The future of coronavirus and life 
Compiled by Walter Sorochan Doctor of Health & Safety, MPH, MSc, BPE

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April 22, 2020:

Writer Sigal Samuel for today confirmed what many have suspected and feared: "The meat we eat is a pandemic risk, too!" "The way people eat all around the world — including in the US — is a major risk factor for pandemics, too. Michael Greger, the author of Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, states bluntly that animal and chicken farms help corona jump from animal/bird factories to meat to humans."  Samuel Eating meat is a pandemic risk 4/22/2020  No, no one is talking about this but the message is finally out. Eat fried chicken that could be infected and corona jumps to you, the eater. No, with the hundreds of workers in meat and bird plants having confirmed coronavirus, we can no longer can say that coronavirus came from China.  We have corona sitting in animal and bird meat.

April 22, 2020:

There is total lack of political leadership and discipline in enforcing lockdown and staying with distancing.  Lockdown is not going to make everyone happy. But In United States, some governors are more concerned about getting re-elected than saving lives. Govenors are loosening up on lockdown restrictions and opening ocean beaches and parks .... and even opening businesses and the economy; risking eventually a second wave of epidemic in this country that will be worse than the first one we are in.

According to public health experts, not politicians and the undisciplined and uninformed, the sure way to get coronavirus under complete control is to test everyone. We really have to do this before opening up the economy. Doing so would find the hidden infected and then use tracers to track down those who were in contact with the silent infected. All this tracing, leading from one to another to another, all takes time. Once found, these persons who may not show symptoms, would be isolated and treated. Those rushing to open the economy are totally ignorant of doing so when we do not know who is out there in the community with a hidden coronavirus. At this time, we are all totally blind without good testing!  It would be like walking into a field full of hidden mines! You walk on the field, step on the hidden mine and "Boom! You are gone! This means we need to have millions of test kits with reagents to do this tracing and finding throughout all of United States. As of today, we just do not have all of this equipment on hand. This is why letting workers go back to work and opening up the economy is not just very dangerous but short sighted and stupid. Lockdown and social distancing will probably have to continue well into 2021 when the rest of the world also catches up by testing all people.

April 01, 2020:

  • Helmet device created as supplement to oxygen ventilators being made in small Texas town.  Helmet ventilators
  • April 01, 2020: Voluntary lockdown in USA projected to last at least until July and probably rest of the year. But we may need to impose Marshall Law for all states to comply. Lockdown has worked in China and South Korea as the number of new coronaviruses has been decreasing.
  • April 01, 2020: China appears to be getting coronavirus under control, as some workers are going back to work.
  • President Trump continues to not accept responsibility for delays about the seriousness of coronavirus.  Trump down played COVID-19
  • Stock Market continues to fall.
  • April 3, 2020: china curve

    • The graph on the right illustrates the epidemiological concept that when the curve of number of infections reaches the apex, or the top of the upward curve on the left side, then the infection curve levels off on the right side and the infections subside. China has less than 100 new cases and 30 deaths a day; China has flattened the outbreak curveand the infections are down. China flatens curve 4/3/2020 Coronavirus epidemic in China is getting under control. A similar USA graph shows that the infections are still rising on the left side of the apex.
    • In the past two weeks, 10 qualified million workers filed for unemployment insurance. those not qualifying for unemployment insurance were not counted.
    • The USA federal policymakers acknowledged that the economic recession is now in full swing. Putting this in perspective, a 15% unemployment rate would mean 24 million Americans out of work; and peaked at 10% during the Great Recession.  Ann Saphir: Recession is here April 2, 2020
    • In United States, the federal, state and local city governments are in disarray about how to prevent the spread of CIVID-19. There is lack of uniform lockdown. No one is in charge on a countrywide basis.

    About the Graph of Cumulative Coronavirus Cases: The graph below represents the cumulative growth of confirmed coronavirus [COVID19] cases starting at around the 20th case for each of the following countries: Brazil, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, India, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Italy, and the United States. For China, Graphic designer Frost had to start with the 548th case given the data available. To facilitate the comparison between countries, Frost lined up the countries so their 20th case occurs at the origin on the X-axis. Of course, their 20th cases didn’t happen on the same day but, by lining them up, we can compare growth rates between countries. The X-axis numbers represent the number of days since the 20th case, except for China. These data are current on April 2, 2020:  Jim Frost: Growth curves for 14 countries, Apr 03, 2020


    virus world curves

    This graph, similar to Dr. Ho's graph, Ho: Apex graphs 3/31/2020 shows us in that countries where the number of corona cases have reached the top of their upward curve or apex, the number of new cases begins to level off and the number of new coronavirus cases is dropping. China and South Korea are two good examples of this. The curves for Italy and Germany appear to be close to the apex and are beginning to level off slowly. United States is lagging behind!

