Professor Popp. Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, Sloth

In the Essene Gospel of Peace, the Essenes spoke about the importance of living by the "First Law." Basically this law states that in order to insure health and spiritual progress, one must not eat foods prepared by fire. By living in accord with this fundamental law, one would enter into a sanctified state of mind and be protected from the Seven Deadly Sins : Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth. By observing a raw diet high in bio-photon energy and enzymes, a person's mind would naturally operate on a higher level of awareness. Peaceful, altruistic behavior towards one's fellow man would be the norm, since emotional discord would be less likely to arise . People on such an optimal, energy-charged diet would begin to experience a state of inner peace and radiate that sublime feeling to their surroundings.

Cooked Food Has a Dampening Affect on the Mind

If this sounds a bit "far out" for "cooked" food people to stomach, I can only state from my experience that on days where I practice 100% raw food, high-energy eating, including a green cocktail and the organic microminerals, I feel a deeper sense of inner peace and joy than on days where I eat cooked food. I also experience more empathy for my patients and animals. Overall I feel a lot less selfcentered and egoistic. My behavior is definitely more altruistic. My meditation is deeper, my body is more limber and I experience a greater desire to exercise, play music, and romp around with my kids. I can see the lighter side of life more easily and I dwell less on problems. I start to see solutions instead of problems. I also take myself less seriously.

When I eat a predominately cooked food diet, such as traditional Ayurvedic food, I start to feel more irritable, less patient, more ego-centric and less positive. My overall mental energy suffers, my intellect is less sharp and the creative flow doesn't seem to happen. My inner spiritual connection seems to get cut off.

I can definitely state that cooked food has a dampening effect on my mind. Most people don't notice this effect, because their body and mind has adapted to a low energy style of functioning. If you upgrade to a higher level by taking the green cocktail, you may also begin to notice this dampening effect. This is why I recommend a diet consisting of about 80 - 90% raw food, in order to support this heightened mental state of functioning.

If this all sounds a bit far out, look at all the people who suffer from mood swings and mild forms of depression. Look at all the increasing numbers of people with dementia. Most people need stimulants to feel some joy in their life. People need coffee, nicotine and sugar in order to come alive. Stimulants help cast away the blues. What would we do without coffee shops?

Patients who have gone on a high raw food diet for about 6 weeks definitely notice a drop-off of their mental energy when they go back to a normal cooked food routine. This is especially true if they had been eating wild plants on a regular basis. Your body-mind will start to adapt to this high energy style of functioning and lock into it. The nadi energy channels will start to open up and disseminate these high energy bio-photons throughout the body and nervous system. Now if you cut off this flow of biophotons by eating a cooked food meal or some fast food, you are going to notice a drop off. You won't have these bio-photons to power you up. This energy essence will be missing. This is analogous to putting diesel into a high octane car.

A patient once told me that I should be careful about recommending my green cocktail, because once you are hooked, it's hard to go back to old habits. There is some truth to this observation. You might have less tolerance to milk products, fast food, bread, meat, fried foods and sweets. The body will try to eliminate toxic compounds from these foods by means of creating mucous, snuffles, headaches, dandruff, skin rashes or diarrhea. If I eat something wrong, I get dandruff and discharges coming out of my nose and eyes.

Is it worth the trouble of foraging for wild plants, blending them up into cocktails or salads? Should one part with the old, ingrained way of eating you adopted from your mother? My answer to that question is a resounding yes!

A life without colds, infections, painful and stiff joints, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, headaches, mental blues, anxiety, insomnia, and energy swings is worth trying this novel approach. Stooping down to pick a few wild green plants is no big deal. It is a small price to pay for phenomenal good health. Just think how rewarding it is to unplug yourself from the disease establishment and become your own doctor! You simply need to start cleaning up your body with wild and raw foods and you will be on your way. If you have the time and financial means, the process can be speeded up by taking an Ayurveda Panchakarma detoxification treatment.

