Coronavirus videos and human survival 
Compiled by Walter Sorochan

Posted March 15, 2020; Updated March 17, 2020.

Yes, during the current coronavirus time, we need to have a crash course on viruses and how to survive an epidemic and world catastrophe in the making.  This website gives you information on how you can do this.  Information is your strongest weapon.

Coronavirus: we are learning about this virus more and more each few days.  So keep up to date.

Wikipedia, on March 13, 2020 posted an excellent summary of coronavirus world wide that may be of interest and help you. Be aware that this article may not be up to date. Wikipedia: Coronavirus 2013

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Do you have a plan how you and your family can prevent getting coronavirus infection? What to do if you become infected? You should!

Coronavirus is a real immediate threat to human survival. There is much that we do not know about this new virus. Scientists around the world are working on developing a vaccine that could be more than a year away. And medical doctors do not have an instant chemical to kill corona virus.  That is, not an accepted chemical substance.  But there are numerous persons that advocate scientists look into the possibility that nano-colloidal silver 10 ppm may be one such killer of coronavirus.

Silver has been used for thousands of years to prevent wine and food from spoiling.  Ancient Romans used silver containers to store wine from spoiling. In United States, farmers about 1860 would drop silver coins into milk cans to prevent milk from spoiling and thus lasting longer. Before WW1, silver was used as a disinfectant along with tincture of iodine. This all changed at the beginning of WW2 when Dr. Banting discovered that an antibiotic, penicillin, could kill bacteria and treat battle field injuries.  More recently, silver has been used as a disinfectant dressing in treating burn victims.  There is good research that colloidal silver in 10ppm is effective in killing bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses within 4 minutes, although some reports state within 24 hours. The medical profession and the drug industry have refrained from recognizing the potential of colloidal silver in fighting viral infections.

An independent researcher with no vested interest, except searching for the truth, has posted the following comprehensive article about all aspects of silver: Sorochan: Silver comprehensive info about silver 2017 and it's potential to kill viruses and bacteria: Sorochan: Silver: Medical-health benefits 2019

Another author's article about colloidal silver and coronavirus appears to also have a vested interest in selling silver products: Nano-colloidal silver as virus killer in 4 minutes

You be the judge about whether silver may be helpful in protecting humans from coronavirus.