Updating your physics background and Quantum biology 
By Walter Sorochan

Posted January 15, 2023

This author was uncomfortable and rusty with physics as he took undergraduate physics 101 course in 1947. The term quantum was not around in 1947, much less quantum physics. So I did some searching and reading about quantum. It is complex and difficult to understand. I tried to simplify the terms and hope this makes it easier for you, the reader, to more easily understand quantum biology.

Quantum biology

Lets start with what we can more easily understand .... how the human body is made or put together. What are the building blocks of nature? And humans?

The fundamental building blocks of matter are not particles, but continuous fluid-like substances known as 'quantum fields'. These are fluid like substances. On a microscopic level or scale, these fields are much more mysterious and hidden. We refer to them as quantum mechanics.

We are made of quantum fields!

In an adult human body, there are fifty-quadrillion coordinated biochemical events taking place each and every second. Every second, each of our fifty trillion cells generates fifty thousand biochemical events in a near-perfectly coordinated dance of atoms and molecules that make possible everything from voluntary movement to the continuous complex processes of circulation, digestion, assimilation, elimination, respiration, growth, and healing.  Selbie: Quantum Coherence and the Hidden Secret Behind Our Bodies

Our human body is the sum of all cells working together in a unified manner. The amount or number of cells that make up the body and the number of events per second define quantum. How many cells are participating and the number of events per second in the cells? How much of each is needed? Quantum is implies how much?

All tissues in the human body exist indefinitely in amounts that fit well together. All the parts of the body fit and work together in unison as an organic whole. Hence the term quantum coherence.

Quantum geneticist and biologist Mae-Wan Ho explains another aspect of quantum biology: “An organic whole is an entangled whole, where part and whole, global and local are so thoroughly implicated as to be indistinguishable, and where each part is as much in control as it is sensitive and responsive.” This total body mix or entanglement is referred to as quantum entanglement and it is related to quantum weird.  Ho: Organism and Psyche in a Participatory Universe

photosynthesisMae-Wan Ho discovered that plants were able to absorb sunlight to make their food, starch through a special process of photosynthesis. The plants leaves usedmicroscopic liquid crystals that possess long range order of motion.  Ho found that all living organisms were made with liquid crystalline and facilitated instant communication of the whole organism in a clear and concise manner referred to as coherence.

Oh .... but we were told that nerves in your body do the communication from one cell or organ to another or to the brain. Well,  the more correct update is that it is the crystal liquid in each cell that makes precise communication in the body possible, as  through mental telepathy with another person far away and also with the universe. This is what quantum is all about. The body liquid crystal is more than itself, it can also communicate with space and the universe. Unfortunately our understanding of quantum is miniscule at this time.   

Quantum is weird because there are no limits of time, space, or matter. It includes what exists within the body and also outside the body; what is in space. So we have a physical body that also has connection to outside the body; out to space, like spirit or soul.

As you can surmise, quantum biology is complicated and difficult to understand, even for physicists.

You jump but something always pulls you down to earth. As a human being you cannot fly. It is gravity that keeps you from falling off the earth's surface. Gravity is another quantum field associated to time and space. Gravity was part of Einstein’s theory of relativity.

This kindergarten view of quantum is not a complete picture of how quantum works. I found a video featuring a British professor who explained how the world works and eventually introduced quantum biology. The first 30 minutes or so is easy to understand, but thereafter the professor jumps around, still simplifying what he is talking about. I hope you find this video presentation helpful in getting more acquainted with your ancient physics course and quantum biology. Below is basically physics 101 course:

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - with David Tong Length = 1:00:11 hr

Source: David Tong


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