Best Germ Killers 
By Walter Sorochan Emeritus professor San Diego State University

Posted update October 16, 2021.


Baking soda Sugar- Honey Healers Silver gel/sol iodine Hydrogen Peroxide Chlorine & bleach Sunshine & ultra violet light Vitamin D Vitamin C kills bacteria Soap & water Sound resonance UV & heat kill germs in plastic bottle Ozone kills germs


Did you wash your hands when you came home?

If you did, then you have a much smaller risk of getting sick. If you didn't then you should go wash your hands immediately. Stop letting the germs multiply ! But in spite of taking such simple precautions like washing your hands, you may get sick from the flu' or some germ that has become resistant to anti-biotics and most viruses. Suppose your doctor says he can't help you. You have a strange new microorganism for which there is no cure! So what do you do? You can help yourself by having available a number of germ fighters in your home. These are the germ fighters that most doctors don't let you know or talk about. They are inexpensive and in most cases will kill the virus, bacteria, molds and fungi. These can save your life in an emergency. Look them over. All the options above can save a life!