Using SOD to explain how body fights coronavirus 
Compiled by Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University

Posted March 14, 2020. Disclaimer The information presented here is for informative and educational purposes only.

There is a lot of fear and confusion about coronavirus. We have difficulty knowing who the coronavirus experts are at this time.

This author has viewed numerous reports by TV reporters and articles about this virus. The best and most comprehensive internet information about coronavirus is: 1

Wikipedia,"2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic," Wikipedia, March 13, 2020. Wikipedia: Coronavirus 2013

Wikipedia article has no vested interest, covers all aspects of this virus and has independent authors presenting the truth.

The White House, especially President Trump, appear to be more concerned about preventing panic and the impact coronavirus will have on the stock market than protecting people. Government attempts to control information about coronavirus are not very successful in allaying fear; indeed, they are interfering with controlling and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

But much of the answer to a better understanding of preventing this virus may lie in superoxide dismutase[SOD]. Superoxidedismutase[SOD] is our first and most important line of defense against oxygen-derived free radicals and body wastes. Babies are born with a protective survival chemical referred to as SOD. SOD helps babies survive; then declines rapidly after one year. But the decline is not a complete one, for it appears that children under age ten still have some of it. Even teenagers as well. It may be that SOD is still present in miniscule amount in adults until about age 60. But we lack confirmative research on all of this at this time. 2 3

Here is some information about you as a human and your immune system that may be related to coronavirus:

The perfect human body:

This idea should be added to all the coronavirus information. On the first day of normal birth of life, we were all born as perfect and innocent babies. No inflammation. No infections. As a baby you had all the necessary machinery and functions for life. We, as new born babies, all had the potential to be perfect.

But from the day you were born, your survival was taken care of by your parents who helped you to develop and survive. Babies are even born with a temporary antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase or SOD …. this is the ability to fight infections and diseases and get rid of free radicals. 4 5 SOD is an enzyme that halts, or at least slows down the creation of antioxidant.

SOD is eventually replaced after about six months by a more permanent immune system to fight infections. This you did by ingesting mother's perfect food milk for three months or longer that helped your body build your own immune system. All else, like adjusting to the environment, learning to walk, talk, eat, socialize and so on were part of growing up. The point here is that as a baby you were born as an almost perfect human machine. All you needed was time to grow and continue to become as perfect as possible.... and thrive.

So how did you, as a perfect baby machine with perfection and great potential, become somewhat less perfect with time? By now, you are thinking of a few simple answers. Like what did this original perfect baby do wrong growing up and later as a teenager and mature person? What did society do to disrupt you growing up into a well functioning machine? You do have an immune system that can fight viruses. The one major thing that probably caused your imperfection and predisposition to illness and diseases was food, like sweets, hamburgers, French fries and coke.

For even today, regardless of your age and physical condition, you still have the machinery to give you a perfect and wonderful human body. There is hope!

Regardless of your age, you may be able to enhance your immunity and resistance to coronavirus. Changing many of your social and private lifestyle habits, like personal hygiene and handshake greeting, are essential preventive measures.

We as adults also have a backup survival system of getting antioxidants by eating foods that help guard against disease and extend life.  6  7

There are two supplements that can energize your natural body SOD or superoxide dismatase.

  • CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is present in every cell of the body. However the highest concentrations are found in organs with the greatest energy demands, such as the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver. CoQ10 has many health benefits. 8 9 10
  • Glisodin: GliSODin is sold as Skin Nutrients that is loaded with SOD that helps increase the body’s supply of this enzyme [SOD]. But when taken orally, SOD has the tendency to be easily broken down by the stomach acids due to its fragile molecular structure. It is destroyed by the digestive enzymes. To address this, the manufacturers of GliSODin in France combined SOD with a type of wheat protein called Gliadin. Gliadin effectively protects SOD during the digestive process, while also allowing for a slow, sustained release of the enzyme. 11

Glisodin is the registered trademark of a nutritional supplement based on two constituents:   12

We need more research about coronavirus and its link to SOD and GliSODin.

The world reaction to coronavirus pandemic in just four months is changing how we will live in the future. This virus is forcing us to change how we do personal hygiene, learn, play sports, work, shop, travel, socialize, use hospitals and doctors. We must change and adapt in order to survive.


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