    What is the reason for this drop in coronavirus cases in some countries? China is a good example of how to bring an epidemic under control. The national government may have been slow in accepting an epidemic in the early stages in the city of Wuhan, central China, but began quarantining all of the hot spots of the virus within a few early weeks. Over 10 million Chinese people were mandated to stay at home, in lockdown, a travel ban, not go to work and have their meals delivered to their doorstep. China tested suspected persons instantly, found those that were infected, removed them from all the others and hospitalized them.  As of April 2, Chinese workers were slowly returning to work. The economy of China is about to return again. The world needs to take a lesson from China, South Korea, Italy and Germany. Do what they are doing to bring the virus pandemic under control. Do what works!

    As of April 3, 2020, United States and Canada are now close to reaching the apex of corona cases; probably in the next two to three weeks. But the government of United States is lax in mandating and enforcing a national mandatory lockdown.  Such delays and lack of total population corona testing will delay reaching the apex and delay restoring the economy.  Coronavirus does not respect politics, economics nor presidents.  It does not care who you are!

    March 20, 2020: At its station in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, the world's fastest computer. IBM super Summit, has analyzed 8000 chemical compounds that may be able to stop coronavirus from spreading. The supercomputer ran simulations of over 8,000 compounds that could bind to the spike protein of the virus, which could limit its ability to spread to host cells. Summit identified 77 of them and ranked them based on how likely they were to bind to the virus protein spike. The team will run the simulations on Summit again, using a more accurate model of the coronavirus' spike that was published in March. The supercomputer's work is a crucial step toward a treatment for coronavirus, not a vaccine. Andrew: 77 chemicals identified that could stop coronavirus 2020

    April 9, 2020: President Trump suggested that he was thinking of restarting the economy end of April.  Starting a return of workers to work and starting the economic engine while coronavirus is still spreading and out of control would be a disaster. USA economists all argue that this would be a huge mistake if the virus is not under control and the adequate number of test kits is not available for all workers and the entire population of 330 million.  Epidemiologists point out that we need to use test kits to search for and find all carriers of the virus, then isolate them and help them recover from the virus.  This is a must if the entire population is free of the virus.  We would also need to vaccinate everyone; a vaccine that we are still developing. It should be common sense to delay restarting the economy. 

    March 25, 2020: Identifying those who are no longer sick with COVID-19 may not seem as urgent as testing those who may be newly infected.

    So why scramble to confirm that patients have returned to health or find ones who never seemed sick in the first place? The answer: Because they can provide care, and perhaps a cure, for those who are sick with COVID-19. And their numbers will offer a barometer of how near we are to this pandemic’s end.

    Public health authorities suspect that tens of thousands of Americans, if not more, have had COVID-19 without realizing it because they suffered few or very mild symptoms. Around the world, more than 100,000 former patients have been tagged as “recovered.” But that is likely a tiny fraction of the true total.

    Now immune to reinfection — at least for a while — many of these recovered people could safely go back to work. They could care for those who are ill or who are at high risk of dying if they become ill. They could donate their antibody-rich blood to be used as medicine for the critically ill. They could be among the first to return to life as we used to know it. But first, officials need a test to identify this population.

    With President Trump holding out the imminent prospect of resuming our usual ways, health officials say that knowing who had already recovered, and what percentage of the population they represent, would be vital for a safe return to normal. Understanding how many people were immune to the new coronavirus would help public health officials anticipate their communities’ healthcare needs by assessing how many remain vulnerable and how aggressive the virus actually is. “If we don’t test,” said microbiologist Esther Babady of Sloane Kettering Cancer Center, “then we don’t know what’s going on and we really don’t know the extent of the virus.”  

    Tests that can detect an infection after it has cleared are called “antibody assays.” They measure the presence and population size of antibodies, the living record that the immune system keeps of viruses it has seen and beaten down.  Healy: March 25, Test to identify people who were infected and then recovered 2020


Rachel Maddow inteview Dr. Rich Ho coronavirus pandemic

The world population is in a war with an invisible coronavirus or COVID-19. Not a battle between the economy of one country against another but a war between an invisible virus and the entire world population. This is not a normal flu that many have had in the past and easily survived.  COVID-19 is a world catastrophe. Think of this coronavirus pandemic as a temporary time-out from normal everyday life.

