What causes people to get fat? 
By Peter Jennings

Posted July 22, 2013; Updated November 24, 2021. Disclaimer The information presented here is for informative and educational purposes only and is not intended as curative or prescriptive advice.

 Getting fat without trying & not knowing it! 

This video is about: "How kids and people get fat without really trying." How the Food Industry is deceiving you.  Obesity and health problems are driven by government farm subsidies. The real story on one web-site. 

Video is 9:34 mns long. How to Get Fat Without Really Trying - part 1:

SOURCE: Jennings Peter.   Jennings: UTube 2009

Video is 8:56 mns Peter Jennings report - How government and Department of Agriculture subsidize bad foods - part 2:

SOURCE: Jennings Peter:  Jennings: obesity Part2 2009

Video is 7:58 mns.   Food choices controlled by the food industry - part 3:

SOURCE: Jennings Peter:  Jennings: Obesity part 3 2009

Video is 8:35 mns: Food advertizing strategies  Part 4:
SOURCE: Jennings Peter:  Jennings: Obesity part 4 2009

Video is 8:18 mns. Marketing changes needed Part 5:
SOURCE: Jennings Peter:  Jennings Obesity part 5 2009

Video is 3.42 mns. 10 Worst Foods of the Decade:

SOURCE: Joann Bruso:  Bruso: 10 worst foods

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