Part 2: Health Survival Priority

What are the determiners of health? There is a hierarchy or priority for health among determiners. Some determiners are more important than others.

Sunshine was the first and most important priority for life. It was the sunshine that enabled hybrid algae organism [spirulina] to make its own food and be able to survive. As pointed  out in Part 1, without essential sunshine, there would be no plants, no food and no species survival.

Priority for health: Health got meaning as mankind found ways to survive over millions of years. Such survival is briefly summarized in the article image below:

 Sunshine survival UCSB  circle oxygen  circle water  circle sleep  circle foods  circle socialize  circle valuesmoses  circleplasticity
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Priority 1: Life started with the sun.

Sunshine became the first and most important priority for health. Ancient civilizations were aware that their survival was somehow linked to the sun's energy, but lacked the science to understand the sun and earth relationship. They were aware that the sun was essential to their survival and gave the sun Godlike, mystic powers. The sun is the primary survival need although most persons do not perceive the sun as an essential need.

Priority 2:  oxygen from clean air, water, sleep and food.

A quick comment about how these four affect people in the world today. These four needs are taken for granted in most parts of the world. We seldom think about needing oxygen to survive unless one lives in air polluted Asian countries like China and India. Humans die without oxygen for 10 minutes. Water is a major survival need in desert countries and where the water supply is polluted. Humans die without water for two days. Going without sleep for one day causes confusion, loss of alertness and irritability. Humans die without sleep for two days.  Humans can survive without food for 30 days. Although food as a carbohydrate source of energy may help prevent starvation, it is the lack of quality nutrients that is contributing to many chronic diseases today. Although people survive with 'energy' food that lacks nutrient density; they incubate chronic diseases.

Priority 3: socialization, values and morality.

Mankind banded together socially for protection; eventually realizing the need to control its members with values and morality in order to continue surviving [as ancient Romans did]. During these periods of survival episodes, the human brain evolved as an advanced form of survival such as thinking and solving problems.

Priority 4: Plasticity.

Plasticity is an advanced form of mind-brain that needs to be stimulated with new experiences all the time. It is the highest level of survival. Today, the brain needs excitement in the form of new experiences and adventures. Otherwise, it goes to sleep. This lack of brain stimulation may be the cause of Alzheimer's disease.