Reasons to use Silver Sol:
By Walter Sorochan

This information has not been approved by FDA: Disclaimer

Use of silver products, including self-generating silver kits, used old technology [ before 2000 ] that generated silver particles too big to be able to effectively kill pathogens. These old silver particles were deposited in body tissues because the body had difficulty excreting same from the body. 

Research since 2000 has provided us with new technologies, that can synthesize smaller silver colloidal particles, that can disrupt pathogen metabolism and functions; thereby disabling the pathogens.  American Biotech Labs [ ABL ] has been able to also create new technology that can kill pathogens by selective sound wave resonance and catalytic action without direct contact, while leaving other living human body cells unharmed and no side-effects.  Below are reasons to use the new FDA approved ABL silver products:
bullet   Silver sol and Colloidal Silver [ CS ] provide medical-health benefits:   Silver sol and colloidal silver both disable dangerous bacteria. viruses, fungi, and other pathogenic organisms on contact, in three to six minutes; thereby NOT allowing viruses to mutate and survive as another future strain. Click to view partial list
bullet  SIlver sol bolsters immunity:   There are numerous claims that colloidal silver bolsters [ stimulates ] the immune system.
bullet   Silver sol promotes health:  When taken continuously on a daily basis,  silver sol particles have a great potential to prevent illnesses, diseases and disorders; indeed promote well-being. It is much like health benefits from ingesting vitamin-mineral supplements.
bullet   Silver sol helps regenerate human tissues:   Silver sol is being used on burns as one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive. Colloidal silver promotes healing!
bullet   Silver sol may give you protection against swine flu':   When  silver sol nano  -particles disable swine flu viruses, the viruses die and cannot mutate.
bullet   No Side-effects:   Most silver sol nano-particles are eliminated from body within four days. Silver sol has been approved by the FDA because it is safe to use.
bullet   Best Silver:   Silver Sol preparations are made by  Advanced Biotech labs use special advanced technological process. This makes silver sol distinguishably different from all other entity products.
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