Bake & Cook no sugar 
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University

Posted 2011; updated November 16, 2021. Disclaimer

Surprise! You can cook foods without corn syrup or sugar. For example, use dates or raisins in place of sugar. These are mother nature’s sweeteners. They taste good and also give food a nice flavor.

You can make your own foods, like desserts, spaghetti sauces, salad dressings and juice drinks. All without sugar or corn syrup.

Here are two cook books that give you “ no sugar “ recipes. You can either buy them or borrow them from your local library:

Buhr, Deborah E., I can’t believe this has no sugar cookbook, MacMillan Press, 1997, 240 pp. Website

Sample no sugar bran muffins from Buhr book:

Here is a pancake example from Kimberly's book:
Tessmer, Kimberly A., The no sugar cookbook, Adam-Media Corporation, 2006, 366pp.


A web-site for free 1100 diabetes free sugar recipes: Website

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love rose Corn Syrup Substitute: The following are a little better than corn syrup [ HFCS ]: Molasses, Honey. Treacle, rice syrup or glucose syrup.

But remember: you are substituting one evil for another! As Shakespeare had said: “ a rose is a rose by any other name! ” Sugar is empty calorie; that is, sugar has almost no vitamins, minerals or amino acids; but tons of excess calories!