The War Between Orthodox Medicine And Alternative Medicine
By R. Webster Kehr

About This Free Ebook

This eBook is more technical and detailed than the "Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments" eBook. For example, it details a randomly chosen issue of the Reader's Digest and shows how the large number of pharmaceutical advertisements correlates with the large number of articles in the magazine which glorify orthodox medicine.

But the real power of this book is in its discussions of the tactics of the pharmaceutical industry, the media and the FDA. Great detail is shown for how these three entities manipulate and control information.

Also, in this book is a chapter on how Linus Pauling, PhD (two-time Nobel Prize winner) and Dr. Ewan Cameron, M.D. (actually M.B. in Scotland) demonstrated that Vitamin C, given in moderate doses, provided far, far better results for cancer patients than orthodox cancer treatments.

The two-time Nobel Prize winner and medical doctor infuriated the medical establishment because they had integrity!! The tactics to discredit the Pauling/Cameron research are studied in detail.

In short, this eBook is for those who want to dig deeper into the tactics of the medical establishment, the media, the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.


Chapter Book #1 Title
Chapter 1 Introduction To The War in Medicine
Chapter 2 The Foundation Of The War in Medicine
Chapter 3 Case Study of Scientific Corruption [Pauling and Cameron]
Chapter 4 Remission, Cure Rates and Other Deceptions
Chapter 5 The Approval of Chemotherapy Drugs
Chapter 6 The Scientific Evidence For Alternative Medicine
Chapter 7 Cancer Research
Chapter 8 Case Study of Media Corruption
Chapter 9 How The Media and Establishment Control The Public
Chapter 10 Other Control Tactics
Chapter 11 The Role of the FDA
Chapter 12 The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech
Chapter 13 Who Do You Believe - Follow The Money Trail

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The third free eBook provides case studies, and many other things, about the war between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine. For example, there is an entire chapter on how the many discoveries of two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, PhD and a medical doctor, Dr. Ewen Cameron, M.D. were totally suppressed by orthodox medicine.
The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine

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Kehr R. Webster, "The war between orthodix medicine and alternative medicine," Cancer Tutor, 2010.  War on Medicine