When I say a "high" raw food diet, I am talking about 80 - 90 % living raw foods, including a significant amount of freshly picked wild food. This amount is what it takes to kick-start the process. Anything less is also good, but not quite as effective. If you want to become what Dr. Gabriel Cousens terms a raw food Olympian, you can strive for 100% raw food, but for most people this is not a realistic goal. A few items like beans, lentils, legumes and hard veggies like Brussels sprouts cooked up into a stew or soup will not be detrimental to the process. In fact, a cooked lentil soup in the evening might be important to stave off a vata disturbance for many people transiting to a raw food diet.

Jesus and John the Baptist were Prominent Essenes

The Essenes were a group of Jewish ascetics who lived on the western bank of the Dead Sea over 2000 years ago. Their main goal was spiritual development. Because they couldn't identify with mainstream society they dropped out to live in the wilderness. They didn't want anything to do with money, commerce or status. Their motives were similar to the yogis in India who set off for the Himalayas to seek enlightenment.

The Essenes placed great emphasis on internal cleansing, enemas, oil treatments, and fasting, similar to the type of treatments espoused by Ayurveda. They performed ritual baths, exercises, sunbathing and ate a predominantly raw and wild food diet. Their goal was to raise the body`s physical vibration to a level conducive to spiritual unfoldment and growth. Their motto was that a healthy spirit could only reside in a healthy body. The Essenes believed that high energy, freshly picked plant foods, including wild foods, would help raise the body's internal frequency to a level which made it easier to commune with God. Their bread, made from sprouted grain, was baked on rocks heated by the sun. Because the temperature did not get over 40 C (110 F), the fragile enzymes remained intact. The Essenes chewed on wild leaves including tree leaves in order to infuse their body with high energy bio-photons. They always stressed the importance of picking a plant and eating it immediately, in order to prevent energy loss.

The Essenes were vegetarians and frowned on the use of meat. For them, animal sacrifices were barbaric. Their views ran counter to the mainstream Jewish culture. John the Baptist and Jesus were closely affiliated with the Essenes and shared their revolutionary ideas and zeal. John the Baptist was the most famous raw fooder in the Bible. He lived on wild honey, carob pods of the locust tree, and wild leaves. He was also getting a dose of fermented bee pollen by scraping the wild honey out of the comb. This fermented, probiotic bee pollen was providing his body with a full array of nutrients including complete protein! On this diet he had everything needed. By chewing on wild leaves, he was also ingesting vitamin B-12 containing bacteria and other micro-organisms! John the Baptist believed in eating to live, instead of living to eat! He definitely was not into high on the hog, gourmet eating. His diet, as limited as it was, gave him tremendous energy! He was famous for being out-spoken and ruffled so many feathers in his life that King Herod finally had his head served up on a platter.

John the Baptist was totally connected to the primordial energy of Nature. Like the rest of the Essenes, he didn't require any creature comforts. He was totally happy taking his ritual baths, an Essene practice that later turned into baptism. He had an outdoors lifestyle with lots of exercise, sunshine, and fresh air! He eschewed mainstream Jewish culture as being out of tune with Nature and God's purpose for man. He was living proof that man can only commune with the Divine by following a natural lifestyle. This is the prerequisite for making our spiritual software program work.

John the Baptist was taking in loads of high energy nutrients, which allowed his nervous system to work at a high level of functioning. He was getting the most spiritual bang for the buck! If he had been eating lots of cooked food and baked bread, he would have never reached his lofty spiritual state. John the Baptist used both calorie restriction and bio-photon energy nutrition in order to access the divine cosmic energy needed to support his spiritual evolution. He was following the classic, calorie reduced, CRON Diet! The Essenes knew that their spiritual practices would be enhanced by a highly tuned diet. Living off of cooked meat obtained from animal sacrifices would have cut him off from this enhanced spiritual awareness. It would have closed down his high level of awareness and placed him on the same level as other religious people of the time, who's favorite pastime was arguing about dogma and religious laws.

