America Superfood drink is a scam 
Dr. Walter Sorochan Doctor of Health & Safety

Posted August 30, 2019; updated October 16, 2021.

America SuperfoodThis article is about an advertised nutrition drink, referred to as American Superfood.  It is not a super food and is a very much misrepresented nutritional drink. This article points out the shortcomings of this drink.

There are a lot of things wrong with the drink.

1. There is a lot of hype endorsing this dry powder drink. Most such reviews are from persons who lack a nutrition background. Even the creator of this superfood drink, Dr. Patrick Conrad, is an emergency medicine specialist. Supplement police: superfood review Most medical doctors have never had a real 30 hours of nutrition class in medical school, much less having the time to update their lack of nutrition information. So their views about nutrition should not be viewed as informative.

Then there is the issue of those endorsing this product and making claims about how good and beneficial the drink is, without any documentation or references to back their claims. Just personal vested interest? This includes the two doctors, KellyAnn Petrucci and Joel Kehn, who may have vested interest in the product

An interesting sideline about what the positive reviewers state about the number of nutrients in the superfood powder product: from just a few to 24 and even 40. Well, none of reviewers identified their expertise about nutrition nor who did the analyses of this product, or from where their numbers source came from? When comparing all these sources on the internet, all these discrepancies make this product even more suspicious!

2. The company states that all the vegetables and fruits are fresh off the farm and these foods are maintained fresh in the processing of fresh foods into a dry powder drink. This misinformation is assuming that all the original nutritional goodness in each food item before processing is still inside the dry powder drink. But the company's own nutritional analysis shows how empty the powder drink is.

Below is  Nutritional analysis for America Superfood:  Dr. KellyAnn: Nutrition facts


The analysis shows that it does not provide a balance of vitamins, minerals and protein. The powder is an empty junk drink! Fruit appears to be a main component of this drink. This is not a paleo diet drink as the company states.  Am Superfood review

3. The company does not grow its own fresh fruit on its Van Drunen farm; not in illinois. The vegetables may have come from the farm in Illinois. The company claims that "All grown in America, fresh picked and gently dried to lock in the freshness". It is not just freshness that is important in food, but also all the nutrients, including food enzymes, exosomes, photons and nutrient helpers or co-factors. It appears that freeze dried fruits are imported from Chile. This information is hidden and suppressed:

The Van Drunen Family of Companies and SouthAm Freeze Dry recently announced a new partnership whereby Van Drunen Farms will take a majority stake in SouthAm. SouthAm, located just outside of Chile’s capital, Santiago, is a trusted freeze-dried fruit supplier to many global CPG companies, and is widely known as a leader in delivering the highest quality freeze-dried ingredients. The investment in SouthAm provides Van Drunen Farms, including its dietary supplement powerhouse FutureCeuticals, a key competitive advantage for South and Central American ruits in the food, functional food, and supplement spaces. The partnership allows both organizations to enhance their access to global supply, which benefits each of their respective customer bases.

“This partnership will better position both SouthAm and Van Drunen Farms, offering unique and substantial benefits for our customers,” remarked Kevin Van Drunen, Co-Owner and President of Van Drunen Farms, and Board Member of SouthAm.

4. There is an issue about whether all the native nutrients, plant enzymes and freshness were really preserved in the drying out process; the drying out process is downplayed. Freshness of food has been researched over 40 years ago by the father of photons, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. a German researcher in biophysics and a Nobel prize winner. Fresh food still in the soil or on the tree is very high in photons. But photons are destroyed with storage and transportation. So after two or more days much of the photon in plants would be destroyed. The company states that it starts the process of drying out immediately after harvesting the vegetables. But there is no mention of how much time is lost in the fruit that is imported from Chile. Photons are a way of validating freshness. Incidentally, it is the photons from sunshine that are the real energy that we get from fresh plants. Photons regulate the human body functions, enhance immunity, prevent diseases, enhance wellbeing and heal the body.  Sorochan: Photons in plants and humans

5. The articles about America Superfood ignore biodiversity. No two persons are alike in their metabolism and body functions. So one drink does not fit all!

6. American Superfood advocates are oblivious to the impact that colon bacteria can have on the body. There is mention antibiotics may kill most or all the bacteria in the colon and that one way to fix this problem would be to insert probiotics to reseed the lost bacteria. But this a blind approach that may not work if a person continues eating a junk or processed food diet that feeds the bad bacteria.  Sorochan: bacteria and food The superfood drink cannot correct this a mishap. 

7. It is unclear weather one scoop of dry powder is intended to be a substitute for a meal or like any other drink?

8. Relying on personal testimonials [as in video] as proof that the superfood drink works is not good support for a drink; it is bad science research. It is hearsay. Van Durnen Farms needs to invest in good scientific research to validate the merits of this drink.

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