The cover and title of the book say it all: The Dawn of Viruses & Food.

The paperback is about how to find a new life style and how to live. 


Coronavirus pandemic became silently linked to food because it disrupted how the world worked and to food because people need it to eat well to supercharge the immune system to fight viruses. This is a new era that requires a new mind-set linking sunshine, viruses, food, colon bacteria and Homo sapiens with survival. 

When you fix the diet, you fix viruses, colon bacteria, diseases and bring pandemics under control. This is the new link between viruses and food.

So why do you need to read this book? Because the paperback provides essential information ....some of which you may already know and much more that you may not know. For example, did you know that:

  • the pandemic has forced us to live with viruses, like it or not;
  • what caused viruses to wake up from sleep;
  • there are 4 essential human needs more important than food for survival;
  • new information about vitamins, minerals, nuts and proteins;
  • need to eat new nutrients like phytochemicals [astaxanthin] in plant food;
  • food is very complex -- for example: nutrients need help from each other; minerals need to be in precise ratios to work;
  • scientists have discovered a new link between colon bacteria, food, diseases and wellbeing;
  • the human body is programmed to heal itself, prevent diseases, infections and enhance wellbeing;
  • exercise is body medicine and not just physical fitness and muscle building;
  • the world needs to cooperate to prevent future pandemics and not one country doing it alone;
  • you can personally prevent viral infections and diseases;
  • Last chapter recommends how to fix food, health care and political problems.

If you are like most persons, you did not learn much in high school about nutrition and then picked up food gossip from your friends and relatives. You learned to eat food that tasted good but may have lacked real nutrients! You survived on information that may not have been very reliable while incubating chronic disease silently and not know it!

The merit of the paperback is in the content, the truth about us and how the body works biologically as an integrated complex, precise and mysterious machine. All the information is documented and referenced, so it is backed up by scientific experts. This makes the cost of the paperback the best once in a lifetime investment in yourself and your family.