The Trump morning briefings from the White House are a comedy and TV show. Politicians know ziltchz about epidemics and disease containment. They are more interested in the economy and Wall Street than in protecting people. Having a good economy, like having money and a job, isn't going to do much good for a person who gets infected and dies from coronavirus. This is the common sense that everyone needs to have and recognize that controlling this killer virus has to be the top priority. Going to work, socializing and having money will not stop this virus.

This author-researcher has been avidly following the stock market for a long time. The stock market is a forecast prediction of the future of stock investment, not a real prediction of how it is now today or what to invest in. The US stock market is strongly linked to gold and silver and the purchasing power of the American dollar. So normally in the past when the economy was strong, the value of gold would go down, but when the stock market dropped, gold and silver rose in value. Well, in the past three weeks, with Wall Street diving, gold is also dropping as well as the purchasing power of the American dollar. There may be deliberate control of the stock market by Trump in an effort to make it look like the economy is still good and get re-elected. Such  possible manipulation is backed up by references.  Stock market manipulation 2029  Gold advantage 2020

We may now [March 20, 2020] be in the beginning of an economic recession, although President Trump is still spinning that we are not. The recession has been triggered by coronavirus and its mishandling worldwide. With closings of auto companies, Seattle Boeing aircraft, businesses in general, curtailment of travel, closings of casinos and many small businesses, workers are being laid off by the millions. Most have no savings and many are going to be out of work for as long as this mess lasts .... which could be years. Things are going to get one hell of a lot worse, not better.

The coronavirus epidemic is continuing to cripple the economy, with many big and small companies laying off workers and suspending operations. The USA congress and senate passed a $2 trillion economic relief package to help companies stay in business temporarily and keep employees on payroll, while many companies are laying off workers. This relief package also provides the government sending cheques as emergency financial aid to millions of Americans as soon as possible. This huge relief package would be subsidized by the US government purchasing bonds from the US central bank Guardian: US emergency financial aid 2020 with money it does not have and putting United States in more debt. This relief package was originally  predicted to be sent out in about three weeks, but as of April 3, 2020, these relief cheques may not be available for probably three months. Then politicians are talking about another economic package. Will any such package work?  Since the government has been changing its tune about when and who will get the relief money, this author projects that such relief promises are mere pacifiers and will not be helpful nor stop the slide into recession. This is a speculative political maneuver and no one really knows if it will prevent a recession. But laid-off workers are already registering for unemployment insurance by the millions, 3.3 million as of March 26, 2020; while other laid-off workers without unemployment insurance benefits are not included in this total.  An unemployment update is issued each week and will likely change the stock market. Time will tell how such unemployment surges in the next few months and the impact it will have on the economy. The yardstick identifying that we may be in an economic recession is when unemployment reaches 20%. Prepare for a long recession.

In San Diego and most of California, restaurants, bars and entertainment have closed to socializing business as usual. Public schools are closed at least until September. We have been warned not to be close to others and not to socialize in person; social distance. Although the governor has put a stop to unnecessary travel and mandatory 'stay at home' restrictions, these restrictions have been voluntary. California, along with New York and other states, is in lockdown. Such an approach is slowly preparing the general population for what may be coming. We may need to impose temporary 'marshal law' to deal with those ignoring public protection measures.

Public health wise, hospitals and doctors in United States do not have enough surgical masks, oxygen machines and enough hospital beds in anticipation for viral patients. The medical system is in disarray. Everyone is unprepared for this virus explosion. Although the USA government has activated the Emergency War Act, this procedure is very slow in delivering the large number of essential medical supplies needed to deal with anticipated coronavirus patients.

Most persons get coronavirus from those in their community; most infected persons of all ages may be walking, shopping and so on.  These infected persons may not know they are infected, display no symptoms and can infect others. Many can be contagious before they get sick. This is the real lurking danger.  The only way to find out who these virus carriers are is to test everyone.  Ideally, it would be best if all the people were tested for coronavirus.  To find the infected carriers of coronavirus, epidemiologists suggest this may be done by locating 'hot spots' and segregating the high density population areas into three categories: 1. those who may have it but are asymptomatic, 2. those who have it, and 3. those who may not have it. Testing everyone, using an antibody CIVID-19 test way, would help us find the carriers, isolate and deal with them. Asking a person how they feel is not a good test.

Who has the authority in a community epidemic? Is it the state or federal government?  Historically, the police powers of the state are reserved for the state through the 10th amendment of the constitution. The state does have constitutional power to mandate police powers such as public health measures like a quarantine, close restaurants and work places in a public health emergency as when an outbreak of coronavirus occurs. Derek Carter: State vs federal power It is the local chief medical officer, the most powerful person in the community or city, who can enforce restrictions of public movement for public good.  Public good means protecting all the people and not just one or two.

