Why is silver important ?
By Walter Sorochan
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There is good evidence that new silver products can help control diseases.
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There is a lot of concern over the spread of Swine flu and skepticism about whether we can be protected by vaccines and antibiotics?   Flu H1N1 vaccine issues   Gordon Pedersen Ph.D., "Swine Flu Influenza Type A/H1N1 Protection for Health Care Practitioners and Their Patients."   Flu vaccines ineffective 

The widespread use of antibiotics both inside and outside of medicine is playing a significant role in the emergence of resistant bacteria.  Additional concerns are about the use of anti-biotics to speed up the growth of livestock and poultry for the market. 

Some of the newly-emerging resistant bacteria in animals are transmitted to humans; mainly via meat and other food of animal origin or through direct contact with farm animals. The best-known examples are the food borne pathogenic bacteria Salmonella and Campylobacter and the commensal (harmless in healthy persons and animals) bacteria Enterococcus. WHO: Use of antimicrobials outside human medicine and resultant antimicrobial resistance in humans

Research has shown that resistance of these bacteria to classic treatment in humans is often a consequence of the use of certain antimicrobials in agriculture.  Initial anti-biotics mixed into feed, allows animal bacteria and viruses to mutate and be passed in meat to humans ... a continuing major threat to our health! Future threat from animal anti-biotics   |   Antibiotic resistance background   |   More tech info about mutations from drugs

Conclusion:  Antibiotics are no longer able to protect us from the ravages of dangerous bacteria and especially viruses. The major drawback is that antibiotics do not kill viruses outright, thereby allowing viruses to mutate into more medication-resistant forms. Antibiotics are specific and effective against only a few viruses at best. Another concern is that developing a vaccine against the viral swine flu is not a sure thing! Is there an alternative to conventional anti-biotics? 

Silver sol can be an alternative to antibiotics. The most recent FDA approval of silver sol nano-particle solution products have the capability to disable germs that can cause human illnesses and diseases.

Health promotion:  What is not recognized is the ability of silver products to promote health; often referred to as prevention. Health promotion is similar to eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining physical fitness, ingesting nutritional supplements or having vaccinations, thereby bolstering the immune system.

Just as we need to eat a good diet in order to stay healthy, we should also consider taking silver sol particle solution on a daily basis. Doing so would maintain the immune system in a ready and high alert state. So when a person is infected with H1N1 [ or another pathogen ], the immune system would be strong enough to fight off the flu virus. Such augmentation occurs best when the silver sol is already present inside the body. This is when silver sol is most effective in helping to fight the flu, cold or other invading pathogens.

Although the medical profession and Public Health authorities have refrained from stating publicly that there is a better, safer and less expensive alternative to antibiotics, the fact remains that silver has been the medication of choice for several thousand years. Scientific research has confirmed the use of more recent silver sol products against a variety of pathogens, control of world epidemics, and providing inexpensive health benefits to people. [ 12. Dean, W, et al ]

How do countries in the world view the use of silver for health?  Countries using Silver as water purifier, disinfectant, antiseptic, etc., include: Australia, Belise, Cambodia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK England, and USA. [ 61. - 65. Water ]   [ 69. World Health Organization Report ]    [ 73. Whose using CS? ]    [ 93. Cambodia ]

There are now an estimated 10 million regular  silver product users throughout the U.S. and Canada, and millions more throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. It has also become one of the most popular natural substances used by missionaries in Third World countries; where it is openly used to help control infections among the native poor who cannot afford expensive prescription drugs. [ 8. Colloidal ]

 Silver sol is non-toxic, safe, effective, without negative side-effects and can be used by anyone - young and old alike. Silver sol may be one of the best options available for strengthening the body's immune system and helping to control/eliminate all types of infectious diseases. [ 58. The Ultimate Antibiotic: A Modern Medical Miracle ]    [ 9. CS ]    [ 71. Friedman ]