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By Walter Sorochan
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Manufacturing companies in the United States and the world are using silver nano-particle technology in a variety of ways. This article attempts to make you aware of how extensive the use of silver has become outside the realm of medicine and the FDA regulations.
Silver House: construction of the "germ free silver home" has already been completed. Not only are "high touch" contact surfaces in the home (such as handrails, faucets, door knobs, and kitchen areas) all made with the AgION silver coating, but heating, ventilation and air conditioning duct work are all constructed with it too. Even refrigerator trays and counter tops! Award winning architect David Martin designed the home, which has already received an award for excellence in design from the prestigious American Institute of Architects! Germ free house already built in Simi Valley Ca.    Anti-Microbial house being studied  Another house using silver nano tech    AgION™1 – compound coating that suppresses the growth of pathogens    LA Times story about SImi Valley home

Sweets wrapped in silver foilVark: very pure silver foil is used for garnishing Indian sweets, such as dates, nuts and various fruit and vegetable based rolls or sheet candies. silver preserves sweets in India

Silver-containing products are used in hospital and hotel water distribution systems to control infectious agents (e.g., Legionella).

Silver has been used to sterilize recycled water aboard the MIR space station and on the NASA space shuttle.

Samsung washer Silver is used in making germicidal washing machines in Japan.   Silver washing machine

Silver is a health additive in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

In Mexico, supermarkets sell Microdyn, colloidal silver in gelatin, to disinfect salad vegetables and drinking water.

anti-micro gym eq IonArmour: a USA company, "imparts in-built protection to products and materials to help keep them free of bacteria, fungus, and other microbes.  Photo on right illustrates anti-micro gym equipment.

  Silver-based antimicrobials are an example of an ingredient used by IonArmour® to provide excellent anti-mcro phone antimicrobial properties while remaining safe and natural. The power of these antimicrobials stems from the powers of naturally safe silver—the same silver that has been plating silverware and jewelry for centuries. IonArmour® protected surfaces remain cleaner, longer, though please note that such in-built antimicrobial protection is not a means of preventing disease. anti-cro grocery malls   If left unchecked, in just 24 hours or less, a lone bacteria cell on a surface can grow to become tens of millions of cells fouling the surface on which they grow. IonArmour® protected products are specifically designed to prevent this microbial growth." IonArmour anti-bacteria products in USA   Innova Materials purify water in third world countries
Many companies in USA use silver products to treat water.  Water purified by silver

Johnson Chemicals (UK) uses an inorganic composite with immobilized slow-release silver as a preservative in cosmetics and toiletries.

In Japan, a new compound is mixed into plastics for lasting antimicrobial protection of telephone receivers, calculators, toilet seats, and children's toys.

Metallic silver-copper containing ceramic disks, marketed as "Clean Power Plus," are sold as an alternative to laundry detergents.

Nanosilver-Bicycle-Clothing Ju clothes Silver Used By Big Business to Make Antimicrobial Clothing.
Example: Cornell University student, Jane Ju, has designed nano-silver clothing properties creating a dress that prevents colds and a jacket that destroys noxious gases.

Home appliances: washing machines, toilets and refrigerators with germicidal properties.  "How Governments and Businesses Use Silver Around the World

Silver Used by Governments to Help Fight the Spread of Deadly Contagions and Bioterrorism.
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silver bandage In Canada, Switzerland and the US, physicians use various forms of silver to treat a multitude of infections.

In the US, silver products are used in bone surgery and in 70 per cent of US burns centers.

Naturopaths and chiropractors use colloidal silver to treat the effects of Cryptosporidium.

Ayurvedic and Chinese practitioners regularly use silver in their treatments.

Colloidal silver water filters are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and also by the Swiss government for use in homes and offices.

apollo silver water cleaner 1960 The American space agency NASA uses a silver water purification system [ developed in 1960 ] for its space shuttles, as do the Russians.

japplane The airline companies Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Canadian Pacific, Japan Airlines, Pan Am SAS and Swissair use silver water filters to curtail waterborne diseases.

Silver is often used in place of chlorine in swimming pools because it doesn't sting the eyes.

Japanese companies are using silver products to remove cyanide and nitric acid from the air.   5 Source:Nexus Magazine, Vol.4, No.1 Universal Germicide
Use with Animals & Plants:    Colloidal Silver has been as well very successful in Veterinary use, for instance the dreaded Canine Parvo virus.   Other web-sites for pets: Silver Guardian   Silver Herb Place Vets say it is routinely used for treating horses before breeding and to keep race horses in top shape. It has also been used to spray on plant leaves and fruit to control disease and enhance vitality.