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Q1: My friends used A silver product back in early 2000 and they saw no improvement in their health? Why should we believe you now?

Answer1: The process and technology for generating silver ions and in particular silver nano-particles was completely different prior to 2006 as compared to today. Many persons prior to 2006 made their silver products using private generating kits. Most of these kits used low voltage of 200 volts or less, and a short duration of several hours or less; in other words, very fast or rapid generation of silver. The water that may have been used was probably not 100 % pure distilled water; water may have had impurities. Many home makers may have added some hydrogen peroxide to accelerate the process; other owners may have added other compounds to stabilize the new product and stop silver settling out. Finally there probably was no temperature control during the making of the silver. In summary, there were just too many factors that were not controlled and contributed to a product that was not of high quality and safety. High grade silver particle generation requires a very slow process using 10,000 volts over a period of one to five or more days, depending on the quantity to be generated.

It is only since 2009 that new and safe products, ASAP silver sol, have been approved by FDA. 

Q2: Why do I not see any change after ingesting a silver product? Colloidal and sol silver nano-particles and ions are eliminated from the body almost as soon as these are ingested.  Thus the residual or amount left over in your body to react with pathogens or activate the healing process is very small. In general it may take anywhere from two to four days to have your body eliminate the silver. It may take three to four days for enough  silver nano-particles to accumulate in the tissues sufficiently for benefits to begin.

A second reason is that there may not be enough silver in the body to do all the work. Silver works by detoxifying the body as well as deactivating pathogens and cleaning these out of the body. These processes take time, especially when the concentration of silver in the body is low to begin with.

It may take anywhere from several weeks to a month or longer to see changes upon ingesting silver. The more health problems that the body has, the longer the time for some changes to occur. Silver can augment the healing process; it does not by-pass it. So be patient and give silver a chance to work!

Q3: I am scared to try silver because I have heard that silver is dangerous and can turn my skin purple-grey. Is this true?

Persons who used the old fashioned silver products that contained salt or protein or did not follow instructions were susceptible to side-effects like argyria, or the skin turning blue-gray, after a long time of use. This happened because the silver products used at that time were of high concentration of silver salts or ionic silver and high particle size.

Q4: Which kind of silver product is safest to take?

A4: Many silver products, especially home made ones, contain protein or salt compounds that are dangerous to the body and can cause side-effects. Do not use these. You need to ask the seller to specify the ingredients, the ppm of silver particles, the surface area and so on. If they fail to state this information in their advertisement of the product label, then do not buy their products.

The safest and inexpensive silver product is silver sol nano-particle in a distilled water solution that is 10ppm or less and has a large particle surface area. The larger the particle surface area and the smaller the nano-particle, the better and quicker the destruction of pathogens.

Such silver particles attack the pathogens and not normal human cells.

Q5: How can I take silver? You can take through the mouth, spray it on the skin, onto wounds, onto cuts and onto burns. You can spray your nostrils as well.