Zero Point Energy 
Simplified by Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor San Diego State University

Posted December 05, 2010; updated November 13, 2021.

Free electricity ??? You mean electricity from the air around us? You got to be kidding! There is no such thing! And if there was such a thing, wouldn’t the electric companies already have it?

This is probably the reaction from most persons to a new --- but old idea! It is similar to the response when renaissance people thought that the world was flat!

For many people, "free energy" is a "buzz word" that has no clear meaning and therefore, is a mystery.

The truth is that there is lots of energy in the air or space and the ground. Yes, this knowledge has been around for over a hundred years. We seem to live in a huge sea of invisible energy and we don’t even notice it! We’re like fish submerged in water but never ever aware of the fact that there is water all around them.

This article summarizes the information about energy on earth.

Nikola Tesla discovered free energy back in 1889 and named it "Radiant Energy." Since then there has been a cover up about the availability of free energy. Energy and utility corporations are big business and politically do not want to discuss a competitor to their current money maker out-dated system.

Energy that fills the cosmos is called "Zero-Point Energy."

Free energy has to do with Zero Point Energy and vacuum fluctuation. Zero Point Energy [ ZPE ] is the energy in a space or vacuum after all other energy particles have been removed. If you remove all the energy from a space, take out all the matter, all the heat, all the light... everything – you should have zero energy. Now, the energy in the vacuum is zero value; hence ZPE. But this is not the case, for you will find that there is still some energy left inside the vacuum. The remaining smallest energy particles, referred to as tachyons, are constantly fluctuating in a vacuum; changing motion, are formless, move faster than the speed of light and are ever present. Because tachyons are always changing and moving, it is impossible to measure or locate them with our current technology. Hence, some doubt their existence.

Existing as nano particles, there is considerable controversy about the numerous kinds of particles making up air and the supposed vacuum in the heavens or cosmos. For example, tachyon is an elementary particle that travels only at speeds faster than the speed of light [ faster than light or FTL ] but never slower. Because of its speed, tachyons can travel back in time and this has been the basis for numerous Starwar TV episodes. Other particles that travel only at the speed of light are called luxons, and those that travel at lesser speeds are called tardyons.

We can only speculate which of these special energy particles are the radiant energy or free energy in the cosmos that Tesla referred to. It may be that changing the vibration of the original particle changes the particle into a different state; as denoted by the note sound. It may be that Tesla identified the essential particle by tuning into its frequency and eliciting its energy as needed.

The same condition of tachyons holds true for light waves in space. For every possible color of light, that includes the ones we can’t see, there is a non-zero amount of that light. Add up the energy for all those different frequencies of light and the amount of energy in a given space is enormous, even mind boggling, ranging from 10^36 to 10^70 Joules/m3.

In simplistic terms it has been said that there is enough energy in the volume the size of a coffee cup to boil away the earth’s oceans. For a while a lot of physicists thought that ZPE concept was too hard to swallow. This vacuum energy is more widely accepted today. That there is real energy in the air and the cosmos has been proven.

Evidence showing that free energy exists

First predicted by Tesla before 1900 and confirmed in 1948, the vacuum energy has been linked to a number of experimental observations. Examples include the Casimir effect, Van der Waal forces, the Lamb-Retherford Shift, explanations of the Planck blackbody radiation spectrum, the stability of the ground state of the hydrogen atom from radiative collapse, and the effect of cavities to inhibit or enhance the spontaneous emission from excited atoms.

The Casimir Effect:

Casimir plates The most straight-forward evidence for vacuum energy is the Casimir effect. Get two metal plates close enough together and this vacuum energy will push them together. This is because the machine Plates block out the light waves [ in red ] that are too big to fit between the plates. Eventually as you have more waves bouncing on the outside than from the inside, the plates will get pushed together from this difference in light pressure. This effect has been experimentally demonstrated and is the validation that free energy exists!  Sc Am Casimir effect

[ Laboratory apparatus to measure energy between plates at zero point temperature on right side ]

Evidence that scientists have machines to get & use free energy

Nokola Tesla was the first to try to harness free energy from the air. He had an almost working model around 1900-1910 that was deliberately destroyed before it was operational. Tesla, around 1930-1935, is reputed to have packed the circuitry, for capturing free energy from the air and converting it into AC current, in his mysterious black box. He replaced a gasoline engine with an electonic motor into a car that he drove around for two weeks in the Buffalo, New York area, using a specially built box and antenna that absorbed free electricity from the air.