We see a similar situation in almost all religions today. People have closed down their energy channels (nadis) through a combination of toxins, stress and poor diet choices, making it all but impossible to access their inner being. Spirituality that can't be experienced is then relegated to the realm of belief and dogma. It is then reduced to the level of an intellectual exercise and belief system. An inner experience of the divine can only be made by opening up our nadi energy channels. This explains why all the great prophets in the Bible, whether it be Moses, or Elijah, or John the Baptist, were great dieters and went on periodic fasts for internal cleansing purposes. They knew that gluttony and eating the wrong foods would choke off access to their divine inner nature.

Craving to eat more: Obviously something went haywire with the way people nourish their bodies.

But just eating raw food is not going to fix the problem. Man has degenerated to such an extent that eating a 100% raw food diet is not practical for most people. A 75 - 80 % raw food diet is more realistic. After all, most of us have degenerated to such an extent that it would be difficult to get by with a 100% raw food diet. This is where a lot of people get confused. They read about the raw food diet, and give it a try. They lose weight and detox, but eventually run into cravings because they are missing out on important nutrients. Eventually they are forced to go back to their old way of eating, or fight off wild yo-yo gyrations in their eating habits. It is an open secret that most raw foodists periodically go through phases of eating bread, cheese, noodles, meat, sweets and chocolate. The cravings they experience can become overwhelming! This is because they usually tend to rely on too many sweet hybrid fruits, not enough greens, and lack gelatine in the diet in order to absorb nutrients.

This type of problem can be addressed by taking a couple of tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence [70 minerals]. The problem that most raw fooders face is that commercial veggies are simply not a good source of bio-photons and organic minerals. Kohlrabi, carrots, lettuce and hybrid fruit are not going to fill you up. You can eat a ton of it and you will still be starving for something substantial. Eventually you will probably cave in and eat something more filling, like a hamburger. We need the wild plants to make the raw food diet work for us, they will help eliminate cravings.

What is the problem with cooked foods? Answer = fermentation: Without trying to sound too alarmist, cooked food molecules can lead to fermentation in the digestive tract because they lack enzymes for optimal digestion. Fermentation in turn causes acids to be released. These acids can attack joints, raise blood pressure, irritate mucous membranes, burn holes in the nervous system, heat up emotions and even cause insomnia and depression.

Does this sound far-fetched? Just throw a cheeseburger, French fries and a milk shake into a blender, mix it up, and let it ferment at body temperature for 24 hours. The festering mixture will be indescribably offensive. This is how you can describe the interior of most people's intestines, which can become the optimal breeding ground for cancer. If a large portion of your food is raw, it is highly unlikely that you will come down with colon cancer.

By eating massive amounts of cooked food, you might be turning your digestive tract into a compost pile. In Germany there is an old saying that death and disease can only arise when the digestive tract is out of whack.

If I eat acidic and heated, enzyme-less foods such as bread and cheese, the following day acid starts to collect in my salivary glands. [body becoms acidic] Then it starts to discharge into my mouth. The sweet, pleasant taste I normally have turns into an unpleasant acidic taste. Because my body is normally squeaky clean from a eating a high level of bio-photons and enzymes, my body immediately sets up a reaction. It begins to throw off acid. Otherwise the body would need to dump the acid somewhere into the fatty or connective tissue. If it couldn't store the acids, they could attack healthy tissues and organs. Acids are what drive all types of inflammation in the body.

According to the Essenes, failure to eat enough fresh, raw food led one into the field of suffering, disease, and death. Eating cooked food also shuts down spiritual awareness, requiring us to follow numerous laws. Thus one would need to abide by the Ten Commandments to avoid getting into even further trouble. Why? For the simple reason that cooked food will eventually begin to plug up the nadi energy channels, closing down access to one's full mental and spiritual potential.

