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Walter Sorochan and I worked together to create a Silver encyclopedia He included past published information about using silver for health.  I added the benefits I have received from daily use of these Silver Sol Technology products made by American Biotech Labs (ABL) that help me prevent and cure disease. Our purpose was to present to you in one place information you should have before you decide to use or not use silver as a way to prevent disease.

Published reports by Researchers from leading Universities who used Modern Electronic Microscopes helped ABL scientists understand the tiny-tiny world of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Using this information they created a new standard of excellence for colloidal silver. They patented and introduced their Silver Sol Technology Products. Leading public laboratories and now government regulators have extensively tested these products. ABL has now received approvals from; the U.S. Patent Office, EPA, and FDA Officials.

I told Walter about my ongoing nine-year test of ABL’s products and explained to him the great results I had received from my exclusive use of these products.  He decided to extensively research this company; it’s products and benefits. He would then publish his findings. He has added new research material to the work he had previously published about silver before he knew about ABL’s Silver Sol Technologies. We have tried to present just facts. Silver has been used to cure and prevent disease since the beginning of the practice of medicine. He had presented much information published about colloidal silver products manufactured under the 1924 patent. Now he has added the Silver Sol Technology that had received the first colloidal silver patent issued since the first patent was issued in 1924. There is a tremendous difference in the health benefits you will receive from using the new Silver Sol Technology products you can purchase today compared to those before 2006. Although the government still classifies all silver products, both the old and new, as Colloidal Silver Products; Congress is about to approve a new health care system.  These circumstances will present an even greater difficult challenge for all of us to stay healthy.  We believe that the new silver products can help provide an opportunity for everyone to stay healthy. 

We have tried to put in one encyclopedia, information you should know about colloidal and sol silver.

How I use Silver:  [ "To my knowledge" ]
“I am the only senior citizen (probably anyone) who has used these products daily (and exclusively) in much larger amounts than the company has recommended for about nine years. I will list some of the benefits I have received from my daily use of these products. I use my silver for prevention. I seldom get colds or flu.I am slowly regaining the vision that I lost in my left eye. My Doctors diagnosed my eye problem as macular degeneration. For years, I have put ASAP in both eyes several times a day. Pain from cuts, bumps, and bruises go away faster. Using my Gel helps to relive my pain from muscle and joint pains. Age spots on the back of my hands are slowly fading away.

Spraying ASAP on my exposed skin is reported to give me 3 or 4 hours protection from germs in public places. I don’t want to get sick. I carry a 2-ounce spray bottle with me and use it when I go out in public. The sprayer works great. I love the cooling sensation I receive when I use my ASAP spray. I drink a teaspoon of ASAP and put one drop of ASAP in each eye just before I go to sleep. I follow the same procedure each morning. I drive up to Mountain and bring home artesian water, water that flows naturally out of the top the mountain. I add ASAP to all my drinking water. ASAP is my first line of defense.

Published test results show that our bodies do not absorb these nano silver particles.90 % to 95 % of these particles leave the body after 48 hours. I have experimented for years to try to find the best way for me to use these products. To my knowledge, my test, is the only long-term human test conducted on a person who will be 85 years old next July 4th. When I started my test many of my high school classmates were experiencing major health problems. This helped me decide to use this product for prevention. I am healthier today because these products have worked so well for me.

A few hours on a plane, a short hospital visit, or a doctor’s office visit might just expose me to enough germs to make me sick. My opinion is that ASAP should be used before bacteria can overwhelm my immune system. l take no shots of any kind. Especially this rush - rush Swine Flu Vaccine that is still in an experimental stage.

I am healthier today because American Biotech products have helped keep me healthy. Dr Gordon Pederson   [ Pedersen: A fighting chance]   presents science and medical information for your consideration. He is my Guru! When he talks I listen. He explains in medical terms what I have experienced from using ASAP. I have not turned blue!   ABL silver sol products are colorless, stable to temperature changes and are completely natural. I recommend you read the first five menu items on our site. After you do so, to get more detailed information, go to the menu items referenced below. Get informed, hopefully you will decide to use these products daily and stay healthy.

1.    Silver particle size-surface area

2.     Comparing Silver Products

3.     How silver products work

4.     Kinds of Silver

5.     Resonance

6.     Argyria - turning blue information

7.    Electric Body and Silver

8.    Medical-health benefits

 If you want to use these products, you have to know how and where you can buy them? These products are not stocked in 95% of Southern California health food supplement stores. When I ask for these products they try to switch me to some other product. Don’t even try to buy these products at your local markets!The best place to buy these is directly from the company. Go to menu Item, “Where to Buy Silver Products”. A list of other suppliers who want to sell you these same products come up! Check them out! Click on a company name. You instantly go to their website for their information about the products and receive instructions on how to buy these products from them. Compare two or three suppliers; purchase your product and use it!  Each supplier offers you special incentives to get you to buy the same product from them.

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Great Grandpa Jack 1-03-2010

DISCLAIMER: I present my opinions for information and education purposes only. I write about the results I have received from using these products. Do not consider my opinions to be health care recommendations. I am not a Doctor nor an investment counselor! I receive no remuneration from any product purchase you might make. I detail the ways I now use these products after much trial and errors trying to work out the best way for me to use these products. I report what has worked best for me. I have received a lot of technical information and support by talking to others about these new ABL Silver Sol Products. My hope is to inspire you to start your search for the truth in all areas of your life.