Currently there are several reputed small working models:
Steorn 1. Steorn Orbo model [ right side ] in Ireland. Steorn's technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy. The technology can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from cellular phones to cars. Unfortunately, the Steorn model is speculative at this time the company has not been able to conduct a successful demonstration. Reference steorn video is no longer on the internet.

2. Swiss Methernitha  The first really running "free energy" machine comes from Switzerland, Europe. Swiss machine It was developed over a 20 years of research by a religious group called: METHERNITHA. This group lives in CH-3517 Linden, Switzerland. The inventor of this superb machine, Mr.Paul Baumann, claims its running principle was found by studying the lightning effects from nature. But several engineers who were privileged to see the machine operating perceive it to be reverse engineered from Tesla’s Testatika version of radiant energy machine. The machine collects a huge amount of free energy from the air, runs on its own energy, and produces a huge amount of excess power. The current model generates enough energy for a small apartment.

Testatika is an electromagnetic/electrostatic generator based on the 1989 Pidgeon electrostatic machine which includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. llegedly a free energy machine that harnesses energy from the aether, the Testatika resembles in some respects a Wimshurst machine. It was built by German engineer, Paul Suisse Bauman, and promoted by a Swiss community, the Methernitha (near Berne, Switzerland.  

The specific and precise working principles in the Testatika are unknown. ." Once started, these devices generate a cold form of electricity, as well as cause themselves to run.

Design for free energy machine: Currently the Methernitha Community has 5 or 6 working models of fuel less, self-running devices that operate on these principles. Paul Baumann died in the Winter of 2001.  Extra info Swiss machine  Testatiks info 2

Unfortunately the members of the community has expressed a desire to keep the details of the device from the general public, due their belief it could be used by military authorities to harm humanity.
 Swiss machine info 3
 Swiss machine info 5
 Swiss machine info 6

Enough energy is coming to the earth to light over 1.5 million (1,693,600) 100-watt lamps for every human being on the earth today. No fuel of any kind need be taken as a dead load as this energy can be "picked-up" directly by ocean liners, railroads, airplanes, automobiles or any form of transportation. Heat, light and power can be made available for use in all kinds of buildings and for all kinds of machinery. An example would be to pump water onto the desert lands, the power source being only a fraction of the weight of any steam plant or any kind of engine in use today and all this at a fraction of the current cost.

3. Magnetic Power: Giasuddin Kachi, a 37 year old inventor in Bangladesh, May 14, 2008, after 17 years of research, has shown professors from an engineering university, as well as other scientists and electrical engineers, that he has created magnetic energy conversion systems that produce electricity without any need for fuel. The professors commented that this invention challenged fundamental principles of electricity and energy conservation. From what has surfaced to date, the work appears to parallel similar, commercial, development under way from the Chinese Cosmic Energy firm.

4. Numerous scientists also claim to have created devices to capture ZPE from aether or the air but have been unable to get patents for their claims.

5. Chinese Cosmic Energy machine Cosmic Energy includes Air, Water, Gravitational, Magnetic, Electromagnetic Fields, Ions in the Air, etc. Such Cosmic Energy is non-polluting, cheap, abundant and available anywhere. Prototypes using such Cosmic Energy are already available. Known Cosmic Energy Inventions:

1. Extract Energy from Still Air [ confirms Tesla's demonstrations to get energy from the air ]
2. Extract Energy from Gravity via Oscillation and Rotation
3. Extract Energy from Magnetic Field via Oscillation and Rotation
4. Extract Energy from Magnetic Field via Vibration or Flux Changes
5. Many others (Over 60 known via information from Patent Offices)
 China build free energy machine

With such large amount of energy, why is it so hard to get it noticed?

Imagine, for example, if you lived on a large plateau, so large that you didn't know you were 1000 feet up. From your point of view, your ground is at zero height. As long as you're not near the edge of your 1000 foot plateau, you won't fall off, and you will never know that your zero is really 1000. It's kind of the same way with this vacuum energy. It is essentially our zero reference point. Besides, this energy is nano small and invisible. Probably the biggest reason is that big energy corporations do not want you to interfere with their monopoly on fossil fuel energy and electrical utilities. Utilizing free energy would solve our dependence on fossil fuels but it would be most disruptive to redo our infra-structure!

So which do you want? Try for the future or languish hopelessly with the systems you now have?

Applications of Zero Point Energy

ZPE is based on energy that travels faster than light. It has electromagnetic properties. As such , this energy is perceived to be related to holography, levitation, teleporting, gravity, electromagnetic applications and futuristic space travel.

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