Making own colloidal silver:
By Walter Sorochan

Caution: & Alert: The research on making your own colloidal silver at home is not in yet!
generator cs Most "colloidal silver" generators sold for home use produce ionic silver solutions.  The product generated may not be true colloidal silver. [ 10. Colloidal silver list of diseases: CS generators ]   [ 14. Dr. Marcola ] Claims that internet vendor sales of these generators are safe and generate high quality effective colloidal silver are not substantiated by scientific evidence. [ e..g. silveredge report ]   [ 78. Lab tests for silver ]   [ 36.Making CS ]   [ 95. Make CS ]   [ 96. Make CS - CS3 ]

Recommendation:  At this time, the best approach [ should you decide to use a silver product ] to using silver products is to buy these from a reputible manufacturer.  The basis for this suggestion is in the information below. 

Home Brew: "There is no simple way to accurately control or measure the product that is made in the home made silver product machines. Recent tests on a number of those small “home-brew” machines have shown that the product that they make is usually of very low quality. Also it was found that the home-brew products are made up of mostly ionic or soluble silver particles, not metallic particles. There are also a number of other minor problems associated with these machines. The first problem is that many of particles that these machines make are usually too big to enter into the human system, and thus are mostly ineffective. The second problem is that because the products are so ineffective, the people who use them usually have to drink a lot of the product to get a positive reaction. Third, the increased amount of home-brew product needed to get a good reaction can be way above what a person should drink by government guidelines. When people drink large amounts of heavy or loaded home-brew silver products, they potentially expose themselves to the condition called argyria. Even among the hundreds of thousands of home brew product makers, the argyria condition is very rare. The news media seems to love to find one or two of them every year or so and put them on the air as some sort of freak show."  Source: The Safety Of Using Silver Solutions And The Risk Of Argyria

There are several web-site companies selling kits that make silver products. Here is an example of such sources, although this author does not endorse the kits: [ 36. Making Colloidal Silver ]  Silver Genesis: The art of making it

Ingredients needed: Having pure distilled water is critical. Most distilled water sold commercially may have impurities in it. If it does then generating colloidal silver will probably produce silver salts or ions instead of colloidal particles. Keep in mind that for silver to be effective against pathogens and provide reputed health benefits, it must be in a colloidal particle solution. [ 10. Colloidal silver list of diseases: CS generators ]   [ 105. WATER TESTING and FACTS ]

What is the Most Effective Colloidal Silver Generator on the Market? All colloidal silver generators are basically effective; that is, they make some kind of a silver product. The question should not be which generator is most effective, but instead, which generator allows you to create the most effective colloidal silver solution. Effective implies that the generated product kills pathogens on contact and is safe to use!

Keep in mind this simple fact:
The larger the silver particles produced by the generator, the less absorbable they are into the cells and tissues of the human body where tiny disease-causing "stealth pathogens" like to colonize.

Conversely, the smaller the silver particles produced by the generator, the more absorbable they are into the cells and tissues of the human body; hence more effective.
[ How to compare generators ]

"You can very easily make your own high-quality colloidal silver, at home, for about thirty six cents per quart, using a safe, simple electronic device called a colloidal silver generator; as contrasted to buying a 4 ounce bottle of colloidal silver for $ 20 to $ 30 dollars." [ 10. Colloidal silver list of diseases: ] But is your home stuff really colloidal silver particle = 5ppm  or 10ppm?

Caution: Get a second opinion: Before using colloidal silver that you generate, you should confirm the quality of your own created colloidal silver by having an independent chemical analysis (assay); in addition to the written word of your supplier. This may be expensive [ $ 100 to $ 1000 ], but you should do your homework!

And it may be also prudent to have an assay of the colloidal silver that you purchase before you use it. Check the internet for companies that do colloidal silver assaying [ analysis ]. e.g.

           ASL analyzes your sample: AS Lab
           American Research & Testing: American Lab test
           Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc. Westampton, NJ 609.267.2065 Fax: +44 (0)1684 581333 Tel: +44 (0)1684 891800

Colloidal silver is made through a simple electromagnetic process that pulls microscopic particles of silver from a larger piece of pure silver immersed in distilled water. These tiny silver particles are held in suspension in the resulting solution by the electric charge on each atom. When ingested, these tiny particles of silver travel throughout your body like any other mineral before being excreted through your normal channels of elimination.[ 57. The silver Edge Ford, UCLA ]    [98. Altman ]

How effective Home Brew silver is as a germ killer depends on numerous generating factors: the concentration, the chemical state in use, duration of contact, a steady supply of weak current and so on. Colloidal silver is ineffective when made rapidly with home electrolysis systems because electrolysis produces silver ions that are larger than the pathogens themselves. Hence such large silver ions cannot enter the pathogen and are an ineffective pathogenic killer. On the other hand, slow electrolytic processes generate extremely small nano-size silver products that can destroy pathogens in a few minutes. For example: "Think of your silver particles [ as silver bullets ] shooting at an army of bacterium - versus a silver ions [ which are like a big canon ball of silver ions ]; one fat canon ball scatters the pathogens while 45 billion bullets can kill pathogens."

Colloidal Silver Generator: The company, PII, claims to make the safest and most effective commercial silver generator on the market. It tests the quality of distilled water and also the ppm of silver ions and silver colloidal particles in the generated product. [ 106. Peschel Frederick, "Colloidal Silver Generator Research ]   Silver Genesis: art of making it

American Biotech Labs [ ABL ] claims to make effective products, using a special patented process: ASAP® Antibacterial Silver Wound Dressing Gel, ASAP® Gel Ultimate Skin & Body Care and Silver Biotics [ ASAP solution silver sol supplement ]. ABL products     Silver Biotics is a "new" colloidal silver water solution that has been successfully pre-tested in three Ghana hospitals on patients with various pathological disorders and infections [ 51. Summary Report of the First African Human Trials ] [ 77. American Biotech Labs: ABL Lab tests for silver ] [78. ASL Lab tests ] ASAP Gels have been approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [ FDA ].    ABL products