Time waits for no one 
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University

Posted September 22. 2021; Update October 2021.

Time waits for no one; not you or tomorrow!

Humans may be imperfect because they ignore what mother nature has endowed upon each of us. We are genetically programmed to be perfect but are ignorant and unaware of this. Mother nature doesn’t wait for you to do something. Instead you need to fall in line with your living mother earth, it’s time table of night and day, the pull of gravity and living within the limits of nature. Nature and mother earth, not you, dictate what is possible on earth. Here are just a few image examples:

gravity2 oceanbutterflybirth
Gravity keeps us on earthOcean currents make earth time livingLiving things are time programmedBirth is time programmed

Just look at the evidence in the nature of things :

  • You need to sleep when the sun goes down. No sleep for 24 hours and you get confused and cannot function!

  • When your body feels the urge to go to the bathroom, you need to go! Postpone a body urge and you suffer consequences.

  • When a mother feels the miracle of giving birth to a baby, mother nature takes over with natural birth and the baby is born! Ignore this urge to give birth on time and mother and the unborn may die.

  • Bears are programmed to hibernate in the winter!

  • Birds are programmed to build nests in the spring, hatch their eggs and raise their babies!

  • Monarch butterflies migrate north and south each year!

  • When you jump, gravity pulls you back to the ground! Gravity keeps you attached to the ground, regardless of whether you are at the top or bottom of earth!

  • You are traveling at about 1000 miles per hour [time] and you are not aware of it. You can’t get off this spinning magnetic-electric world. You are stuck on earth .... your home!

  • The oceans and the winds in the upper atmosphere circulate in a programmed cyclic manner. Change these cycles of nature and the earth reacts to survive!

This is not a complete list. These are just a few of the ways humans, birds, insects and other animals are programmed to live by the laws of nature. Ignore the concept of ”time waits for no one” and you get into trouble.

This idea of postponing decisions for another day, or procrastinating, is also linked to mother nature. Making good decisions often is more about timing than being informed. In economics there is a right and wrong time to sell and buy property.

So when you fail to be on time for an appointment, even a good excuse is not acceptable by mother nature. We even have a built-in human clock that is programmed by the cycle of night and day to help us be on time. We can be more perfect if we listen to our bodies and the earth that we live on. But to be more human and perfect, we need to grow up with this in mind …. that respecting time and growing up with the constraints of time can help to make us more perfect in many ways.

Perhaps the best example of how important time is is how we learn. There is a right and wrong time for children to learn. When they miss this critical time to learn special things in life, then learning these basic skills of life are much harder to learn later on and often never learned; hence a somewhat handicapped adult for life! Handicapped because although you may function in society, you will find it it difficult to reach your full human potentials. You will still be able to function but in a limited way. You need to pick up on what you missed early in life, discover how you and your body are time programmed for perfection and optimize your potentials to the fullest.We all live within our limited level of competence and are seldom living up to our potentials.

Awareness of time is one way to solve many of our social, political and economical problems today. A current earth problem is climate change that has become catastrophic with hurricanes, floods and forest fires throughout the world. Yet we seem brain dead in understanding and accepting that humans cannot play with time on earth. Earth is a living and an active biome within itself as evidenced by earth revolving on its axis, air and ocean currents, climate-wind changes, thunder and lightening, earthquakes and volcanoes. Earth is sensitive to humans messing it up with pollution and as a living mass, it reacts to pollution in a survival manner. We live as dependents on an earth more powerful than humans; we need to obey its laws of nature.

Solving the many problems humans have is not easy, especially when we are adults and uninformed. Start by rearing children with timing the essential skills of life and expanding on educating the mind. Then throughout adulthood, have adults stimulate the mind-brain to have new experiences to expand the mind and keep the body young and healthy. We can become more perfect humans because we are already programmed to do so. We just need to activate these sensors.

So where are you in being on time with time with the nature of things?

Time waits for no one. To live and survive, we need to be on time!