When we don't follow the Divine Laws of Nature we are forced to follow written scriptural laws, such as the Ten Commandments. We lose our ability to perform spontaneous right action. When we eat a diet rich in bio-photons, the brain and nervous system would receive enough stimulation to create their own "bliss" molecules. You wouldn't need to practice positive thinking or chant affirmations. The bio-electric stimulation of the live food would be sufficient to upload the brain's pre-installed "God connection" software. The bio-photon energy would automatically activate this built-in program. As your mental potential unfolded, more and more, bliss would be experienced. Eventually, you would reach the Ayurvedic ideal of experiencing bliss 24 hours each day. Life would be bliss.

In such a healthy person the bio-photons are able to flow unimpeded through the maze of energy channels. The person begins to radiate a vitality that is nothing other than indescribable. The skin begins to glow with good health. No make-up is needed. Brain potential is lived to the fullest. The state of energy is superb. In this state, toxic endogenous material has already been cleared out of the body. This pure physiology makes it possible to experience a high level consciousness. The inner experience of transcendental consciousness is automatically experienced simply by closing your eyes. Close your eyes and you are already there, experiencing a state of Being in the eternal continuum of time. This consciousness is not lost when you open your eyes and your attention focuses on an object outside of yourself. You feel a deep unity with all living things. This state of unity consciousness is the goal sought by Buddhists, yogis, mystics and sages alike.

If you have any spiritual aspirations, bio-photons could make it happen for you. Eating a green cocktail with blended wild plants, will be similar to meditating for 30 minutes with your closed eyes. If I was the only person to report this experience I might start to doubt my sanity, but other meditators have reported similar experiences. The feeling of mental clarity shortly after eating wild plants and flowers is similar to a meditation session. The feeling of heightened awareness and mental buoyancy are the same. You have to experience it to believe it.

This is why I am convinced that a high bio-photon and enzyme diet, as outlined in my dietary suggestions, is going to speed up your spiritual evolution, regardless of your background or belief system. It will work like physics. It will happen spontaneously. You could be an atheist and it will still click for you. This has nothing to do with religious concepts or dogma. It is a state of consciousness and awareness that will come alive like a sphinx rising up out of the ashes of mundane human existence.

Andrew Newberg, MD, showed in his fascinating book, Why God Won't Go Away, how the brain's wiring connects us to each other, the universe and to God. Make the wiring come alive with biophotons and the bliss and unbounded awareness of spiritual consciousness will come alive. Spiritual practices, whether prayer, meditation, chanting, singing, or whatever, are going to take on a whole new dimension. Dr. Newberg's book clearly points out that there is a neurological basis for all mystical and spiritual experience. For example, when meditators experience a deep state of transcendental consciousness, or Samadhi, where the mind experiences a state of restful and blissful alertness without thought activity, a coherent state can be seen on the EEG and brain mapping tests. How do you increase coherence of your brain? In Ayurveda, you give the person a mantra, a vibratory sound suitable for his constitution that will help one to transcend the finest level of thought in a completely easy and effortless manner. This is what transcendental meditation (TM) is all about. I highly recommend learning this technique from a qualified meditation teacher - it is the easiest and most widely researched meditation technique available.

The bio-photon energy of wild plants also act to increase mental coherence. They are similar to a laser beam of coherent light. Your neurons will start to fire in synchrony. Blood flow will improve and the brain's metabolism begins to operate on a higher level. Coherent laser beam light in the form of biophotons will transform your brain performance in an incredible way. I have seen so many spiritually committed people give up their practice because they felt they were not progressing. Usually they stressed out on a nutrient-deficient diet. Because their brain physiology was not functioning well they were unable to access deeper levels of consciousness. So they stopped their meditation and yoga practice.

My Father gave up his practice of transcendental meditation at age 75 after he began his descent into dementia. His brain was starting to shut down, no doubt the consequence of a diet emphasizing cooked foods, cooked meats, milk products, sweets; and canned foods. He was eating out in restaurant buffets and buying canned food. He was beginning to spiral down! By relying on cooked food he was becoming affected by arteriosclerosis. He frequently experienced situations where his mind periodically was going blank for a few seconds at a time. It was a wake-up call! However, he blamed it on his transcendental meditation practice instead. Then, he learned he had hardening of the arteries. This means that the brain begins to lose its ability for experiencing superfluid consciousness. Realizing the cause of his mind going blank, he corrected his diet and returned to meditating.

