Resonance healing 
Facilitated by Walter Sorochan

Posted December 20, 2013; updated October 20, 2021.  Disclaimer

This article shows how electric energy in the human body can be directed to activate the immune system and the natural healing process. 

Powerful energy generated by the healer's own body.  An ancient secret of meditation power projected into acupuncture as a healing. 

Source:  Chiang: healing power

But there is more to this story about the electric human body!  Resonance may be defined as the frequency at which an object most naturally wants to vibrate.  Like all living things, the human bodies vibrate at a specific frequency.

Scientists have discovered that a very small amount of electricity can be directed at a bad virus or bacteria and kill it.  This zapping is done by matching the vibrating electrical wave length to that of a pathogen.  We can also match wave lengths to a human body to stimulate the immune system and improve healing.


 Putney: healing bioresonance 2012

Putney: Quantum trappings 2012