By Walter Sorochan and Jack Allen
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This web-site highlights information about silver. It presents different points of view.    What is the truth about silver? Is it safe to use? 

A revolution about silver and its applications to healing and health have taken place since 2000.  There has been an explosion of information making it difficult to sort out the "wheat from the shaft!" All this information has placed most folks in a quandary and being overwhelmed by all the information about silver products.  Think of the vast amount of silver information as a being a big ocean! 

Imagine being lost in an open sea, miles away from land.  Big ocean waves all around you!  One becomes weary, confused and thirsty! Is it safe to drink salt water to quench one's thirst?  Will one ever see land again? The isolated person is afraid and seeks information!

Likewise you are probably confused about the sea of silver information and wondering which silver product is safe or best to use?     Silver Encyclopedia

Prior to 2006, the old versions of silver were used primarily as germicides.  These products did not work effectively because many of these silvers were too big to kill or disable germs and especially viruses.  These large ionic silver products, like silver salts, were not excreted properly from the body. Ingesting large amounts over a long time also posed the danger of silver not being excreted fast enough from the body, then being stored in the skin and in some instances causing a grey-blue skin color. 

backgnd sparkles Since 2006, American Biological Labs [ ABL ] scientists ushered in the new era of safe and effective silver products. The process and innovative SilverSol Technology® generates silver ions today distinctly different compared to before 2006.  ABL had previously patented a silver product in April, 2009, and received approval from FDA for a new colloidal silver nano-particle product, silver sol gel; that was safe and bio-effective. Then on November 17, 2009, ABL obtained clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [ FDA ] to market its ASAP Antibacterial Silver Wound Dressing Gel as a prescription 510(k) medical device throughout the United States.

This means that no one else can make these silver products!  FDA approval for two products is giving tacit recognition that colloidal silver-sol nano-particle, synthesized by nano-catalytic SilverSol Technology®, is safe, bio-effective and can be prescribed by medical doctors.   

All of these new silver-sol products, and others pending FDA approval, will revolutionize the medical and health care industries and improve your life.  The new silver era has begun! 

Silver sol is made with new nano technology that activates silver to disable pathogens.  ABL made a nano-sized silver particle that is 1/1000 the size of a virus.  Developing the new silver sol nano-particle features innovative [ patented ]  technologies that other competitive companies making silver products do not have. This was made possible by using high grade silver particle generation system that requires a very slow process using 10,000 volts over a period of one to five or more days, depending on the quantity to be generated. By contrast, many home made kits in the past used 100 to 200 volts over a period of a few hours to make inferior silver.

ABL technological advancements resulted in: 

Smaller number of stable nano-silver sol particles: Stable and constant silver sol nano-particles at a very low dosage. Smaller silver size has resulted in more effective microbe kill.

Super charged silver sol particles: Supercharged silver nano-particles result in a solution, a Silver Sol, that has an atomic structure that creates catalytic and resonance capabilities.

Sound wave nano-technology: ABL scientists use nano-silver sound waves that vibrate at a velocity [ resonate ] that matches the outer coat of bacteria, viruses, fungi, pathogens; thereby rupturing the pathogen's outer cell wall, disabling the viral metabolism, destroying the DNA and thereby killing or disabling pathogens. 

Human cells vibrate at a different frequency, hence are not affected by silver's frequencies and remain unharmed. This disabling of pathogens creates no side effects, allows no mutations, and restores human health!

Catalytic action:   ABL also discovered that by creating a miniscule electrically charged silver sol silver nano-particle ion, the silver ion could continuously kill many viruses while at the same time re-creating or spawning more silver nano-particles.  This constant re-charging of silver in a repetitive fashion, gives the new ABL products a distinct advantage over all other silver products.  The competitive silver products have a one-time kill option compared to ABL silver nano-particle product ability to kill many times.  This means that one uses less silver to get the desired bio-effect. 

We are now in a new era of silver products and silver information.  We have entered the nano technology era of the small invisible world.  When you can't see the viruses and silver particles with a standard microscope, it is difficult to understand their behavior and existence. But this is what ABL has done by harnessing the nano world with silver, pathogens and human beings. 

These distinct, unique and special innovative small world technologies of ABL make their silver products far superior to those of their competitors.  ABL has advanced us into a new silver era. 

This encyclopedia provides the background information helping us make intelligent decisions about using the best silver products. 

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