The Verdict on silver?

This information has not been approved by FDA: Disclaimer

After doing a good review on silver products, the conclusion is that the most recent new silver sol products are bio-effective and safe to use.  These have been approved by the FDA. 

However, just how effective and safe silver sol and colloidal silver are is shrouded in controversy and political-medical mayhem!  The controversy is more political and vested in financial interest than in medical and biological validity.  This controversy needs to be resolved before we have sanity and common sense about silver products! 

Although this web-site does not advocate any silver products, at least one entity does make safe silver products that have been approved by the FDA as nutritional supplements and as burn medications. Silver sol and some colloidal silver nano-particle products are safe to use when taken as directed.    return to main menu

Walter Sorochan, the researcher and principal author, initially became interested in using silver to bolster his well-being when he was confronted about the safety of doing so. A friend of his, Jack Allen, had confided that he had been using a form of colloidal silver for health benefits for many years without any side effects!  Walter became intrigued by Jack's advocacy and began more in depth research about the safety of using silver. 

As a roving reporter and independent researcher, Sorochan tried to be objective, impartial, honest and factual. He searched for the truth about the safety of ingesting silver!

Sorochan's search started as a seemingly simple ordeal but became more confounding the more he reviewed the numerous web-sites espousing information about the products they were selling.  He was shocked to discover numerous irregularities in information.

The same information about silver products was often copied from competing sources and then modified or changed to give validity to the seller and silver product.  The information about silver background would often overwhelm the product itself.  The labeling details about the product itself were often missing or scanty.

It was often difficult to indentify the original source of silver information about the information being quoted or stated, as documentation was often missing or distorted.  Numerous web-sites made unsubstantiated claims about silver that they were selling on their web-sites. For example, the information often displayed was not made relevant to the essential label information.  Most sellers failed to provide adequate product label information about the products they were selling. Many web-sites had information often scattered all over the display pages; making it difficult for the reader to focus on the pertinent silver information.  So how could a prospective buyer make a good decision about silver? 

This was scary!  Could sellers on their web-sites really be telling the truth about their products while at the same time selling them for a profit?  Was there a conflict of interest?  What started as a simple quest for information about silver products became an extensive search for the truth about silver products.  Sorochan became so overwhelmed by all the information he had found, that he decided to organize, check it out and save it.  Why not share all this information with others?  Especially with those who were also wondering if silver was safe to ingest and so on! 

umbsilver Realizing that others probably had the same concerns about silver motivated Sorochan to develop this encyclopedia as a web-site.  The web-site design is simple: "keep it simple and stupid;" have information organized for instant viewing;  document all information; allow the viewer to confirm original data by clicking on a blue underlined text and be linked immediately to the original source!  And all the information is displayed in large readable font.  All you ever need to know about silver organized under one umbrella. 

All sources are documented so you, the reader, can go [ linked ] to the original source and investigate for yourself and form your own conclusions about silver. Scientists and sellers use words that most of us are unfamiliar with; such a bioavailability, ppm and so on.  Such terms and concepts are defined on site [ section on Definitions ] and available for your interpretation.  Sorochan, with the gracious help of Jack Allen,  tried to leave no stone unturned to make it easy for you to understand what you are reading! Complex ideas like resonance and nano-article were simplified by this author.  Sorochan did all this to become informed about silver products in hopes that he could decide on whether colloidal and sol silver were safe and whether these would provide protection against pathogens, bolster immunity and act as a second line of protective defense against dangerous microbes. Do you think he did that? Did he give you the tools to help you decide for yourself?

By the way, Sorochan is not selling silver products.  And no silver products are being sold on this web-site! And this Silver Encyclopedia is free!  Just searching for the truth!  Please check the  disclaimer for this web-site for more information. 

Thank you for putting up with this voluminous silver encyclopedia. As someone else stated: "The pen is mightier than the sword!" Information is power and you now have power in your hands to make intelligent decisions about using silver!
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