This pandemic is a serious thing. We do not have a vaccine and when we do in about a year, this virus will probably mutate making the vaccine useless. The common flu’ vaccine is reputed to be only 46% effective. Doctors at this time do not have a real treatment for coronavirus.

Covid-19 is a world calamity that was initially swept under the carpet and belittled. It is more dangerous than the Spanish flu’ of 1917 which killed millions of people in the world. Some estimates state that 180 million people in USA may eventually have coronavirus; 80 % should recover. But as many as 60 million may die.  Not a happy statistical prediction.

My wife and I do not think we have the virus. And yes, my wife and I are in self-imposed lockdown … quarantine. So are my daughter and her husband. My daughter now works from home while her husband has been doing so for almost three years. I cancelled my visit to the dentist and going to swim at the gym indefinitely. I stopped my wife from shopping altogether and especially from going to get my super veggies.  I was really excited that I finally fine tuned my vegetarian diet and felt so good physically. Now, this special way of eating fresh raw veggies and fruits and staying healthy is a dream. We are starting to eat a lot more processed, frozen and canned food; and fewer fresh raw veggies and fruits just to survive. Like everyone else, we are now in a total survival mode! This epidemic is bigger and more serious than the nuclear bomb scare many years ago when many persons dug underground bomb shelters to hide. But there is no place to hide from this smart virus!

My daughter found a grocery shopping company [instant cart] that was supposed to deliver food and necessities to us, but it failed to do so. The cost of food being delivered is almost double that in the grocery store. Such food delivery is a wonderful service but it will not be economically sustainable for the majority of the population. We were supposed to get our first delivery on Saturday. Guess what?  This grocery store used by this shopping-delivery company ran out of most of the foods we had ordered. And we do not know about the virus possibly riding on the cardboard box, surviving for more than just a few hours, or surviving for days on surfaces and so on. Making things worse are rumors that trucks are having delivery problems and grocery store workers are going on strike due to lack of protective gloves and face masks.

It is flabbergasting how ignorant the general population is about this virus. I sent a friend of ours an informative email about what to do to prevent getting infected and he replied in an email that this danger was overplayed and he was going to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas [Mexico] anyway.  There are one hell of a lot of smart ass’ [I wanted to use smart alec but smart ass is a better trigger word] running around in blissful ignorance.

This coronavirus pandemic is already changing how we live, learn, work, travel and do business. Many universities have already put all their class courses on the internet. San Diego State University sent most if not all students home, all sports have been cancelled and professors and staff will now work with students from home via the internet and computers. Kids at home are discouraged from playing outside with other kids. Many businesses are switching their employees to work remotely from home and avoid social contact and travel. Wow! Fossil fuel cars may disappear quicker than forecast and stopping climate change may be in the making! Email, computers and the internet may be God sent!

Our personal hygiene and sanitation is instantly changing as well. Like washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds many times in the day, and disinfecting car steering wheels, cell phones, computers, work places and house door knobs. Medical doctors and hospitals are confused about how to best help patients and the sick.

Changing traditional health care management: Governor Cuomo of New York State has a daily coronavirus response TV C-Span show that is really superb in easy to understand communication.  Governor Cuomo is changing the management of hospitals and how the medical staff work in an effort to control coronavirus. Most hospitals in the past, in normal times, worked as a free-standing, single entity, independent of other nearby hospitals. Cuomo is reorganizing how the NY state health care system works and especially hospitals working holistically as a total system. For example, in the city of New York, some hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, taxing their hospital beds, medical staff and supplies. Cuomo's approach is to have all hospitals in the city or community be able to work as a single network entity; transferring some patients and also sharing resources as needed.  He also wants all states to have a single purchasing center to buy hospital supplies as a single entity and not compete for hospital supplies that drives the prices up competitively.  He advocates home antibody tests that have 5 minute analysis response time. Gov Cuomo Coronavirus Response, Mar 28, 2020

As you may surmise, priorities for everyone are instantly changing from just having fun to crisis survival. This is a reality sobriety check for most persons. Losing their way of life is a threat, they react with disbelief and confusion. The need to change is instant and not what they have been used to. Corona does not give you time to adjust, it is here now and is searching for a body to live in.

coronavdoomvirus You should briefly know how most viruses work. A virus [CDC concept of a virus on the left] by itself in an inactive, survival dormant mode. It waits and hunts opportunistically for an organism to begin living. Viruses usually find bacteria as a home or host. Once inside the bacteria, they instantly spring into action and start replicating. Such viruses also like human cells as a home, and hence the lungs of humans can become infected instantly. But you, a human, cannot become infected if the coronavirus cannot find you. Stay away from this virus by social distancing and lockdown; prevention.

