Space Invaders Causing Earthquakes  
 by Walter Sorochan

Posted May 15, 2011; Updated November 11, 2021. Disclaimer

troubled times

Strange things are happening to planet earth ..... like earthquakes, tsunamis, bizarre climate changes and natural disasters.  This article is about controversial earthly events like mysterious deaths of animals, coincidental relationships between earthquakes and planetary alignments and solar flares causing changes in electromagnetic forces on earth. We live in what seems to be a troubling world.

Many earthly events are related to our solar system. The planets in our solar system are connected by gravitational pull to the sun and to each other.  This pull normally keeps the planets in stable position as they circle around the sun.  But a space comet object, referred to by NASA as Elenin, has entered our solar system, thereby creating a dynamic gravitational Tug-of-War between the Sun, Earth and Elenin.  From time to time. this disruptive gravitational pull by Elenin has been theoretically linked to recent earthquakes.  Elenin came into alignment with Sun and Earth at the first of three alignments on March 11, 2011.

There is a lot of confusion and controversy about Elenin --- is it a comet, a dwarf star or some other inter-stellar object?  And does an heavenly alignment cause earthquakes?  So what do the expert astrophysists say about this mystery object in outer space?

Adding to the troubling complications of the coincidental events in solar space and earth are the anticipated solar flares.  Strong solar flares can disrupt the earth's electromagnetic balance and cause electricity problems for us on earth.

 An object in our solar system , Comet Elenin [ also known by its astronomical name C/2010 X1 ], was first detected on Dec. 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin, an observer in Lyubertsy, Russia, who made the discovery "remotely" using the ISON-NM observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico.  Article by NASA: comet elenin is no longer active.  Astrophysists have been tracking Elenin.

Elenin journey:  NASA has developed a tracking software that can follow the positioning of all objects in the solar system.  At the time of the discovery, Elenin was about 647 million kilometers [401 million miles] from Earth. Over the past four-and-a-half months, the supposed comet has – as comets do – closed the distance to Earth's vicinity as it makes its way closer to perihelion [ its closest point to the sun ]. As of May 4, 2011, Elenin's distance was about 274 million kilometers [170 million miles] from the sun.  The diagram below illustrates the white-line alignment of Elenin, earth and the sun for March 15, 2011.  This is the same day the big 9.1 earthquake occurred in Japan.


Interpreting image above:  Space distance is measured in astronomical units [a.u.], with 1 a.u. being the distance from the Earth to the sun. Elenin is being tracked by NASA's mathematical model of Elenin as it goes through the asteroid belt on its way into the inner solar system.

The orbits shown in the applet are color coded. The planets are white lines, and the asteroid/comet is a blue line. The bright white line indicates the portion of the orbit that is above the ecliptic plane, and the darker portion is below the ecliptic plane. Likewise for the asteroid/comet orbit, the light blue arc indicates the ecliptic plane. Article by JPL: Elenin path info is no longer active.  [ Earthquake predicted when Elenin is lined up with the earth and sun, as displayed in the image above.

Note: Make sure you have Java enabled on your browser to see the applet. This applet is provided as a 3D orbit visualization tool. The applet was implemented using 2-body methods, and hence should not be used for determining accurate long-term trajectories (over several years or decades) or planetary encounter circumstances.

The next major event for Elenin was June 27, 2011, when it crossed the Mars orbit. Then on July 7, 2011, Elenin was to pass between the Sun and Saturn orbiting high above the ecliptic plane. 

August 3, 2011 marks the time that the earth passes through the Elenin [ brown dwarf  ] perigee position, or when the Elenin is crossing the earth orbit location. About two weeks pass and on August 18 Elenin crosses the Venus orbit some 67 million miles from the sun. Then 24 days pass to when the Elenin reaches the nearest point to the sun at 44.73 million miles. September 25, 2011 marks the time that the earth passes through the second conjunction with the sun, Elenin, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus in line for another gravitational alignment. Each of these projected dated alignments may move earth plates and cause an earthquake.

The 3/15/2011 alignment happened on 3/11/11 with the 9.1 Japan Quake that shifted the Earth axis by 4 inches; like the 2/27/2010 8.8 Chile Quake that shifted Earth axis 3 inches last year.

 Controversy:   There is controversy over whether the space object is a comet, Planet Nibiru, or a dwarf star and whether the alignment can cause earthquakes.  The commentator assumes that Elenin is not a comet and this disagreement with NASA is an example of the controversy among astrophysists.  Other observers surmise with mathematical precision that every time this celestial body comes into alignment with the earth and sun we have a huge earthquake.

