Memories of the past: dancing & music 

Date posted: May 13, 2021

The good oll' times before the pandemic! This music and dancing may not be your flavor, but there are many who enjoyed it and still do.

Glenn Miller's orchestra big band music "In the mood" popularized dancing when there was no TV.  Big band music was the only show in town. Dancing to big band music was what high society did. Other big bands like Benny Goodman, Woody Herman joined the swing era.  As you can observe from listening to Glenn Miller playing in a popular movie, swing dancing was very respectable. Well, until teenagers of that era stole the show from their parents with their own interpretation of  "In the mood." The video below is from the movie Sun Valley Serenade:

Glenn Miller Orchestra "In the mood" Swing dancing 1941 Length = 3:30 mns.

Source: Glen Miller orchestra

Rock and Roll was not to be outdone by Glenn Miller swing. Bill Haley in 1955 became the father of rock and roll with "Rock Around the Clock" and began the rock and roll era of dancing. It appealed to rebellious teenagers. Others rock musicians like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly and Fats Domino made the 1950's a rock and roll show.

Bill Haley; Rock around the clock,1955 length = 2:20 mns.


Grandma Nellia and grandpa Dietmar cut the rug: [you are never too old or young to learn to dance]:

Dance swing 2019 Length 2:26 mns.

Dance swing 2019

Hooked on Swing Dancing ;Length = 6:42 mns. 1940 -present

Source: Hooked on swing

Swing dancing has become an international dance sport that is very good exercise:

Dancers 'in the mood' swing big band & rock music; length 4:24 mns. Glenn Miller 1942-1950's era

In the mood & Rock

Down by the Riverside Smoking Time Jazz Club Dec 5, 2017 Length = 4:01 mns

Source: Smoking Time club Jazz Club

Many big bands like Woody Herman and Stan Kenton became know for jazz.  Many musicians formed small dixieland groups like Louie Armstrong did. Here is showman and trumpet player Louie Armstrong and his dixieland band:

When the saints go marchin' in by Louie Armstrong; Length =4:47 mns.
Source: Louie Armstrong

Swing dancing has many forms: rock and roll, jitterbug, mambo, tango, ballroom dancing and the lindy hop. Swing music dancing is alive as displayed below:

Nils & Bianca improvising the Lindy Hop 2019 Length = 2:41 mns.

Nils & Bianca

Then there was disco music and dancing:

BeeGee's Stayin' Alive - featuring John Travolta in the movie; 2013; Length = 6.51 mns.

Source: BeeGees

Roy Orbison from Movie Pretty Woman Richard Gere & Julia Roberts; 2019 Length = 3:01

Roy Orbison

Where would we be without a polka?

John Deere Polka by Party Time Orchestra 2018 Length = 1:48 mns.

Party Time orchestra

Metro Radomsky, Andrew Alberta, The Wedding Polka, Length = 2:12 mns.

Source: Metro Radomsky

Today music of the past has been taken over by hip hop. What happened to social dancing?