It behooves this author that scientists have as yet to find a way to kill the bacteria that carries the corona virus. It may be that we really still have a lot to learn about coronavirus. Scientists need to explore using nano-colloidal silver, 10ppm to kill coronavirus!

So what can you do to prevent getting infected?

  • wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds many times in the day. Soap and water will not kill the bacteria and viruses but do help to remove and cleanse pathogens.
  • stay away from all others. No close social contact. You do not know who is infected and whether they are contagious.
  • use rubber gloves when handling groceries and other person delivered products to your home.
  • use an approved Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] disinfectant against coronavirus. Disinfect work surfaces in the kitchen, computer work table, computer keyboard, mouse and other places, like door knobs. Check the EPA list for more information:  EPA: Disinfectants against COVID-19 2020
  • eat nutritious food. We have been brainwashed into thinking that calories count and that just stuffing yourself with food of any kind will keep you well. This is crap. We have become addicted to special foods that have sugar, fat and salt. Addictions are hard to give up. We need to be very selective in the food we eat. All food does not have quality nutrients. Bad foods feed bad bacteria that in turn cause chronic diseases and body disorders. This information has been around for well over 15 years, so it is time to wake up to reality.  Israel food research  Nutrtient density
  • we need to ingest plant based supplements to augment the nutrients we get from food. Such supplements may help as all nutrients in food will probably not be absorbed as our body makes less and less digestive enzymes as we get older. Selective supplements can be delivered to your home.  Supplements 2019
  • exercise needs to be perceived as body-movement that moves toxins out of the body and not as physical fitness; although that is good. If you do not help move the toxins out of the body then these stock pile and cause a lower immune system.  Exercise to move toxins out of body
  • sunshine is the energy that gives plants and all living things energy. Humans have needed it throughout evolution. You need daily sunshine to help your body make hormone D.
  • keep your immune system at high gear. All the above will help.
  • take charge of your body and health. Doctors, public health and even universal health care have not been doing a good job, as witnessed by this pandemic. Implement self-care [more than just the Red Cross first aid] and learn more about how to do this.  Self care
  • stay informed. Each day brings us new information about coronavirus. Being informed is education that you can use as a weapon against the virus.  Stay informed about coronavirus

There are just two big priority issues with this pandemic. One is avoiding and preventing the virus itself as an infection.  The other is the need of humans for food and water to maintain the immune system at a high level and to survive. All else is of lesser priority. This may seem like a silly smoke screen. But if you think about this dilly-dally statement, it should make sense.

There are many uncertainties about coronavirus and the future outcome. Although there is a lot that scientists and doctors do not know, this does not mean that we need to stagnate in ignorance. The science about coronavirus is changing daily and we need to keep up with all the news.

Oh, how I wish I was wrong in all this information about living now and in the future. But we really need to face reality and adapt instantly to survive.

This viral pandemic and this article is not all gloom and doom. Many years ago, we had setbacks with the Spanish flu and the 1930's economic depression and eventually bounced back. Those who heeded the silent messages of crises realized that they needed to sacrifice, work together and self-care to survive.

Humanity is once again suffering a temporary lifestyle setback. Although we are in the midst of a strange and contagious virus, there is a lot of good hope that scientists will discover a vaccine and a way to kill coronavirus.  Humans put a man on the moon, discovered and harnessed nuclear power .... so humans have the brains and technology to deal with this coronavirus. It may take many months to bring this pandemic under control. Meanwhile we need political will and do everything possibly needed to prevent getting infected and find enough food and water to survive.  A lot of patience, self-control and ingenuity as well. We all need to help! Survival is based on everyone banding together and not trying to survive as a single person.

There can be many positive aspects of this pandemic, like the possibility of nations banding together for better international cooperation in solving world problems. Another is realizing that while living in an era of opulence and plenty, we have acquired a lot of very nasty and bad lifestyle habits that need changing. Like eating junk foods, and expecting someone else to look after our body and staying well. And curtailing fossil fuel driving and traveling may indirectly help us with climate change. Our selfishness has caused us to neglect mother earth; we need to stop polluting the only home we have with plastic bottles, fossil fuels and other junk. This pandemic high-lights that by leading a destructive lifestyle, we have given coronavirus a change to cause a pandemic.

Being in lockdown and isolation changes how we can socialize and get entertained. What can you do with your spare time? Perhaps read an interesting book. learn to socialize on the telephone and email. Spend more time with your relatives and friends? Play games? Consider ways to improve yourself as a person and perhaps go to college. Think of other options.

Stay well with self-care,

Walter Sorochan Doctor of Health and Safety [HSD], MPH, MSc., BPE