An estimated 500,000 detectable quakes occur in the world each year. Of those, 100,000 can be felt by humans, and about 100 cause damage.  The last three alignments produced the Japanese 9.1 quake [ illustrated above ], the one in New Zealand and before that the one in Chile.  The next aligned earthquake is anticipated to be a devastatingly big one.

David Morrison, Astrobiology Senior Scientist at NASA, in an official communication on March 1st, 2011, acknowledged no threat from Elenin. Ten days later Elenin came into alignment with the earth and the sun and Japan was almost destroyed.

Morrison confirmed that Elenin’s perihelion [ position closest to the sun ] is in early September 2011 at a distance from the sun of 40-45 million miles. He said it will be closest to the earth on about October 16, at a distance of about 21 million miles, but he believed, before March 11th, that there was no reason to think Elenin is any different from a normal comet.  He dismissed everything alarming as pure fiction.

The debate about the existence of Comet Elenin and Planet Nibiru continues. 

The whole solar system seems to be heating up, the sun is becoming more active and earth-changing events are becoming more frequent and intense with beyond-worst-case-scenario climate changes occurring around the globe. We have increasing geo-activity, volcanoes, earthquakes, rogue tides, sinking islands, magnetic pole migration, mass animal deaths, huge unexplained whirlpools in the Atlantic and so much more.

For example:  We were tipped off to something unusual happening when Greenland experienced sunrise two days early, which was a strong sign that something was off with Earth’s orbit. Last week a report was released from the Arctic Circle in Greenland that the sun came back over the horizon two days early.

There is supporting evidence that earthquakes do occur with the alignment of Elenin, earth, other planets and the sun.  The table below summarizes the gravitational alignments occurring in our solar system and the gravitational pull exerted on earth:

Past Elenin Alignments and Earthquakes:

Past Alignments




Elenin - Earth - Sun

Feb 20 2008



Elenin - Earth - Sun

Feb 25 2008



Elenin - Earth - Neptune

May 12 2008



Elenin - Earth - Sun

Feb 18 2009

Kermadec Islands


Elenin - Earth -Jupiter

May 18 2009

Los Angeles, US


Elenin - Mercury- Earth

July 15 2009

New Zealand


Elenin - Mercury - Earth

Aug 09 2009



Elenin - Sun - Earth

Sept 09 2009

Sunola islands


Elenin - Earth - Venus

Feb 18 2010



Elenin - Earth-Sun

Feb 25 2010



Elenin - Earth-Sun

Feb 26 2010



Elenin - Earth- Sun

Feb 27 2010


8.8 [Earth knocked off axis]

Elenin - Earth- Sun

Feb 27 2010



Elenin - Earth - Mercury

Mar 04 2010



Elenin - Earth - Mercury

Mar 04 2010



Elenin - Earth - Mercury

Mar 05 2010



Elenin - Earth - Mercury

Mar 05 2010



Elenin - Earth - Mercury

Mar 08 2010



Elenin - Earth - Neptune

May 05 2010



Elenin - Earth - Neptune

May 06 2010



Elenin - Earth - Neptune

May 09 2010



Elenin - Earth - Neptune

May 14 2010



Elenin - Earth - Jupiter

Jan 03 2011



Elenin - Earth - Sun

March 11 2011


9.0 [Earth knocked off axis]

Future Elenin Alignments:

Future Alignments



Elenin - Mercury - Mars - Earth

Sept 06 2011


Mercury - Sun - Elenin

Sept 25 2011


Sun - Elenin - Jupiter

Oct 11 2011

Elenin 0.246au from Earth; that’s a quarter of the distance to the sun.

Oct 17 2011

Elenin closet to earth 0.232au

Oct 20 2011

Elenin will enter Earth orbit and we will experience a gravitational pull.

Nov 02 2011

Earth enter Elenins tail/ previous path

Venus - Earth- Elenin - Mercury

Nov 11 2011


Sun - Mercury - Earth - Elenin

Dec 04 2011


Mars - Elenin - Jupiter

Dec 25 2011


Final Alignment: Elenin - Earth - Sun

Dec 21 2012


  Source: Elenin causing earthquakes

 Predicting Earthquakes: 

Scientists are coming close to predicting earthquakes in hopes of saving lives and devastation.  The theoretical interlink of celestial bodies aligning up with earth, other planets and the sun to exert geomagnetic pull causing geo-plates to shift and cause earthquakes is the basis for making earthquake predictions.

earthquake & animals The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries. In 373 B.C., historians recorded that animals, including rats, snakes and weasels, deserted the Greek city of Helice in droves just days before a quake devastated the place.  Mott: animals sense earthquakes

