New homes built by 3-D technology 
By Mighty Buildings

Posted March 28, 2023

New and old houses cost a lot of money in 2023. Innovation and new technology is now available to construct new houses that use waste materials, cost less, include foam insulation, include solar panels and are attractive looking.

home 3D  mighty-buildings-3d-printed-homes

This article summarizes this new housing approach.

Oakland-based Mighty Buildings asserts that its homes are twice as fast to build, 99 percent less waste-generating, far more precisely-crafted, and (thanks to its stone-like composite) four times stronger than conventional residences. Typical custom homes go for $800 a square foot if we’re lucky, while these go for half that; homes will begin in the mid-$400,000 range.

The homes, initially fabricated in a factory in Monterrey, Mexico and pieced together (via a steel inlay system) on site, are designed to be Net Zero Energy (not an easy task in the desert), thanks to roofs made of solar panels, heat pump systems, which can reduce heating-related energy use by about half, and well-insulated infill panels made from 60 percent recycled resin.

The home's minimal material palette includes white oak casework and flooring, stainless steel fixtures, glazed white tile and quartz countertops. Recessed lighting and Brilliant smart home technology complete the interior detailing.

Homes range in size from three to four bedrooms, 1,574 square feet, to 2,112 square feet and the two-bedroom, two-bath home, known as the Quatro1,  designed by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects (EYRC).

A sample of rooms inside below. Furniture furnishings are not included in the price of home models:

home kitchen 3D  home living rm 3D


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