Absorption & Retention

Silver Washes Out Of The System Quickly

According to the EPA IRIS Report on silver [ Integrated Risk Information Systems, 5th page, 1st paragraph, 1987 ] it states that a number of tests were completed to test the absorption and retention of ingested silver in a number of animals, including primates (we are primates).

In its conclusion, the test work indicated that between 90-99% of ingested silver was excreted on the second day after ingestion, and greater than 99% was excreted in less than a week. So, in other words, almost all of the ingested silver was out of the body in only two days, and most of the rest was out of the body in a week. They found that silver does not build up in the system.

Conclusion:  Numerous critics of 'using silver as a healing agent' have ignored and overlooking this most important confirmation: that silver does not not build up in the body! 


ABL, "The Safety Of Using Silver Solutions And The Risk Of Argyria," ABL.  Silver absorption-retention

IRIS, Reference Dose for Chronic Oral Exposure (RfD)Substance Name — Silver, CASRN — 7440-22-4, Last Revised — 12/01/1996 Silver (CASRN 7440-22-4) IRIS Report
"Confidence in the database [ of studies prior to 1940] is considered to be low because the studies used to support the RfD were not controlled studies. For clinical case studies of argyria (such as Blumberg and Carey, 1934; East et al., 1980), it is especially difficult to determine the amount of silver that was ingested.

Confidence in the RfD can be considered low-to-medium because, while the critical effect has been demonstrated in humans following oral administration of silver, the quantitative risk estimate is based on a study utilizing intravenous administration and thus necessitates a dose conversion with inherent uncertainties."
Gaul, L.E. and A.H. Staud.  "Clinical spectroscopy. Seventy cases of generalized argyrosis following organic and colloidal silver medication." J. Am. Med. Assoc. 104: 1387-1390. 1935.   IRIS Report