This is a list of articles about food, health and the health care system. Food is what we humans and the bacteria in our colon eat for energy and wellbeing. Yes, we and bacteria both eat food. However, good bacteria eat good nutritious food while bad bacteria eat junk and processed food. This is a very complex digestive system. You can find out more about food and its linkage to colon bacteria by selecting the article you wish to read; for a fee of one dollar.

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1 Allergies from food
This article focuses on special plant food enzymes referred to as inhibitors that are found in some foods.
2 Almonds
Almond nutrient analysis table. Almonds are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.
3 Antioxidants
Antioxidants get rid of the poisons that build up in your body. Antioxidants found in a variety of plant foods like flaxseeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
4 Corn syrup
Corn is used to make gasoline ; while corn syrup is used to sweeten almost all processed foods in grocery stores and in restaurants. This sweetener is hidden from you as it is mixed into the food.
5 Fats
6 Food addiction
7 Krill and fish oil
8 Mushrooms
9 Boron
10 Magnesium
11 Sulfur organic
12 Immunity supercharging
13 Vit-min supplements
14 Proteins
15 Superfood spirulina
16 Vitanins
17 Water

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21 Body science and acid-alkali balance
Diet is the primary cause of acid-alkaline imbalance in the body. Numerous studies point to a link or relationship between pH and diseases.
22 allergies
Allergies occur when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance — such as pollen, bee venom or pet dander — or a food that doesn't cause a reaction in most people. Your immune system produces substances known as antibodies. When you have allergies, your immune system makes antibodies that identify a particular allergen as harmful, even though it isn't.
23 Antioxidants and health
Getting rid of the poisons that build up in your body is essential for good health. Your body immune system does this with antioxidants. Unfortunately, we do not get enough of these poison fighters in our daily diet; such deficiency may cause many body-health problems. This article summarizes information about antioxidants.
24 Body sensors
We were born using our major senses to interact with the world. We have grown up unaware doing so and have grown up using these senses to see, hear, smell. taste and touch. These five body senses are automatically programmed to protect us and keep us well. But the truth is that there are millions of sensors in the human body. Each organ and somatic cell has a sensor. Your body has been designed to provide feedback about the status of every joint, organ, muscle and cell in the body; monitoring water, blood flow, nutrients, toxins, oxygen, and so on. The human body is programmed to keep you well although you may not be aware of it. This article attempts to explain all this "listen to your body".

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50 Cost effective medical care system solution for United States Part 2
There is no shortage of ideas about fixing the medical care system. Overlooked are the long-term cultural values of how medicine is practiced and how government subsidies in agriculture and industry contribute to faulty life style habits that create a sick culture. There’s a near-universal sense that the U.S. health-care system is an expensive heaving mess, rife with errors and injustices. The sensitive, unpopular and controversial things that need fixing are not being discussed. This article identifies the sensitive issues that need reform and suggests cost effective ways of fixing both the medical care system and the personal health care system.

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