Mixing Cottage Cheese/Flax oil Properly Video

By Sandra Olsen

Updated November 18, 2021.

The proper mix helps!

Many cancer patients have tried the cottage cheese and flax seed recipe and found that it did not work! Others who also tried it found that it helped them. Why did it work for some and not others?
Here may be the answer: its how you mix the ingredients that makes the difference!

Sandra Olsen shows in a video you how to make sure you are getting the full benefit of the Cottage Cheese/Flaxseed Oil "miracle food."

A video on: Instructions on how to properly mix the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil (CC/FO)

This mix is the Budwig diet that helps fight cancer.

It is the "MIXING of the CC/FO that creates the "magic!"

Mixing these two together is critical to getting the benefit. It also makes it much easier to eat -- with some berries and nuts for good taste. You can mix the CC/FO in a blender, which seems to work as well as the hand blender that Susan Olsen demonstrates in the video above. The "immersion" blender she uses is readily available at stores like Target or WalMart for a very low price.

Video" Budwig cancer diet

Incidentally, if you want more information about this diet approach, visit: Article about Budwig cottage cheese and flax seed diet is no longer active.


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