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We have many experiences like politics, voting for government, greeting people, buying and spending, disagreeing with others and so on. That's referred to as living. Lately, many of us have had a rough time living and making ends meet.  Busy as we all are, we have difficulty finding time to search for more provoking information.

teachers bestThis paper located several articles on many of these issues. Ofcourse, you can disagree and get upset with the content in the articles! The webmaster is merely making the articles more accessible under one umbrella; thereby making it easier for you to find, read them and save you time.

Here are 'food for thought' articles that you can read:

1."Why I Stopped Spending My Time on Politics… And Why I Think You Should Too," by  Paul Rosenberg,   Stop spending time on politics

2. "Voting: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right," by Doug French,  Futility of voting

3."The Need to Escape Collapsing Empires," by Jeff Thomas.  Collapsing empires

4. "What Experiences have Shaped your Political and Religious Belief Systems?"  by Soph0571  Experiences shape you

5. "The Image of the State: How History Becomes Propaganda… and Doesn’t Make Sense," by Paul Rosenberg.  History or propaganda

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