Just look how hard it is to scrub down a frying pan after it was swimming from the grease of frying chicken. Just think how plugged up you would become if all that grease is swimming around inside your blood vessels and lymph channels. You would feel like someone hit you over the head with a frying pan. Or, let a mixture of flour and water harden overnight. The sticky gluten in the dough will turn it into cement. Now imagine how this cement-like goop is going to gum up your intestines. This is the problem you get from eating bread. It can really plug up your intestines and create all kinds of havoc. My Father said in the 1930's his grandmother cooked flour and water to make a paste for hanging wall paper.

Most people die before their genetic potential of 120 years is reached. The problem is that mankind has degenerated due to thousands of years of less than ideal eating. We have reached a state where very few healthy human specimens can be seen. We are influenced by the collective health of our ancestors which has been encoded in the genes we inherit. This is why I consider a 100% raw food diet unrealistic for most people. You might be able to live on a raw food diet for two or three weeks before it becomes nearly impossible to continue. This is because there are very few people able to assimilate all the nutrients a raw food diet has to offer.

An 80% Raw Food Diet is a More Realistic Goal

There are all kinds of raw food teachers exclaiming the benefits of a 100% raw, vegan diet. Most of them, however, cheat. It is fortunate that they cheat, or some of them might have ended up with health problems. Why? Because most raw food diets emphasize too much (hybrid) fruit, dates, nuts, and nutrient-deficient veggies. This is eventually going to get you into big nutritional trouble! Hardly anyone mentions the importance of eating wild green foods. The only way to make a raw food diet work is to include substantial amounts of wild plants and small amounts of fermented raw milk kefir! That way, the diet becomes more balanced and the body receives important nutrients that otherwise would be missing.

A landmark German study conducted on raw fooders in Germany, showed that most had developed massive deficiencies of Vitamin B-12, B-2, zinc, chromium, selenium, iron and calcium. This study gave raw food a bad name. It is constantly being cited as showing what dangers lurk if you eat a raw food diet. However, the study does raise serious questions that need to be addressed. My experience is that it is difficult for most people to follow a 100% raw diet. 80% usually will work for most people most of the time and is far more realistic. A few cooked foods such as millet, brown rice, buckwheat, beans, and hard veggies, like Brussels sprouts and broccoli will make things a whole lot easier. The highly respected nutritionist Paavo Airola, ND, also recommended an 80% raw food diet. This also allows some leeway for social occasions.

Look at how contented cows and sheep are when they are out grazing in the pasture. They seem so much at ease. They are totally balanced. They radiate a sense of calm. Put them in a barn without grass and feed them corn and soy and they won't be so happy. In fact, they will start to get aggressive. They need their fresh grass daily in order to feel at peace with themselves. The same is true for monkeys and humans. Without chlorophyll from greens, we are not going to find our inner balance. Monkeys in zoos usually are hyperactive because they are given bananas and other sweet fruits without having the chance to balance the fruit sugar with wild green leaves. This often leads to hyperactivity. They also can develop cravings due to a shortage of nutrients. At the Munich Zoo, I watched them eating the cardboard boxes in which the bananas were shipped. They were totally starved for nutrients! The fruit and broccoli they were given obviously did not satisfy them. They were looking for minerals!

Your Body Also Cries out for Organic Minerals and Trace Elements

My estimate is that 99% of all people lack organic minerals and trace elements. Professor Linus Pauling once said that diseases can only develop when certain minerals are missing. A lack of certain minerals is a prerequisite for diseases to arise. Most people's bodies are crying out for organic minerals and trace elements. We normally don't eat cardboard boxes, but many of us do go after potato chips, chocolate, sweets, ice cream, French fries, pizza, hamburgers, alcohol, and cigarettes. All these cravings arise due to a lack of organic minerals in the diet.

