Mexican weight loss programs & Social Security System [Health Care System] 
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor: San Diego State University

Posted December 01, 2016; Disclaimer 

This article very briefly explains how Mexican people can use the Mexican health care system, referred to as Social Security[IMSS], as it is relates to weight loss and nutrition information.

The Mexican nutrition education and preventive obesity programs are well intended, ideal and have been implemented as legislation in a hap-hazard manner; but these are not working very well. To be honest, the nutrition and obese prevention programs are ambiguous, have been implemented with little or no funding and are a failure; although the Mexican government officials are slow to admit this.

Furthermore, the nutrition and obese prevention programs have been legislated and designed for the nation as a whole in a very general manner. But such an approach is political, is very general, lacks specificity and makes it difficult for a Mexican wanting to lose weight. For example, an overweight or obese person wanting to lose fat weight has difficulty finding a government place to get help and guidance immediately. Yes, there may be a commercial weight loss clinic or a hospital that provides some nutrition education. But all this is done, without feedback from a patient, in a non monitoring manner and lacks a disciplined approach to real weight loss.

Ask yourself: "Why am I over-weight or obese? How did all this happen?

The Mexican federal programs and those like in the city of Mexico focus on encouraging:

These approaches assume that the average person will become motivated on their own. But Mexican authorities have admitted that such an approach is not working!

This approach may be nice and not offending those obese but it is somewhat deceiving compared to the very few really successful weight loss programs in United States.

Extensive research suggests that, to lose weight, one has to do the following:

The old approach of expecting to burn off calories with exercise and eating fewer calories, while continuing to eat in the same junky way, just simply does not work for most persons. Do you want to be thin and healthy or function in an obese survival health mode?  

Below is what you must do If you want to lose body fat-weight:

You need professional help:   You need to be monitored on a weekly basis and meet with a guidance medical doctor who checks your progress weekly and second, a nutritionist who checks what you are eating each day and gives you instant feedback. Secondly, most persons gained weight because they did not know what they were eating. In other words, they ate junk foods and paid no attention what they were eating. The food tasted good, made them happy and that is all that mattered.

The Mexican obese problem has been caused by many factors. But just one helps explain the major problem. Mexicans copy the past eating habits of Americans. Even today, American Television highlights the American feeling good picture of eating super hamburgers, French fries and drinking sugar soft drinks. Mexicans see this and, being affluent, become obsessed at copying what they perceive as the "good life!" What the TV commercial programs do not tell you is that the junk fat hamburger, French fries and sugar drinks are addicting. Its fat and sugar that make food tasty. And yes, the tasty drink and food has the same affect on your body as street drugs like heroin and opium. Your brain center, the appestat, memorizes the taste and feeling good .... and you become hooked. Hooked doesn't distinguish in your brain as drink or food from feeling good. So .... eating like an American is copying a bad American habit that Americans are struggling with today!

Eating and losing weight are very complex. It is difficult to lose weight, for not only does your brain tell you to eat more but to also store the excess fat. Your body creates fat cells that crave for more fat and more sweets. When you overeat, the excess is stored in new created fat cells.  Then they become fat cells the rest of your life. If you are lucky to lose fat in a fat cell, the fat cell empties, dries up as a storage bin .... but remains as a fat cell the rest of your life. It gets a blood supply, stays alive and is always hungry.

So, once, fat, you are always a fat person for the rest of your life, even if you lose body weight.

This is not a happy picture. But that is what you have done to your body over the years when you gained excessive fat and body weight! Once fat, you now become susceptible to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer. The clock is ticking, you have become a human time bomb and it is now a matter of time.

So .... what do you want to do, stay as you are, as a fat addict or lose body fat and become thin?

Yes, you can reverse and regain your good health. It will not be easy. "No sweat, no gain!" But when you do lose weight, you can never again go back to drinking sugar drinks, eating sugar foods and eating junk foods. You need to change your lifestyle!

Most persons who have tried to lose weight on their own have failed. Those that succeeded did so on the second or third try and with assistance from a expert medical-nutrition team.

Losing weight is very difficult to do. Most weight loss programs do not work! There is no best way to lose weight. Many persons have lost weight and sometime later, regained it. So the key to weight loss is to lose it and also keep it off. Another key to losing weight is to eat good foods and avoid processed foods, take-out foods and junk foods.  So losing body fat is a challenge.

The current weight loss fad in United States in 2016 is to join a weight loss program in your Health Care provider that consists of buying powder nutrient shakes [ Optifast shake mix] and mixing the powder at home with water, drinking a shake every 3 hours, eating a low calories meal each day and has a medical doctor monitor your blood data every two weeks. The shake powder is balanced full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This nutrient supplementation is very important for those trying to lose weight.

Research points out that if one loses body fat quickly, like 3 or 5 pounds in a week, then this fat will come back quickly.  But losing body fat slowly, like 1 or 2 pounds a week, will help keep the weight down after you stop your weight loss program.  Keep in mind that when you lose body fat, a lot of toxins that were stored in the fat, will be released.  Such a toxin release may make you feel uncomfortable, and feel sick temporarily.  This is why a slow weight loss is good because it allows your body to naturally detoxify and heal. 

Many persons do a weight loss program without realizing that losing body weight is similar to having surgery.  It is a big stress on the body.  As fat cells empty of fat and shrink, the blood supply needs to be adjusted to now a different empty body cell.  The body needs time to make new changes and heal.  This is why a slow weight loss is better than a fast weight loss because the slow eight loss allows time for the body to heal. 

Find out for yourself if your Mexican Social Security program can give you the help suggested herein.

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