Who is Walter Sorochan ?

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Emeritus Professor: San Diego State University
Walter Sorochan is the Web-master of this internet site.

Walter Sorochan was born in Alberta, Canada. He attended high school in Cloverdale, British Columbia, where he played on the high school basketball team. Upon graduation, he attended the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Upon graduation, he taught physical education and health at Kamloops High School. His basketball team qualified for the annual B.C. high school boy's basketball tournament. Upon earning his MSc degree from University of Oregon, he taught phsyical education, health education and science for three years at Kensington Junior High School in Burnaby, B. C.. Here, he directed the physical education classes, organized an intra-mural sports program for both boys and girls and coached competitive teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball and track and field. He was instrumental in organizing track and field meets and competitive sports leagues for both girls and boys in the Junior High schools.

He was promoted to Burnaby North High School where he continued teaching health and physical education classes and coaching competitive soccer, basketball and track and field teams. He coached the boy's high school soccer team to two B.C. provincial soccer championships.

During his teaching career in the Vancouver area, he was fortunate to witness numerous international sporting events. Most noteable were witnessing the four-minute mile barrier being broken by Roger Bannister and observing numerous quality international soccer matches.

After three years at the high school, Walter accepted a teaching position in health education at Bemidji State College in Minnesota. In 1964, he accepted a similar position at Eastern Kentucky University. Along with his collegues, he helped develop an undergraduate major program in health education and safety. During this time, he found time to attend Indiana University and earn his doctorate degree in 1969.

In 1969, he accepted a teaching position in Health Education and later public health at San Diego State University. He taught and developed numerous courses. Dr. Sorochan retired from San Diego State University in 1992.

Dr. Sorochan and his wife Lucy have a daughter, Michelle, who is currently attending University of California San Diego [ UCSD ], La Jolla, California. Walter has coached his daughter's recreational soccer and basketball teams for the past six years.

Dr. Walter Sorochan is a published author of refereed college textbooks and course syllabae [manuals] for students, developer of university classroom courses and programs and a researcher. During his professorship, he developed numerous health risk appraisal inventories and a databased Diet Analysis software program. He developed several software documentation manuals for end-users. He was instrumental in developing, documenting and integrating a patient-medical information management system for medical clinics.
Sorochan has a varied background in education, public health, the health care industry, computers, software, the internet and sports. He also studied sports psychology, philosophy of sports and culture and is a successful basketball and soccer coach. He retired as Emeritus Professor from San Diego State University and lives in San Diego, California.
Coached Junior high school and High School basketball, soccer, volleyball, track & field
H.S. Soccer team won British Columbia provincial championship 1961-1962
Organized & directed physical education curriculum:
classes, intra-murals, competitive school teams

Recreational level: soccer, basketball

Educational Background:
1981   M.P.H. ( Health Education & Behavioral Science )   UCLA
1969 H.S.D. ( Health Science & Safety same as PhD) Indiana University
1956 M. Sc. ( Health, Physical Education ) Univ of Oregon
1953 Teacher Training Diploma ( Teacher Training ) University of British Columbia
1952 B.P.E. ( Biology & Physical Education ) ( Teacher Training ) University of British Columbia