Getting more minerals into your body, especially when transitioning to a more optimal diet, will make things a whole lot easier. This is why I recommend including an organic mineral concentrate when making the wild green cocktail. The minerals help to eliminate cravings and hunger pains. The mineral supplement I personally take is the micro mineral primal essence. 2 tablespoons is usually sufficient to provide the body with the mineral balance it needs.

Cooked Versus Raw Food

We shouldn't damage the nutrients of wild plants by cooking them. Processing them with a blender is all that is needed. A bit of high tech comes in handy in order to make these bitter-tasting wild plants tasty. Blending the green leaves tears up the cell walls, giving us access to the plant's nutrients. Blending basically accomplishes the same thing as cooking. Using a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix® or Tribest Personal Blender® will make cooking superfluous. For example, nettle leaves had to be cooked in order to eliminate their sting. By blending the leaves, we achieve the same effect, without requiring heat.

The foods we still need to cook are legumes such as lentils, chick peas and beans. Also, hard veggies such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts can be steamed. Or we can let the sun do the cooking for us. In the summer I often blend up a hummus dish made out of sprouted chick peas, tahini, raw sesame butter, and various spices. Then I pour it out on an oiled pie dish and set it out in the sun. Eight hours later I have a delicious Middle Eastern style, sun-baked hummus dish.

More often, though, I just throw in a cup full of chick pea sprouts into a steamer for about ten minutes. When they are finished cooking, I take them off the stove and put in some nettles or other wild green plant leaves along with a few spices. (see recipe). That way I have a warm, hearty soup that has been upgraded with the addition of a few raw and wild green leaves.

We don't have to follow a 100% raw food diet in order to gain health benefits. By eating a high percentage of wild green plants every day, you will reap far greater benefits than 100% raw food obtained from a health food store. This is true even if your diet is only 60% raw. The wild plants make a huge difference. They are unmatched. 80% raw, live enzymatic food including 20% wild plants would be a good ratio we could pursue. 20% of the food would be made up of cooked soups, beans, lentils or casseroles. Cooked food is needed by most people to ground and balance their energy. Small amounts of high enzyme kefir, some tahini, fish, and gelatin can be helpful for many people. Supplementation with Vitamin B-12 is a must due to our polluted environment.

The Downside of Cooked Food:

    1. Starch becomes sticky and plugs up our intestines.
    2. Unsaturated fatty acids become saturated, clogging up small capillaries and raising the level of cholesterol.
    3. Proteins begin to coagulate and change their configuration, making it difficult for assimilation.
    4. Loss of organic minerals arises.
    5. Loss of heat sensitive vitamins, such as folic acid, vitamin C and B12.
    6. Complete destruction of enzymes.
    7. Loss of high energy bio-photons.
    8. Creation of highly toxic cancer-causing compounds such as acrylamid.
    9. Loss of oxygen content of food allows foods to putrify in the gut

These are some of the reasons why we need to eat a diet high in raw foods. Eating more than 20 % of our food as cooked dishes causes metabolic toxins to form. Cooked animal protein and fat seem to be a particular lethal combination, especially when cooked at high temperatures. Fried and grilled meats and fish are especially toxic and should be avoided.

Conclusion: if you need some animal protein, as I do occasionally, go for raw sushi style fish, coldsmoked wild salmon, or raw egg yolks. Occasionally I lightly steam some frozen green lip mussels long enough until their shells pop open. I buy New Zealand mussels because of the clean water in the South Pacific. Otherwise we must be a bit careful with shell fish as they can filter and store pollutants. As our body becomes cleaner and cleaner, we will require less and less animal protein. The human protein requirements have been totally exaggerated. 30 to 40 grams of protein per day usually will suffice, unless you are an athlete.