In 1975 Chinese officials forecast successfully a major earthquake, based in part on the observation of the strange antics of animals. They ordered the evacuation of Haicheng, a city with one million people, just days before a 7.3-magnitude quake. Only a small portion of the population was hurt or killed. If the city had not been evacuated, it is estimated that the number of fatalities and injuries could have exceeded 150,000.   Carayannis China quakes

Additional prediction approaches have been to observe numerous bazaar animal behaviors just before an earthquake.  Viegas: Birds predict earthquake 2014M  Deer in Peru  George: Tsunami earthquake animals  Johnson: Earthquake predictions

For example, geologist Jim Berkland points to the recent mass fish die-off at King Harbor near Redondo Beach as a harbringer of a potential catastrophic quake in the near future.  Another is documented in a scientific paper by Mensur Omerbashich, Professor at Cornell University, to predict seismic activity in conjunction with earthquakes and Elenin alignment.  Article by Omerbashich: seismicity is no longer active.  There are hundreds of mass animal death events, such as recent bird, cattle and fish deaths, that may be related to earthquakes but overlooked and underreported as scientific proof is lacking.

 Double whammy:   This space object, whether Elenin or dwarf star, will reach perigee [ alignment ] position on August 11, 2011 with solar storms expected to become unbearable at the end of August to early September.  Space object alignments occurring at the same time as strong solar flares could create huge seismic activity during the months of September and October, 2011.  We need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst-case scenario.

 Solar Flares 

solarflare5 Solar flares [ storms ] can also cause earthquakes.  The flares radiate electromagnetic energy that collide with the earth's electromagnetic energy field [ EEF ]; thereby disrupting our  electrical system.

You can view a video that displays solar flare impacts


What is a solar flare? According to Space Weather, the definition of a solar flare is "an explosion on the Sun that happens when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields ... is suddenly released." The explosions may, at times, be directed at the earth. Solar flare activity causes the collision of the sun's solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejections [ CMEs ] charged electric particles with Earth's electromagnetic energy field (EEF).

Solar flares can impact Earth and people in several ways:  Urbanek: flare impact on people

1. Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is one of the wonders of the world. The auroras do not harm people.  Northern Lights is a natural light display in the sky, particularly in the polar regions.  he electric interaction causes the magic northern light show illustrated in the video below:

Video Aurora Borealis Finland, March 24, 2011

The Aurora from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

2. Solar flares could disrupt electricity for months:  Another way that Solar flares can affect the earth is by disrupting the electrical and magnetic components of the EEF, as well as the Earth's physical components.

solar effect earthThe increased solar activity may disrupt the satellites in orbit, the electrical grid [ transmission lines ] and electronic communication. If those are disrupted, transportation, water and food supplies could be affected. It is wise to stock up on extra food and water in case the disruption level is significant.

3. Disrupt the Earth's tectonic plates and trigger earthquakes. Incidentally, there was a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) released on February 15th, and it hit the Earth on February 17th. Another CME was released on March 7th, 2011. Both of these CMEs were released just prior to the New Zealand and Japan earthquakes. Some CMEs released may not produce an effect as significant as an earthquake.  Earthquakes that occur offshore can cause huge ocean waves or tsunamis, that, in turn, can cause enormous land and infra structure damage and kill many persons. 

4. Affect each person's EEF [ Electromagnetic Energy Field ]:  Although research on this aspect of solar flare impact is weak, it should not be overlooked.  This presumption is based on research that recognizes that all people have their individual EEF or resonance tuned to mother earth's resonance.  This connection may be disrupted causing some persons to be confused and unable to function.  Solar flare info


Predicting earthquakes is still not a reliable science.  This makes for a lot of controversy.

An approaching outer space object, referred to as a comet, Elenin and brown dwarf star, raises controversy about what is happening all around us. No one really knows what will happen in the fall of this year, 2011, as this incoming celestial body aligns between us and the sun and then travels out through our solar system.

But there is no doubt that the alignment of the object in outer space with the earth and sun may be causing earthquakes.  Earthquakes may also be caused by strong solar flares.  The shifting of tutonic plates more frequently and more strongly than before has been attributed to celestial alignments and solar flares.  Although such events make our world a most troubling place to live, it is doubtful that these events will cause the end of the world.  The earth is a living planet and as such has been healing itself for thousands of years.  The planet has been moving and is continuously changing its geographic appearance. Earthquakes take place each day, the jet stream continues changing its course and ocean currents are moving ... all affecting our climate.  That we have planetary changes taking place is a sign that the earth is alive and well.

We should expect earthquakes and solar flares to occur from May to December, 2011.  We need to anticipate these changes and plan for them.

