Summary: Justice in the new USA Medical Care System
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor: San Diego State University

Posted July 31,  revised August 02, 2012.  Disclaimer

This article is a brief summary of a comprehensive article about Obamacare and the health-medical care controversy.  The main article briefly identifies Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, [ PPACA ] H.R.3590, passed in 2010. It then discusses the shortcomings of Obamacare in that H.R. 3580 sputters in containing the costs of a complex 'health care system'

The comprehensive version covers many health-medical care system issues, is researched, documented and written in a simple, independent manner so you, the reader, can become more informed about the health-medical care system issues. You the reader can go directly to the details of the main article Justice in the new USA Medical Care System or continue reading this summary.  

Obamacare:  This legislation is not really health-medical care reform; instead it is an attempt to reform the health insurance system and bring insurance corporations under control.  This legislation overlooks needed comprehensive reform of how medical doctors heal people and what makes us sick. Remaking the original health care house of 1911 is what is really needed!  Remodeling a broken medical care house, as is being attempted by President Obama, is a Band-Aid approach that will not provide a solid medical care foundation.  Reforming the existing medical care system is complex and most difficult and the issues of health-medical care are made more confusing by vested interest politicians and mass media providing a lot of misinformation during an election year. 

There is confusion over the terms health care and medical care! Health care is what you provide for yourself: proper diet, exercise, lifestyle, and so forth. Medical care is when you go to the hospital or medical doctor to receive help in times of emergency or acute need. Health care, as used by politicians, is implied to be medical care and refers to Obamacare. This interplay of the two different concepts greatly adds to the confusion about Obamacare and medical care reform.  The author will use the term 'medical care system" as the more correct term for the misnomer health care system.

Obamacare is good because it provides access to universal medical care coverage for all. It also allows for deferred problems to be fixed at a later date.  But such coverage has a lot of assumed deferred fixes that will not contain medical care system costs. 

The longer version presents controversial issues related to fixing many aspects of the medical care system.  The essential change needed is to rebuild the rotting old medical care system house of 1910 and thereby establish a genuine free medical care market.   The medical schools themselves need to be revamped.  These two essential reform issues have been deferred by President Obama for the time being.  

Many view government as interfering in the current medical care system while overlooking the none-transparent monopoly of the American Medical Association and for profit medical care providers.  The government role in society and the philosophical direction in medical care needs to be reaffirmed as analogous to that of a parent taking care of a child. 

Other examples needing a 'fix' include government subsidies that make people sick,  the intent of medical care, who should profit from providing medical care,  whether a free medical care market is possible, revamping the Federal Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health, the need to reform medical practice from treating symptoms to identifying causes of health problems and changing how our society deals with the terminal stages of life and death.  But when push comes to shove, the real health problems that need long term fixing are the habits of people themselves.  Persons with faulty health habits continuously getting sick need continuing expensive medical care. Although the providers of medical care need reforming, the biggest need is prioritizing healthier lifestyle changes so the entire population has better health habits --- eats better, exercises more, doesn't smoke and so on.  All of these issues affect the cost of providing medical and health care to the public and Obamacare lets these issues fall through the cracks!  

Effective and real medical care reform may not be possible with a dysfunctional congress and senate.  So which comes first --- the chicken or the egg? We need to fix the broken political system before we can expect a good working medical care system. 

All of these issues are discussed in a format where issues and topics are backed up by authoritative documentation and not personal opinions.  Go to the main article for more details: Justice in the new USA Medical Care System