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Posted2010; Updated October 22021.

Information is often shrouded in controversy, political-medical mayhem and made more difficult to understand when it is technical and scientific in nature!  Political and vested  financial interest can overwhelm simplicity and the truth.  This web-site tries to simplify
complex and difficult to understand issues and topics.

Walter Sorochan, the researcher and principal author, initially became interested in issues he did not understand. What is credit default swap? or Federal Reserve Fund? or cancer? or resonance connectivity?  He started each topic from 'scratch!'  If he, with a research and writing background of four university degrees, could not understand a topic, then he assumed that others with less academic skill may also have similar problems.

As a roving reporter and independent researcher, Sorochan tried to be objective, impartial, honest and factual. He searched for the truth about each topic with an open mind!

orochan's search started as a seemingly simple ordeal but became more confounding the more he reviewed the numerous web-sites espousing information.  He was shocked to discover numerous irregularities in information. He had to separate the "wheat from the shaft" so to speak!  He always looked for scientific-medical researched information that was free from bias.  A different point of view was acceptable as long as it was backed up by supporting evidence. This approach did not mean that Sorochan agreed with the stated point of view in an article.  As a researcher he maintained a neutral position as a messenger of the information and avoided putting a spin for or against a topic or issue.

The research about silver products is a good example of the validating process to find the truth about the safety of silver products. Was silver safe for Sorochan to use? He searched for information about silver products. Most web-sites selling silver products made unsubstantiated claims about silver that they were selling on their web-sites.

For example, the same information about silver products was often copied by product sellers from competing sources and then modified or changed to give validity to the seller and silver product.  The information about silver background would often overwhelm the product itself.  The labeling details about the product itself were often missing or scanty.

It was often difficult to indentify the original source of the information being quoted or stated, as documentation was often missing or distorted.  The information often displayed was not made relevant to the essential label information.  Most sellers failed to provide adequate product label information about the products they were selling.  Sorochan would often contact these sellers directly for more information.   Many web-sites had information often scattered all over the display pages; making it difficult for the reader to focus on the pertinent silver information.  So how could a prospective buyer make a good decision about silver? 

This was scary!  Could sellers on their web-sites really be telling the truth about their products while at the same time selling them for a profit?  Was there a conflict of interest?  What started as a simple quest for information about silver products became an extensive search for the truth about silver products.  Sorochan became so overwhelmed by all the information he had found, that he decided to organize, check it out and save it.  Why not share all this information with others?  Especially with those who were also wondering if silver was safe to ingest and so on! 

Many scientific web-sites present a biased viewpoint without being aware of it.  Similarly, politicians put a spin on the information to gain an advantage over readers.  Realizing that others probably had the same concerns about controversial and sensitive topics [ cancer, vitamin D, antioxidants, banking failures, and so on ]  motivated Sorochan to develop an exclusive and neutral web-site.  Just give the facts without any spin! 

The web-site design is simple: "keep it simple and stupid;" have information organized for instant viewing;  document all information; allow the viewer to confirm original data by clicking on a blue underlined text and be linked immediately to the original source!  Most of the information is displayed in large readable font.  All you ever need to know about a topic is usually organized under one umbrella. 

All sources are documented so you, the reader, can go [ linked ] to the original source and investigate for yourself and form your own conclusions about a topic. Scientists and sellers use words that most of us are unfamiliar with; such a bioavailability, ppm and so on.  This author attempts to simplify terms and concepts so you can understand and interpret the topics.

By the way, Sorochan is not selling products nor services.  The information is free!  Just searching for the truth!  Please check the  disclaimer for this web-site for more information. 

As someone else stated: "The pen is mightier than the sword!"  Information is power and you now have power in your hands to make intelligent decisions about many topics and issues!

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