Making Tesla design work

1 Joe, Video proof of concept Tesla; length=2.34 mns.

Joe Proof Tesla concept


2 Newmrv, N. Tesla free energy from air curuit exzplained; lemgth=5.15 mns.

Newmrv, N. Tesla circuit explained


3 RimstarOrg, How powering with atmospheric electricity works; length=4.53 mns.

Powering air electricity


4 Nat Maglab, How capacitors work; length=3:33 mns.

Nat MegLabs How capacitors work


5 Nat Maglab; Tesla's secret amplifting power: length=53.32 mns.

Nat Meglabs Labs


6 Action Lab: See thru' walls using iphone; length=4.55 mns.

Action Lab See thru' walls


7 charge c-phone Free internet using USD stick; length= 7.31 mns.



8 Another simple free energy

 Source:One magnet & coil