Foods of the future: What will we be eating in 50 years? 
By Jeff Desjardins

Posted August 17, 2019; update October 18, 2021.

Research/author Dr. Walter Sorochan has some spicy comments about foods of the future:

Recently this article was posted August 17, 2019 by Martin Morin; but it was originally and previously posted on September 6, 2017 by Jeff Desjardins about the kind of food we might be eating 50 years from 2020. However, Desjardins did not account for all the possible scenarios that may happen in the future that could negate his projections. Yes, there is an exploding population and we already have difficulty feeding the current over 7 billion people. The best productive farms in the world today are deficient in minerals. So the food grown on these farms will also be deficient. This could result in foods that, lacking co-factor [helper] nutrients, would contribute to making malnourished persons, who in turn, will be in a state of survival wellness. What this means is that they will suffer from incubating chronic diseases, and tax the health care systems [hospitals and doctors] that may be unable to help them.

Desjardins overlooked the problem of processed foods that today are really 'dead foods' in that they lack co-factor nutrients, are not fresh raw plant foods and so contribute to malnutrition. Synthetic chemical foods and even those that would be made by 3-D machines are much like processed foods of today, in that these lack the life giving sunlight energy stored in fresh, raw plants and fruits. Fresh, raw plant food is still the best option for feeding the world in 2070. Desjardins suggests algae, which is a plant form but today, third world countries are already growing spirulina as food which is a form of algae-bacteria. It is spirulina that has the best chance of feeding billions of people as it has over 70 nutrients as well as the sun's photon energy. All plants need the energy vibrating waves of the sun, or photons, that are essential not just for plant life but human life as well. Sorochan's guess is that Morin forgot that all good food comes from plants and indirectly from the sun. Humans are genetically programmed to depend on fresh raw plant food. Oh my ....; Morin also overlooked the coming catastrophe of climate change and how it is going to impact food production in the next 10 years.

But do not feel disheartened with the shortcomings of Desjardins gazing into the crystal ball as his prediction for the future is worthwhile reading. What will we be eating 50 years from now:


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