Silent Pandemic of Environmental Pollutants 
Walter Sorochan

Posted November 14, 2011. Disclaimer  The information presented here is for informative and educational purposes only and is not intended as curative or prescriptive advice.

Grandjean and Landrigan, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, concluded in 2006 that "industrial chemicals are responsible for what they call a silent pandemic that has caused impaired brain development in millions of children worldwide. It is silent because the subclinical effects of individual toxic chemicals are not apparent in available health statistics. Hence, doctors, public health and industry pay little attention to the link between chemicals and brain related disorders of children, teens and adults." Grandjean: silent pandemic 

Scientists, in 2011, have found supporting evidence that the ubiquitous presence of chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) could soon lead to half of all newborn babies being born with at least one birth defect. POPs include different pesticides, industrial chemicals, and compounds released from burning fossil fuels. A new study links these chemicals to neural tube defects, the first of its kind to examine the effects of such environmental factors on fetal development. POPs travel all over the world and contaminating the global food supply. In fact, POPs can travel to locations where they have never been used, including remote areas as far as Antarctica.   Gucciardi: pollutants cause birth defects

TheNew York Times reported that a new study of twins suggests that environmental factors, including conditions in the womb, may be at least as important as genes in causing autism. Mathematical modeling suggested that only 38 percent of the cases in the study could be attributed to genetic factors, whereas environmental factors appeared to be at work in 58 percent of the cases.

Chronic diseases and disabilities now affect more than 90 million men, women, and children, more than one-third of the USA population. In spite of the many advancements in medical practice, the best available data shows an increase in the incidence of asthma, autism,Allen: Mercury link autism Byrd: autism increase in California Mutter: Mercury & autism attention deficit [ ADD ], hyperactivity disorders [ ADHD ], birth defects Lewis & Worobey: heavy metals -health, childhood brain cancer, acute lymphocytic leukemia, cancers, endometriosis, Parkinson’s disease, and infertility (Trasande and Landrigan 2004, Jahnke et al. 2005). Cohen: Do no harm Environmental Working Group: body burden Up to half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Scientists cannot fully explain these increases, but early life exposure to environmental pollutants is a leading suspect. Environmental Working Group Lewis & Worobey: heavy metals -health

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Scientists are discovering that the links between chemical exposures and disease are complex. While metals like lead and mercury directly target the developing brain and nervous system, other compounds may produce toxic effects indirectly by altering hormones levels which in turn increase vulnerability to other cancer causing chemicals; by lowering birth weight, which causes other systems to compensate and may increase the likelihood of diabetes or heart disease; or by damaging tissue in the brain or nervous system that only become a problem when that tissue is needed later in life.

An example relevant to the study of brain damage is the steady increase in testicular, breast, and prostate cancer, all of which are sensitive to slight alterations in hormone levels. Increases in these cancers could be driven in part by exposure to pollutants in cord blood that mimic human hormones, such as dioxins and furans.

The slow accumulation of heavy metals in human bodies has been implicated in numerous neurological diseases, including autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Mutter: Mercury & autism, encephalopathy, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease Grant: Alzheimer  Lewis & Worobey: heavy metals -health. Furthermore, specific links have been made between lead and mercury accumulation and the development of learning disorders other than autism spectrum disorders. In addition, cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension and cardiac rhythm disorders, have been linked to the accumulation of lead, renal disease has been linked to exposures to lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, and reproductive problems including infertility have been linked to numerous heavy metal exposures. Flowers zeolite to remove toxins Mason: Chemical Toxins and Obesity

Heavy metals and Chemicals abound in every facet of our lives!

Hazardous chemicals are found in the tissues of nearly every person on earth and exposure to them has been linked to environmental pollution. Zeolite news: Toxins & you

The "body burden" of chemicals, as tested by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every two years, has found that the average American now [ 2010 ] has 116 synthetic compounds in his or her body. Smith: chemicals make Y sick

"It is common knowledge that 80% to 90% of most chronic health conditions are triggered by toxins. Toxins are carcinogens which cause damage to our DNA, and brain function, cause cells to divide faster than their normal rate, thus causing all kinds of cancer, as well as neurological disorders and so forth." Paull team: Toxins

Another example, farmers using [ Check section 'Halogen robbers' in Iodine ] bromide pesticides that remain as residues on foods, water purification plants using chlorine to purify drinking water, the dumping of mercury, arsenic, lead and radiation wastes from automobiles, industry, hospitals and nuclear power plants .... all dump pollutants into the soil, water and air.

Our bodies absorb many pollutants over time. We react to the build up of these as poisons, with symptoms of sickness, disability and chronic diseases.

Natural detox system:

Our bodies do have an immune system that has the ability to get rid of toxins. The human physiological system has many mechanisms in place for excreting these contaminants; as through sweating, storing in hair and nails, defecation and urination. However, the ability to excrete and eliminate these environmental toxins varies with the bio-individuality of each person and the amount of chemicals accumulated over time. Flowers zeolite to remove toxins

In today's world, we are overwhelmed with invisible toxins and pollutants. environmental pollution All these pollutants accumulate in our bodies over time faster than our natural detox system can get rid of them. The travesty is that public health scientists and medical doctors are paying little if any attention to the silent environmental pollution pandemic; nor to the build up of toxins in our bodies.


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