Our real concern should be with fanatic humans who could trigger nuclear catastrophes and wars. 


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Animal earthquake predictions:  Predictions earthquake with animals

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Additional interpretation about C/2010 X1 or Elenin:

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has an interactive diagram of Elenin’s orbit with the known information about the object plugged into variable positions. What is known is that Elenin is scheduled to make its perihelion turn around the sun in August of this year [2011]. Shortly after making its u-turn, Elenin will perform a fly-by of Earth, coming within 21,000,000 miles of Earth.  As a point of reference, the moon is roughly 240,000 miles from Earth.   Article by Earthpulsedaily: Elenin buzz is no longer active.

Elliptical orbits with very long-periods, meaning the length of time it takes for them to complete their elliptical journey back to the starting point, are very difficult to calculate on moving bodies. Slight variations in measurements relating to the placement of the object over a given time can result in substantial differences in the measurement of the orbital period, meaning the length of time it takes the object to travel from perihelion to aphelion and back again.   Article by Earthpulsedaily: Elenin buzz is no longer active.

In Elenin’s case, due to its recent discovery, not enough information has been taken to accurately define its period. In addition, measurements of Elenin’s path within our solar system have varied wildly since its discovery due to perturbation by the planets, meaning the gravity of larger objects in space can push and pull the comet, giving astrophysicists on Earth who are trying to measure its path difficulty in calculating its future position based upon its present trajectory.  Article by Earthpulsedaily: Elenin buzz is no longer active.

While astrophysicists have identified the current path of Elenin with some degree of accuracy, the length of time it takes Elenin to complete its ellipse is not so well defined. Based upon one set of data, Elenin’s period could be 11,000 years; based upon another set of data, the period is 600,000 years. The truth is probably somewhere in between, but that is a large margin of possibilities.  Most likely, this is why NASA is mum on the object; no one likes to look dumb, and astrophysicists are particularly sensitive in this area

Space distance is measured in astronomical units [a.u.], with 1 a.u. being the distance from the Earth to the sun. That being said, Elenin is currently estimated to pass within 0.24 a.u. of Earth after it makes its turn around the sun and begins heading back out into space. It should be clarified here that the exact position of Elenin as it passes by Earth is still unknown, so people who say it will hit Earth are just as inaccurate as those that are saying it will not.  Article by Earthpulsedaily: Elenin buzz is no longer active.

There is a lot of space and a lot of objects in between where it is now and its approach to Earth that could affect its path, and the slightest push or pull could magnify dramatically over the course of 100 million miles. In addition, gravitational forcings of planets in the inner solar system as they align themselves during the comets incoming path could act as a forcing mechanism that either causes the 0.24 a.u. to either widen or shrink.

Elenin has recently entered the inner solar system and should pass through Mars orbit by the end of June sometime. There are several alignments that happen between then and its rendezvous with Earth that could alter its trajectory slightly.

The ecliptic is a horizontal field created by the planets and sun orbiting on a relatively flat plane. Many of these long-period objects do not travel along the ecliptic plane. They either come up from below the ecliptic, cross the ecliptic, and travel out above the ecliptic plane, or they do the opposite. In Elenin’s case, it will cross the ecliptic on September 11, 2011, and shortly thereafter line up with Mercury, the Sun, and the Earth. There is no telling how such an alignment on the ecliptic plane will affect the trajectory of Elenin.

From October 10-24, 2011 comet Elenin is forecast to be within 0.25 a.u. of Earth, according to NASA JPL diagram.  Article by Earthpulsedaily: Elenin buzz is no longer active.

Flood legends:

There is no shortage of flood legends. The earliest extant flood legend is contained in the fragmentary Sumerian Eridu Genesis, datable by its script to the 17th century BCE. In the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh there are references to the Great Flood (tablet 11). The best-known version of the Jewish deluge legend is contained in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 6-9). God selects Noah, a man who “found favor in the eyes of the Lord” and commands him to build an ark to save Noah, his family, and the earth’s animals and birds. After Noah builds the ark, “All the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.”

There are many sources of flood legends in ancient Chinese literature. The Shujing, or “Book of History,” probably written around 500 BCE or earlier, states in the opening chapters that Emperor Yao is facing the problem of flood waters that “reach to the heavens.” According to the Australian aborigines the water covered the land. Only the highest mountain peaks were visible, like islands in the sea.

