Particle Size and Surface Area
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Compiled by Walter Sorochan
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This article points out the importance of silver particles being the right size, that silver particles need to also have a large surface area to be bio-effective and that American Biotech Labs has a patent for this specific silver particle technology. 

Particle size is critical:  Silver nano-particles much smaller  [ e.g. one-thousand smaller than viruses ] than viruses can penetrate the outer virus wall and destroy viruses. Silver nano-particles need to be much, much smaller than pathogens or the silver particles will not disable the pathogens. 

Large particles are pulled down by gravity and settle out.   A silver particle size that is too small can’t stay in solution long enough to kill pathogens. To be effective silver particles need to be just the right size, not too small and not too large.

Is Smaller Always Better In Silver Particles? The statement "Smaller is always better" when it comes to silver nano-particles, is generally true, but only to a certain point.

"This indicates that there is an optimal particle size for effectiveness of silver nano-particles. If the particle size becomes too small, the product loses effectiveness. The knowledge of optimal particle sizes has helped American Biotech Labs file and receive patents on what the company deems the most bio-active or most effective particle size. American Biotech Labs now owns the rights to these particular particle sizes, and no other company or person can legally make a similar product within approximately the next two decades."  Keith Moeller, copyrighted Particle Size, And Ionic Vs. Metallic Silver Products,copyrighted ABL Moeller

Particle Size Patented:  Scientists at American Biotech Labs [ ABL ] discovered the particle size that was most effective in disabling  pathogens.  American Biotech Labs applied for and received a patent to produce nano silver particles whose sizes ranged from .003 to the .040 ppm. Moeller   Pure Nano Silver Particles in this size range resonate with pathogen resonance [ be on the same wave lengths as pathogen cells ]. ABL succeeded in matching their nano silver particle size with the size of pathogens.  Particles that were smaller than .003 ppm couldn’t stay in solution and effectively disable pathogens. Particle sizes larger than .040 ppm would be too large to effectively disable pathogens.

Surface Area:  The larger the surface area, the more silver particles are available to disable the pathogens. How this is possible? 

villi  Examples:  There are many examples where mother nature uses surface area to help organisms function.  Trees increase their ability to benefit from sunlight by having thousands of small leaves to absorb sunlight and allow photosynthesis to make food for the tree.   By chewing large pieces of food, we break up the large pieces into super small sizes, thereby increasing the surface areas of food particles for more rapid digestion.  Digestion inside the small intestine further breaks down the small food particles so that microscopic nutrients can be more readily available for absorption into the blood stream.  To further expedite the absorption of nutrients, the small intestine has numerous blood villi to speed up the absorption of nutrients.  Cells need large surface areas to take in nutrients and excrete wastes. Many organisms have developed structures that actually increase their surface area: the leaves on trees, the microvilli on the lining of the small intestine, root hairs and capillaries, and the convoluted walls of arteries, to name but a few.

The concept of small particles and increased surface area is also applicable to silver absorption and bio-availability.  campfire3The importance of the size of silver products is similar to that of the size of fire wood when trying to ignite the wood [another example ]. This section illustrates both of these ideas.  Most boy scouts learn quickly that they can start a fire with small twigs or wood chips quicker than with large logs. The smaller the firewood, the easier and quicker it is to start a camp fire. Hence, the fire wood analogy is similar to fuel volume size and surface area of silver particles. It is easier to start a fire with twigs because the twigs have a larger surface area than the bigger volume logs.  The same principle helps us understanding why very small silver nano-particles are more effective in disabling pathogens compared to the larger silver ions and silver proteins.

Bio-efficiency means how fast nutrients and silver are absorbed into the blood and made available to the body.  Using grapes, instead of cubes to illustrate, also helps us to understand that a smaller volume size exposes a greater surface area for absorption and activity. 

surface area
[ Source:   Van Wyck David V., "Characteristics of available iron products." ANNA CE Satellite Symposium - New Orleans, Louisiana, October 17, 2004 ]

This is shown in the illustration above where you have a two volumes of grapes. You have small molecules represented as small grapes on the right side and the large molecules with large grapes on the left side. The volume is the same for both grape sizes. The surface area to volume ratio is obviously much greater among the small grapes on the right side, and silver bioactivity comes from that - bioactivity is just that simple. A greater absorption area!

Primary determinants of silver bioactivity: The smaller the silver item, the faster it is absorbed into the blood stream and the sooner it acts on germs. The larger the silver item, the slower it is absorbed into the blood. The concept of absorption is also true for excretion, only in reverse order. For example, the smaller silver nano-particles are excreted almost immediately while the larger silver protein and silver ion items are very slow to be excreted from the body. That these two chemicals stay in the body for a long, long time helps to explain why some persons who have been ingesting silver salts and silver proteins have had these chemicals accumulate in their bodies over time, thereby causing their skin to turn bluish-grey over time.

Dosage:  The smaller sized nano-particle  silver also determines the dosage and how often to ingest silver. Since silver nano-particles are excreted almost as fast as they are ingested, the suggested amount of one teaspoonful twice a day seems reasonable.

Merick manual:   Drug Absorption
"Small molecules tend to penetrate membranes more rapidly than larger ones.
Whether a drug is acidic or basic, most absorption occurs in the small intestine because the surface area is larger and membranes are more permeable."