World Corruption in General
Compiled by Walter Sorochan
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The world is spinning in a flux of greed, graft and corruption at all levels of life! There are rumors that our own USA government is manipulating the stock market in attempts to stop it from free-falling. The Japanese government in the "90's is also rumored to have done this. If the government of a rich country is practicing false economics, then how can we expect corporations and big business to be righteous? Who can you trust if you can't trust your elders? One wonders if there are any real honest people these days!

We cannot just throw up our hands and accept that "we can't do anything about corruption!" What kind of a message do we send to our children? We would have to give up our childhood belief that there is good in this world and that all men are NOT evil! Indeed, there are many good and honest stars in this world. Unfortunately, the values we have adopted tend to reward a few bad stars with higher salaries than most of the good persons get. We have also adopted a value of giving the "bad guy heroes" more attention than the truly good guys. Such valuing has become a basis of our youth worshiping the wrong heroes! The problem is that our social and cultural materialistic values have become twisted and distorted to make bad guys look good!

Instead, we need to search for good and better heroes. We need bring them together, for it is then that the good persons will shine as stars. We need to re-establish faith and believe that reaching for the good, and not the bad, is a trip worth making! Yes, we must put money and materialism in proper prospective to the other essential needs of life, like self-integrity. People at all walks of life need integrity as a basis for living. When one's principles are abandoned or compromised, then one's life becomes meaningless!

Man does not live by money alone! He needs integrity in all walks of life. We need to show our children and youth that the dream of striving toward purity, good will, honesty and good sportsmanship is a dream worth striving and living for!

The numerous articles below reflect on the bismal morality situation in the United States and the rest of the world. We and the world have a serious problem! Dishonesty and corruption in sports, economics, politics and government, create a false example for the rest of us to do the same.

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