Safest Silver:
By Walter Sorochan
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The New Silver Solution  
The supplement and cosmetic products, made by ABL's innovative SilverSol Technology®, are sold nationally at health food stores and by medical professionals under the Silver Biotics and ASAP Solution brands, and through a variety of private labels.      Silver Sol info

 Silver does NOT destroy Good bacteria 

Two independent studies have been completed by two different major labs, testing the effect of American Biotech Labs’ ASAP nano-silver on probiotic or friendly and needed digestive bacteria. Both studies found that ASAP nano-silver products would not even inhibit the growth of probiotic bacteria at all levels at which it is being used.

ASAP solutions at both 10 & 22 ppm concentrations have not demonstrated anti-probiotic activity. This makes ASAP the “ antibiotic of choice,” with no side effects and not disturbing your body’s natural host defense mechanism. It complements therapy by sparing essential host microflora as well as concomitant oral lactobacilli therapy given as an adjunct.

Source: ABL, “selective inaction of ASAP on probiotics,” March 2004.    Silver on probiotics    Keith Moeller, "Nano-Silver Proven Safe For Humans," American Biotech Labs     Moeller

ASAP Colloidal silver sol: made by ABL in Alpine, Utah,   ABL products   are reputed to be a very potent, safe and effective nano-particle solution that is non-toxic and yet effective against bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. The New Silver Solution is patented and has undergone thousands of tests against some of the deadliest bacteria that exist on the planet and has been effective in every test. [ 77. and 78. . Lab tests for silver ]

Numerous tests at major universities and commercial labs like: Kansas State, UC Davis, and Brigham Young University, have proved the effectiveness of the product in hundreds of strains of bacteria like Staph, Strep, TB, E-coli, Salmonella, a number of yeasts, and even Anthrax spore. The New Silver Solution is now also known as Silver Biotics. [ 77. and 78. Lab tests for silver ]

American Biotech Labs (ABL) has engineered a unique "SilverSol Technology!" [ FDA approved November 17, 2009 ]  This new technology works by catalytic action, not by chemical action." [ 71. Friedman article: The New Silver Solution ]

The formula used for producing ASAP Colloidal Silver products is distinctly different from previous formulas, and is considered to be much safer than other commercial silver products. Unlike homemade preparation and formulas created in decades past, the makers of Colloidal Silver claim they are free of any known risk or side effects. [ 31. Junipter ] [ 77. Lab tests for silver ] Consult the following references:   [ 82. How To Compare Colloidal Silver Products ]    [ 84. Beck Bob and Collins Henry ] ;