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Art Linkletter said we could trust people over eighty years old.  I was born July 4th 1925.  I have nothing to gain from lying.  After losing money time after time on stock others had chosen for me, I decided to do my own research and choose companies for long-term investments. I observed two major trends, one was the health industry and the other was the gold mining industry.  I found that Clifton Mining Company met both of these needs.  The Company had leased mineral rights in Utah’s gold mining areas and also started the American Biotech Labs Company (ABL).  ABL received the first patent issued since 1924 for a silver solution.  The patent enabled them to sell their product in retail stores, however the Company could make no claims that the products could cure disease.  I wanted a product to prevent disease.  In laboratory studies their silver products had killed every pathogen on which it was tested.  The Company could not afford the expensive human tests necessary to prove the product would not be harmful to humans.  I decided to do my own testing of these products.  They needed a cash infusion and I needed their product.  I bought their stock and they agreed to provide me with their products for life.  I am not part of the management of the Company. 

I have used only ABL’s silver sol products (ASAP Solution and ASAP Wound Dressing Gel) to stay healthy since 2002.  I don’t get sick any more.  I have used excessive quantities of these products on a daily basis.  I have been told that my using the product does not make a study.  My answer to that is, it is better to have one honest person testing the product for eight years than have no test at all. The choice to use these products was mine alone.  The Company made no claims.  Excessive use of these products has not caused me to turn blue.  I have had only positive results.  I plan to use these products as long as I live.

I will list a few of the benefits I have received.  I drink the silver solution and spray it on all parts of my body including my eyes and ears.  I use the gel and the solution internally and externally.  The gel has been approved by the FDA and can be prescribed by doctors for external wound care dressing.  I have found no negative outcome.  I don’t get colds or flu. I am slowly regaining the vision I lost in my left eye because of macular degeneration.  For years, I have put ASAP solution in both eyes several times a day.  Age spots on the back of my hands are slowly fading away.  Scars are reduced in size.  I receive relief from muscle and joint pains.  I love the cooling sensation I receive when I use my ASAP spray. 

I use more of the products on a daily basis than the Company recommends.  Published test results show that these silver sol particles have killed every pathogen on which they have been tested against.  These pure silver particles are so small they cannot be stored in the body.  It has also been verified that the silver particles are excreted from the body in less than twenty-four hours. 

I have experimented for years trying to discover the best way for me to use these products. It is my opinion that I must use silver sol products for preventive purposes.  The silver carried in my immune system attacks bacteria as it enters my body. Starting after you are sick and running a fever doesn’t work as well.  Just gut it out! Don’t expect miracles! I take no chances. The more of these products I use the better my results. These silver sol products are colorless, stable to temperature changes, require no refrigeration and have an extremely long shelf life. 

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Summary of the Silver Revolution:

1.   Reasons to Use Silver

2.   Unique Technology

3.   Silver Particle Size and Surface Area

4.   Electric Body & Silver

5.   Argyria - Silver Evaluation

6.   FDA Approval

7.   Legal Uses of Silver

Become informed!  Another source of information is www.americanbiotechlabs.com  Hopefully, you too, will decide to use only these products daily for the rest of your life.

Purchase only patented ABL’s Silver Sol Technology® Products. If you can’t find the products in your local health food stores, I suggest that you call Swanson @ 1 800-824-4491. Their courteous personnel will answer any question.  Swanson stocks these patented and registered products. They will meet or beat any competitors’ price.   Shipping charge is $4.99 for any size order. If you live in California you don’t pay sales tax. They promise delivery in seven working days or less.

Send me your questions after you have studied the recommended items about silver on this site.  Email me at: grandpajack@lanset.com.  I will reply by email or call you if you give me your telephone number. I like to share my experiences with others.   Remember, I am not a doctor or a scientist.

DISCLAIMER: I present my opinions for information and education purposes only. I write about the results I have received from using these products. Do not consider my opinions to be health care recommendations. I am not a Doctor nor an investment counselor! I receive no remuneration from any product purchase you might make. I detail the ways I now use these products after much trial and many errors trying to work out the best way for me to use these products. I report what has worked best for me. I have received a lot of technical information and support by talking to others about these new ABL Silver Sol Products. My hope is to inspire you to start your search for the truth in all areas of your life.

More Testimonials:

A Skeptical M.D.:  I am, by training, an MD as well as an ND (naturopath), having begun my medical studies in Germany and completed them in the US.  Everything I was ever taught in science told me that silver, being a heavy metal, was toxic to biological systems.
Believing this adamantly, I was absolutely against any discussion about silver.  I believed what I had been taught-that silver, no matter what form it might be in-was toxic and dangerous.  I received some information in the mail about American Biotech Labs’ products, including silver, but instead of following my first instinct, to discard it, I read it, then read it again and again, perhaps ten times, and each time it seemed to make more sense.

I got more literature on it from the company, then decided to try it myself before I would ever recommend it to anyone else.  I was stunned with the results.  We practice very proactive nutritional and detoxification health care, and have the absolute best, most pure, most potent immune enhancing agents available anywhere, yet this products was even better that what we were using for chronic and resistant infections of a bacterial nature.  I suspect that it helps with viral infections as well, but I have not read enough of the research to be able to verify that.  It is only my clinical observation thus far.

Based on this, I now use and freely dispense this product to my patients, with excellent results.  The only requirements is to determine that it is appropriate to their unique needs, and make certain they use it strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Respectfully yours, James R. Bowman M.D..

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