George Dr., "The Use Of Animals In Earthquake Prediction,"  George: Tsunami earthquake animals

IRAS, a telescope specially designed to locate super cold objects, found an object, suspected to be planet X, as big as the planet Jupiter in the western edge of the constellation Orion in 1983. The object discovered can only been seen with a telescope like IRAS and nothing else.   The Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) was the first-ever space-based observatory to perform a survey of the entire sky at infrared wavelengths. Launched on January 25, 1983, its mission lasted ten months. The telescope was a joint project of the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

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Omerbashich Mensur, "Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity," Cornell University Library, Submitted on 11 Apr 2011.  Omerbashich: astronomical allignments

"Abstract: I here demonstrate empirically my georesonator concept in which tidally induced magnification of Earth masses' resonance causes seismicity. To that end, I show that all strong (~M6+) earthquakes of 2010 occurred during the Earth's long (t>3 day) astronomical alignments within our solar system. I then show that the same holds true for all very strong (~M8+) earthquakes of the decade of 2000s. Finally, the strongest (M8.6+) earthquakes of the past century are shown to have occurred during the Earth's multiple long alignments, whereas half of the high-strongest (M9+) ones occurred during the Full Moon. I used the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), as it has been adding to robustness in terms of very strong seismicity since 2007 (in terms of strongest seismicity: since 1965). The Elenin will continue intensifying the Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011. Approximate forecast of earthquakes based on my discoveries is feasible. This demonstration proves my hyperresonator concept, arrived at earlier as a mathematical-physical solution to the most general extension of the georesonator concept possible."

O'Neill Ian, "2012: No Planet X," Universe Today, May 25, 2008.  O'Neill: Re IRAS

"Planet X (a.k.a. Nibiru) was spotted by astronomers in the early 1980′s in the outermost reaches of the Solar System. It has been tracked by infrared observatories; seen lurking around in the Kuiper Belt and now it is speeding right toward us and will enter the inner Solar System in 2012. So what does this mean to us? Well, the effects of the approach of Planet X on our planet will be biblical, and what’s more the effects are being felt right now. Millions, even billions of people will die, global warming will increase; earthquakes, drought, famine, wars, social collapse, even killer solar flares will be caused by Nibiru blasting through the core of the Solar System. All of this will happen in 2012, and we must begin preparing for our demise right now…"

doomsday1-234x250Doom's Day  2012 scenario flawed in so many ways: "The effects of such a polar reversal have been totally over-hyped. Should we experience geomagnetic reversal in our lifetimes (which we probably won’t), it is unlikely that we’ll be cooked alive by the Solar Wind, or be wiped out by cosmic rays. It is unlikely that we’ll suffer any mass extinction event (after all, early man, homo erectus, lived through the last geomagnetic shift, apparently with ease). We’ll most likely experience aurorae at all latitudes whilst the dipolar magnetic field settles down to its new, reversed state, and there might be a small increase in energetic particles from space (remember, just because the magnetosphere is weakened, doesn’t mean we wont have magnetic protection), but we’ll still be (largely) protected by our thick atmosphere. Satellites may malfunction and migrating birds may become confused, but to predict world collapse is a hard pill to swallow.

O'Neill Ian, "2012: No Killer Solar Flare," Universe Today, June 21, 2008.  O'Neill: solar flares

Solar Flares: "We could be in for a huge firework display in 2012. The Sun will be approaching the peak of its 11-year cycle, called “solar maximum”, so we can expect a lot of solar activity. The Earth has evolved in a highly radioactive environment. The Sun constantly fires high-energy particles from its magnetically dominated surface as the solar wind. During solar maximum (when the Sun is at its most active), the Earth may be unlucky enough to be staring down the barrel of an explosion with the energy of 100 billion Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs. This explosion is known as a solar flare and the effects of which can cause problems here on Earth.  Satellites may be damaged, causing secondary problems such as a GPS loss (which might disrupt air traffic control for example) or national power grids may be overwhelmed by auroral electrojets, but nothing more extreme than that."

O'Neill Ian, "2012: Planet X is not Nibiru," Universe Today, June 19, 2008.  O'Neill: Planet X is not Nibiru

Safe Zones in case of earthquakes:

1. Move 150+ miles from the coasts.
2. Move 600 feet above sea level.
3. Move away from volcanoes and super volcanoes like Yellowstone in northwestern USA.
4. Move away from earthquake/seismic/avalanche/fault zones like the New Madrid Fault Zone in central USA.
5. Move away from dams that will break.
6. Move away from nuclear power plants that could become compromised.
7. Move away from high elevations where radiation levels will be highest.
8. Move away from large population areas where food riots will escalate into chaos and mayhem.
9. Join into survival groups with people of like mind that have survival supplies, gear and guns to protect them.

Urbanek Tami, "How solar flares affect people and the Earth," Natural News, April 12, 2011.  Urbanek: flare impact on people

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