Excess animal protein, especially from pasteurized milk products, can lead to all kinds of trouble, which was pointed out by Professor Campbell, author of the China Study. He was able to show scientifically that animal protein increases the rate of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic, degenerative diseases. But I believe that animal protein, when consumed in a raw state, such as the Japanese do when eating raw fish, is much less toxic than eating cooked fish.

The ultimate goal is eating a raw, vegan diet, as recommended in Genesis 1:29, as well as the Essene writings. 20% of the diet could be made up of cooked lentils, chick peas and other legumes, as well as steamed hard vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts will make us feel more balanced. If this discourse was difficult to assimilate, may I suggest to simply introduce the green cocktail into your diet and see what it does for you. If you make a good experience with it, you can continue to upgrade your diet so that it includes a higher percentage of raw food.

The Wild Green Bio-Photon Cocktail, Basic Recipe

Two cups of chopped up wild green leaves such as nettles, dandelions, horsetails, or wild spinach are placed in a blender mixer with two cups of water and blended at high speed. The juice is then poured through a sieve and mixed with the juice from one lemon or orange. You can also add a banana or other fruit, 3 or 4 dried figs, or ½ cup of frozen raspberries also work well. If you like it more sweet tasting, you can add ½ teaspoon of stevia concentrate and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon. Add two tablespoons of soaked flax seeds (omega 3 fatty acids) and two tablespoons of the micromineral primal essence. Blend. Drink it for breakfast or take it to work for your lunch break.

The Wild Green Bio-photon Cocktail with Raw Cocoa Beans

For a more concentrated cocktail, blend two cups of chopped leaves of wild plants with 1 cup of water, but do not pour through a sieve (this does not work with horsetails because they are too fibrous and need to be filtered). This requires a powerful mixer. The Tribest Personal Blender or Vitamix works wonders. Then add 2 tablespoons of soaked flax seeds (omega 3 fatty acids), 3 tablespoons of coconut flakes, 10 raw cocoa beans, ½ teaspoon of stevia concentrate, as well as two tablespoons of micromineral primal essence and blend. Then top off the smoothie with ½ cup of berries in season or some frozen raspberries. Chew this smoothie slowly. Sometimes it helps to throw in a few sunflower seeds so we don't gulp it down so fast. Digestion begins in the mouth and there are a huge amount of concentrated nutrients that need processing.

Make this smoothie your breakfast and you won't need a mufin at midmorning, when most people's blood sugar begins to crash. You will be able to sail through all those coffee breaks. You can skip the high carb intake at breakfast. In fact, I have found that the cocktail has the potential to power you up for the whole day. You could easily skip lunch and cut some calories from your daily food intake by having this cocktail in the morning. One main meal in the evening would be completely sufficient. Lunch will become redundant.

24-hour fast: In fact, usually, when I take this cocktail in the morning, I go the rest of the day without any food at all, only drinking Ayurvedic vata tea and water. I am totally powered up. This is basically a 24 hour fast, where I rest my digestive organs and give them a chance to detox. The fast turns on youthing genes which keep you young. On these fast days I get a tremendous amount of creative work done while writing and studying.

The trick is to get up in the morning, [drink a glass of water with organic sulfur] or some tea and/or water and wait until around 10 a.m. before you drink the green cocktail. According to Ayurveda, 10 a.m. is the time when our metabolism starts to rev up, making it easier to digest food. The cocktail with its rich blend of cocoa, pro-biotic bee pollen, green leaves, coconut and fruit (frozen or fresh raspberries work great!) should be savored and enjoyed! Remember, we are talking about a food that is fit for the gods, a modern day manna for perfect health!

[Having read thus far, some readers may become skeptical about all the information about energy food, biophotons, energy light and cyclic eating. Those that are doubters may be unable to admit that they have become addicted to certain foods and refuse to give up these foods. You need to step out of your comfort food zone and have an open mind to better health.]


Switzer John, "Bio-photon nutrition and cyclic eating," 2008.  Article by Switzer: Biophoton nutrition is no longer active.