B. Conventional Level:

  • Stage 4: Social system & Conscience Maintenance features:
  • 1. Law & Order

  • 2. Obey the law

  • 3. Accept authority, fixed rules

  • 4. Uphold the law

  • 5. Loyalty to state

  • 6. Believe in oath of allegance or saluting

Example: "Do not speed on the freeway because it is the law!"

  • Ages: Adolescents & Most adults

  • Adults Gang members

  • Adults: many adults may become arrested at this level & have values that reflect such behaviors.

Respect for rules, laws and properly constituted authority. Defense of the given social and institutional order for it's own sake. Responsibility toward the welfare of others in the society. "Justice" normally refers to criminal or forensic justice. Justice demands that the wrongdoer be punished, that he "pay his debt to society," and that law abiders be rewarded. "A good day's pay for a good day's work." Injustice is failing to reward work or punish demerit. Right behavior consists of maintaining the social order for its own sake. Authority figures are seldom questioned. "He must be right. He's the Pope (or the President, or the Judge, or God)." Consistency and precedent must be maintained.